Magi Craft Meister

Chapter 308 The Movements of the 5

Although the transit checking in the Serroa kingdom was strict, in the Shouro empire, it was very simple.

Which was natural, as the country’s Imperial Guard squad 3’s leader was with them.

After safely crossing the Shouro empire side’s checkpost, they kept advancing for about five more minutes.

In front of their eyes, lied an unconventional city. It was the border city of Shouro empire, Banmu.

Just before getting to the city, Reinhart got off the carriage. Jin also followed him.

And then, Reinhart held out his hand and said,


“Welcome to the Shouro empire!”


It seems like he remembered how Jin also welcomed him the same way to Kunlun island.


“Looking forward to it, Reinhart.”


Jin also grabbed the hand and they both smiled.


Shouro empire’s skies were a clear blue.




*   *   *




“….A landslide?”


It was at Doppa village. A village consisting of about twenty houses, which lied between Shalulu city and Toka village along with Rakunoo village. It was a storage depot as well as a rest spot beside the highway.

A peddler’s carriage was brought to a standstill. About 5 kilometers away from it, there was a landslide from the top of a cliff, blocking the narrow road with boulders.

The road was one of the few narrow passages on the highway but during these past several decades, there were no landslides.

But since it has happened now, there is no point in talking about the past…Continue Reading


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