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Magi Craft Meister

Chapter 286 Request

When Jin replied that it would depend on the conditions, the princess nodded, completely agreeing and said,


“Hmm, of course. Is it the compensation? Or the time needed? Ask anything because I am going to ask this of my father, the King.”


“No, it’s nothing that big. If you just promise to not constraint us, that will be fine.”


‘Of course!’ the princess promised, putting her honor on the line. Jessica and Gloria also agreed.


“The country might go under if we went against you, after all.”


The princess said jokingly but the fact that that was indeed no joke, was not known to anyone there. Even Eliza wasn’t aware of Hourai island’s real strength.


“Then, I am sorry but, could you come to the castle again after this?”


“I guess I have no choice.”


When you think about the terms and conditions, he couldn’t once take the option of returning to Kaina village. Since if they were to ask something like ‘Where are you going?’, he would be at a loss for words.

If he were to ask Laojun, he would probably be able to convey it to the Kaina village in some way.


“Eliza, Hanna, it looks like we will be a day or two late, is that okay?”


Jin asked them both with an apologetic face. But, both Eliza and Hanna accepted it with a smile.


“It’s something Jin-nii decided, after all.”

Chapter 286

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