It Was Too Late To Notice – 14



“I did it…. I did it!”


A delighted voice resounded throughout the church, a place where injured adventurers and peddlers gathered.


In the center of all the excitement were Tina, David, and Kururu who were happily watching Alice joyfully make a “guts” pose.


“Ho ho ho! You really have put in quite the effort these past 5 days. I’m also feeling very happy about this.”


“Thank you, David-san!”


It’s been five days since Alice decided to learn healing magic.


During the past five days, she had been going to the church to do magic training under the guidance of Tina and Kururu as soon as she finished work.


The dark night with only the light of the bright moon and stars did not in the least affect the liveliness of Valman City. Even the church at the end of the street was no exception. Whether it be night or day, it was always crowded with injured adventurers waiting to be treated.


In the past, there had been a small library in the church for the townsfolk to come visit and learn, but now, it had mainly become a place of gathering for injured adventurers and those who sought to learn healing magic.


A while ago, an injured adventurer had let Alice apply her newly acquired healing magic at her request. She had succeeded in successfully healing the wound, all due to her five days of hard work. This was the reason for her cheerful mood.


“Since you were able to learn attack magic immediately, I thought that you’d be able to learn healing magic just as fast. But it instead took more time than expected, didn’t it? Make sure you don’t forget that feeling Alice-chan.”


“Un, I’m able to grasp it now. And after all, it was all thanks to Tina-san.”


Looking at Alice who was giving her a sincere smile that came from the bottom of her heart, Tina embarrassedly stroked Alice’s head and said, “Well… I could teach you anytime you want… And I will also be training again during that time.”


“Even though you’re probably tired from working….. Tina-san, Kururu-san, and also David-san, thank you very much!”


“Ha ha, it’s fine. Even I had a lot of fun these past few days. Because Kagami-san isn’t here, training had been postponed for quite a while. And as a bonus, I could properly learn healing magic.”


“I, too, agree with Kururu-sama. Also, if Alice-sama who is always together with Kagami-sama becomes stronger, that power will be of great help to everyone.”


“Un, thanks to that, I can be a little more useful to Kagami-san now.”


Alice had been learning five types of magic in the past five days. First, it was magic that generated fire, with the other one being explosion magic, which was Menou’s forte. The last one was recovery magic that she had just finished learning a while ago.


Most demons commonly used fire or explosion magic. Perhaps it was easier for Alice to learn the different magics because it’s like the difference between Magician and Priest roles among humans. Because of that, Alice was able to immediately grasp and use fire and explosion magic.


Even so, to learn three different kinds of Magic in such a short period of time was still too unordinary. Even if it was the elementary level healing magic, to learn the basics by herself in just five days, Tina and Kururu still felt a bit threatened and thought along the lines of, ‘This is possible only because she is a demon, isn’t it?’

(Misaki: I’m not sure if this is thought or said here)


If she is kept going on like this, she would undoubtedly master numerous magics and become a great magician in the future, and may even be considered a threat to mankind.


But even so, Kururu and Tina didn’t hesitate to teach her magic.


Even if she is a demon, they thought that if it is Alice, it would be okay. Demon or human, it didn’t matter as long as they trusted Alice’s personality.


“I also admire Rex-san’s ability, and I couldn’t help but think 「Why… can’t I do it?!」. Well, even if you read the Grimoire, you can’t use magic suddenly without actually feeling it.”


“Come to think of it, I wonder, why didn’t Rex-san come today?”


“It seems he had something to do today and told us to go ahead. He looked somewhat panicked and seemed to be in a hurry.”


Tina gave a sigh as she remembered the scene.


“Well then, make sure that you don’t forget what you’ve learned. Since there’s still a lot of injured people here, how about we treat them together, Alice-chan?”


“Eh? Is it okay for me to do it? I thought I was only allowed to do it now because it was a special case.”


“No no, of course not! In that case, how about from now on, you come to the church and apply healing magic to injured people as practice? That way, I can feel at ease… And also, its for the sake of the adventurers and other people who come to the church.”


When Alice heard this, her face became bright red.


In the whole town, there were a lot of sisters who worked in the church, but most of them were Villagers. The church would accept whatever role you had, but only as long as you intended to worship God from the bottom of your heart.


Even a person with a role as a Priest would not necessarily have the right to work at a church.


That’s because most people who hold a Priest role aren’t normally attached to the church because they usually become adventurers or start a business using their healing magic.


Therefore, the church had a limited number of people who could use healing magic. The church which treated people continuously without change was constantly short staffed. They were regularly in a situation where they didn’t have enough people.


Actually, even now, the ratio of the number of injured people on beds to the number of healers tending them was extremely unbalanced. So, because of that, the busy sisters were constantly moving around.


Usually, after she finished helping around in the casino, Tina would return to the church and devote herself to healing injured people.


“Well then, it may seem presumptuous, but even though I can’t use healing magic, I will also help!”


Said David as he supported the muscular upper body of a brawny soldier on a bed and beckoned to Alice.


Seeing this, Kururu said “I will help, too!” And went to help some of the busy sisters in healing more injured people.


“Yosh! Let’s finish up with the treatment quickly so that we can take a day off early today, then!”



And then, along with that yell, Alice, Kururu, and Tina begin to treat all the injured people.



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