Magi Craft Meister Chapter 302

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Magi Craft Meister

Chapter 302 Reconciliation


“That’s impressive.”


Jin praised the Kaina village’s defensive system, seeing a part of it work from start to finish.


[Thank you very much.]


“How did you make the bridge traps work?”

Jin could think of a few ways but he was curious as to how Laojun did it.


[The bridge itself is made of 3 stone golems.]


“I see.”


Jin was impressed, as he had thought Laojun only made the golems into bridge girders.


“What were the remaining defense functions, 7 to X?”


Jin asked about the 5 functions which could not be tested this time.


[7 is a grand spider web trap to get all the intruders at once.]


One couldn’t possibly escape since the web cannot be cut with blades.


“I would have liked to see that in action. What else is there?”


[8 is battle with vibration swords and magic neutralizing with magi jammer. We were not able to try this out.]


Jin nodded and waited for him to continue.


[9 is aerial ships with laser guns equipped.]


Jin was surprised that they had even prepared to that extent….Continue Reading


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