Magi Craft Meister 517

15 Showdown With The Demons Arc

15-30 Heading North



Once Ann’s enhancements were completed, Jin went back to Nidou Castle.

According to Butler B’s report, it seemed that Istalis and Netros’ condition had improved considerably.


Neither of them had shown any kind of suspicious behavior, so they were deemed not to be lying, at least generally speaking.


After knocking on the room’s door and getting a response from inside, Jin opened the door.


“Ah, Lord Jin.”


Istalis approached Jin. Her complexion was looking much better than the day before.


“I’m feeling much better now, thanks to you.”


Her once almost transparent white skin showed signs to be regaining its color.


Her once messy hair was now neatly combed, and hung from her shoulders and down her back in a flowing manner.


“My specialty is Recovery Magic, but I hadn’t been able to use any spells because of the lack of Ether around here. But…”


Istalis pointed at a bottle of Hourai Island’s special Pelshika Juice…


“After drinking this, I can now use them.”


…And smiled. Jin was a bit startled, but not because of her impish smile.


Istalis was wearing a yukata-styled nightwear that had been left in the guest room for her to use. But a closer look revealed that her collar was a bit loose, partially exposing her rich cleavage.


Jin quickly averted his gaze, making an effort to not stare.


“That’s good to know. Has Netros recovered as well?”


“Yes, besides, Netros is very sturdy. Right?”


The taciturn Netros nodded silently.


“Hey, Jin. Came here to visit?”


Shion and Lucas walked into the room carrying fruit in their hands.


“This is delicious.”


It was Pelshika fruit. Jin had brought in a large amount from Hourai Island, saying that it was highly nutritious, and therefore very good for sick people.


“Haha, I’m glad you like it. Are you feeling all better now?”


“Yes, thanks to you.”


Jin then changed the topic, asking about when to depart.


“Well… My sister has recovered quite a bit, but… Maybe tomorrow?”


“Sure, don’t overdo it. How about we leave tomorrow morning then?”


“That sounds good.”




Jin then excused himself from the guest room.



However, Laojun continued to monitor them by making full use of the surveillance system installed in Nidou Castle.



“Hey, Shion…”


“What is it, sister?”


“I’m really sorry about making a decoy out of you.”


“Don’t worry about that, sister. I know you had no other choice.”


“But I deceived you and departed shortly after you had left the village, then I got myself caught. …Then, even though you were supposed to be the decoy, you met Jin and ended up rescuing me…”


“Drop it already. How many more times are you going to apologize? Geez.”


“I’m really sorry…”


“You’ve always been like this, sister. Look at how things turned out in the end! If all goes well, we’ll be able to return to our land together, and with food for our people!”


“That’s all thanks to you, though.”


“Ugh, stop saying those things. We’re finally departing tomorrow!”


“That’s right. I wonder how we’re going to head back north…”


“Well, Jin is the Magi Craft Meister. He has a ship that flies in the sky.”


“Oh, is that so? But… I hope the radicals won’t try to get in our way.”


“Yeah, that could happen. I wonder why can’t we all just get along.”


“We can’t even get along with the radicals… It makes me wonder if there’s any hope for us ever getting along with humans”


“It’s a real shame…”



After hearing such a conversation, it was clear to Laojun that they didn’t want to get into any sort of conflict.


“It would be very scary if they actually knew I’m eavesdropping on them and this conversation was an act.”


Though that was extremely unlikely.



Then came the morning of the next day, August 12.


“Good morning, Istalis, Shion. Good morning, Netros, Lucas.”


“Good morning, Lord Jin.”


“Morning, Jin.”


The time was 6 AM. Everyone had just finished their


Jin (‘s Substitute Doll) arrived with Reiko to pick up Istalis and the others.


“Jin, how are we going to travel north?”


Shion asked him that question since she seemed to be so worried about it that she couldn’t keep it to herself any longer. Istalis and the others seemed to be just as worried as her, which Jin thought to be very interesting.


“Our ride is waiting for us by the river.”


Istalis and Shion had no luggage to carry with them. They were going to travel, literally, with nothing but the clothes they were wearing. And in Istalis and Netros’ case, even that was something that Jin had given them.


Therefore, they left Nidou Castle empty-handed.


Barrow and Belle had already said their goodbyes, so they weren’t there to see them off.


The Herme River was right behind Nidou Castle, and the “Capricorn 1” was towering over the surroundings next to its wide riverbank.


“W-What is that…?”


“What is that thing, Lord Jin? …It has four legs? Does it walk?”


“No way, is that our ride?”


Shion and Istalis raised their voices in surprise. Lucas and Netros, on the other hand, looked up at Capricorn 1 silently as if they were completely awestruck by its size.


“This is Capricorn 1, a ground vehicle I made. We can use it to travel through any rough and snow-covered terrain.”


With that said, Jin gave a signal.


In response to it, Capricorn 1 folded its legs, bringing its main body down to the ground.


“Alright, let’s get in.”


Jin got in first and called them inside. Reiko quickly followed.


“Let’s go, Shion.”


Istalis got in next.


“Yes, sister.”


Then Shion. Lucas quickly followed after her.


Netros was still silently staring at Capricorn 1 with interest, but when he realized that he was the only one left to get in, he hurried inside.


“Alright, everyone’s in.”


The door closed, and the Capricorn stretched its legs.




Capricorn 1 had stood back up. Lucas, who was looking through a window, screamed in surprise.


“Let me introduce you. This is Land 1, a golem that will be in charge of piloting this vehicle. And this is Ann, an Automata that has been taking care of you all since the day you arrived.”


“I’m Land 1. Nice to meet you.”


“My name is Ann, pleased to make your acquaintance.”


Each of them introduced themselves; Land 1 still sitting on the pilot’s seat, and the standing Ann bowing profusely to them.


“…How impressive, as I’d expect from the Magi Craft Meister himself!”


Shion was deeply impressed. Istalis was staring out a window.


“Please take your seats.”


The main body of the Capricorn 1 was approximately 8 meters long and 6 meters wide. Two-thirds of it were used as a cockpit and living quarters, and the remaining one-third housed a kitchenette, a toilet, a shower room, and a storage room.


“Alright, let’s go!”


The Capricorn began to move slowly, heading upstream along the bank of the Herme River.


“It’s not shaking as much as I thought it would.”


Still staring out the window, Istalis muttered her observation.


“That’s right. I have made it so that its center of gravity doesn’t move up and down as it walks.”


That was a result of the many adjustments that took place the day before.


Taking the control system used for golem horses as a base added to a walking control that thoroughly suppressed vertical movement, the living area was also suspended and supported by an active golem arm in order to reduce shaking.


It was a measure put in place in order to help prevent motion sickness.


“Wait for us, everyone… We’re on our way.”


Shion looked up towards the northern sky and uttered those words, thinking about those waiting for their return.

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