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It Was Too Late To Notice – 12


The sun was fading and the surroundings became dark, the moon and the stars were shining in space, and weary expressions floated on Kagami and Menou’s faces while they were placing their bodies on top of a suitable rock.


“Even though I searched for it, I didn’t find anything… I spent too much time here. I need to go back immediately.”


“Mwu… So, what do we do Kagami-dono? It will be very late by the time we turn back now. Do you want to search for it again one more time? If we camp outside, then I will be the lookout. ”


“Anyway, it will be quite a distance if we decide to go to the town…… There were no results today in searching at this place, maybe we can try to do it again later.”


“It’s camping for tonight then. Let’s search again in the morning. ……It’s my responsibility this time, so if there’s a monster assault, please leave it to me.”


“No, as a friend, it’s natural to share something like this, right? We will take a rest with a 3 hour intermission. I feel that Menou is getting tired, too.”


Kagami put his luggage down from his back while saying that. He took out the sleeping bag that was previously held by Takako and prepared for camping.


“I’m so sorry Kagami-dono. Then, I’ll do as you say.”


“It’s good then, let’s try to make some more good conversation.”


“Right… let’s put more effort into it.”


He wrapped his body within the sleeping bag and, without feeling worried, Kagami put on a smiling face when he saw the warm smile floating on Menou face.


Because he saw Menou had a satisfied expression, Kagami became relaxed as well and then lied down while he took a look at the night sky.


“However…… is it really in this forest? Is there a possibility that the book that Menou saw was instead nonsense? What if what is written in there is a lie?”


“It’s true that this place is really doubtful, but there’s no mistake about the dungeon with a dark dragon in the vicinity.”


“Why do you say so?”


“At that time, I took note of the place mentioned in the book and Maou-sama confirmed it. Given that I said that, Maou-sama himself didn’t bother to come to the dungeon but…… he said that there was something absurd at a certain spot. It is just that, it was around the place that the book had mentioned.”


Menou made a cloudy expression at the moment they remembered that. (Tn: I don’t know if Menou is a male or female.)


“What was that perception?”


“I don’t know…… I don’t understand what he said, I can’t feel anything like that after all. Estera seems to also feel like that too, it might be something you do not know unless you hold great power like Maou-sama and Estera.”


When Kagami heard that, he made a wry smile because it’s funny that he can’t perceive it himself since if he does not have power, he can’t feel it.


Whatever the reason, we still can’t perceive it and we can’t do anything about it. It must exist somewhere, but it is useless if we don’t know where it is.


“I’m sorry. If I could perceive it maybe I could find the entrance of that place but…… I only know that there’s a dungeon in this forest.”



“According to that book, it should be in this forest, but it didn’t write about where exactly it was?”


“Indeed, according to the map and what’s written in there, it points to the center of the forest. But it is written clearly that the dark dragon also lives there.”


“What’s written there is that it’s at the center of the holy forest, hah……”


Hearing that, Kagami’s face showed that he had thought of something.


Although the description confirmed that, Kagami was struck by the fact that what was written was that it only roughly pointed to this holy forest.


Even at the Miyako Kingdom library, the books within recorded which monster was living at which dungeon and usually, these types of books not only showed a map, but it also recorded details about the location of the dungeon entrance.


Originally, in order to ensure that humans wouldn’t know about the dungeon in the holy forest, the book written by the demon would not contain detailed information like those found in books written by humans. Kagami made a sigh while thinking about it.


“…… Wait a minute?”


But, when his brain noticed a slight hint from within that delicate pile of information, Kagami raised his body and jumped out from his sleeping bag.


“What’s the matter, Kagami-dono? To put on a face like that.”


“No, was it perhaps? It was just maybe, but……”


When he thought about it, there were two pieces of information that felt strange.


To begin with, there’s no information about humans going in and out of this holy forest dungeon. And second, he didn’t know the exact place, but the dungeon is mentioned to be in this holy forest, and there was also information about a dark dragon living here. It was as if they were contradictory, these two pieces of information were overlapping with each other.


“In the first place, if the dark dragon lives at the entrance to the dungeon…. that’s impossible, right?”


“What do you mean?”


“No, it is because a dark dragon is made like a phantom. Because it can’t be found by anyone except a human. Who is the first one who found out about it? Actually, it’s not written in that book about where the human being was, and there’s also no information that the guys found a dungeon in this holy forest. ”


“So it was like that…… but why was it connected with a dungeon entrance not being found?”


“Although the demon knows that there’s a dark dragon in this holy forest, it’s ridiculous if humans didn’t find it too, right? At first, I thought it was because it is a difficult place to find, but if a demon says it was really there, then in short, you will think that there is no entrance to the dungeon, right? Therefore, maybe that’s why even when Menou read that book, it’s was only roughly written that the entrance is in this forest. Is it wrong? ”


“Impossible…… there’s a possibility that there’s no entrance to the dungeon, hah? Then, how did the first person who found the dark dragon enter that dungeon?”


Kagami just said, “Well” and showed a face full of thought again. If there’s no entrance in the first place, then there’s no way to notice the existence of that dungeon.


However, the credibility of the information that the demon believes that there is a dungeon in this place has increased just like the fact that there’s no entrance to that place.


“Is a special method required to go to that place…… or is it just not visible?”



“Special method ….Hah if it’s like that, it’s frustrating, but if it’s only because we can’t see it, then maybe it’s deep under the ground?”


“Maybe it is like that, maybe it’s still too early to go to sleep, let’s try and dig.”


Just as soon as Menou muttered the words, Kagami decided that it was worth a try. They will be able to find valuable ore inside the dungeon this time so he took out a shovel and a mattock then started digging the ground.


“Well, wait a minute Kagami-dono. There’s no meaning if we dig at any random place, right?”


“It’s here, at the center of the holy forest so…… it’s okay to dig around here. We don’t know the exact place anyway.”


“Mwuu…… that’s right. Alright, I’ll help too”


After that, in order to ensure that they were not attacked while in the midst of digging, they kept digging every 10 minutes while taking turns being lookouts.


“This is……”


And then, they kept digging until they reached around 8m in depth, then Menou stopped digging at the ground.


“Kagami-dono! Please come down!”


“What’s wrong? We just swapped, didn’t we?”


“Just come down!”


He thought it was strange to see Menou shouting while making an expression like that, so Kagami jumped down the 8m round hole that they had dug.


“Look at this.”


And then, as soon as Kagami jumped inside the hole, shocked expression appeared on Menou’s face while he proceeded to pierce the shovel into the ground, and then he dug a lump of earth at his feet.


“…… Really”


Soon, the confused expression that appeared on Kagami’s face immediately changed into a shocked one.


A lump of earth had swelled up and filled the hole that they had just dug up. Just like a playback, the hole was closed as if saying that they can’t proceed any further.



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Chapters are split into pages.