Magi Craft Meister 520

15 Showdown With The Demons Arc

15-33 Stone Giants



While Istalis was deep in thought, the Stone Giants approached Capricorn 1. They were about 500 meters ahead. Shion shouted:


“They’re definitely going to attack us!”


Jin asked her how she was so sure about that, and her answer was…


“Their eyes are glowing red, see? That’s something that happens when they’re in attack mode.”


Certainly, their single red eye was fixed on Capricorn 1.


“Please, Netros! Tell them that we’ve come in peace!”




The skylight was opened, and Netros got on Capricorn 1’s roof.


Then, he made a gesture with his hand directed at where he guessed the members of the Kanrou clan controlling these golems would be, but the Stone Giants didn’t stop.


“It’s no use, Lady Istalis!”


Netros shook his head as he got back on board.


“Let’s run away! We’re faster than them, so we’ll be okay!”


Shion shouted again. Her shock seemed appropriate, though.


“Would it be too bad if we were to destroy them?”


To turn around and escape when they had the Great Isthmus of Pazdext right in front of their eyes would be a real shame. Jin’s question wasn’t a joke.




“Lord Jin, are you saying that you can defeat those Stone Giants? The ten of them?”


Shion was completely taken aback, and Istalis asked that question with a voice that suggested that she didn’t believe what she had just heard.


“Yeah, I think so.”




“…Once they set their red eyes on their target, they will not stop until that target is crushed…”


“..We’ll have to destroy them. There’s no other way…”


Both Istalis and Shion seemed to not be able to fully believe their own words.


“Okay. I guess it’s safe to say that I’ve got your consent… Land 1, you have my permission to open fire.”


“Roger that.”



*   *   *



“Hmm, first Alciel the Puppeteer of the Kugutsu clan, and now the Kanrou clan… It seems that each clan has their own traits.”


The real Jin watched over the situation from Hourai Island. Then he issued a command to Land 1.


“Land 1, you have my permission to open fire.”


“Roger that.”



*   *   *



After his short reply, Land 1 fired the Magi Cannon with an output of 30 percent.


With a bang, the head of one of the Stone Giants was shattered into fine dust.




“W-What was that?”


Neither Istalis nor Shion could believe their eyes. Lucas and Netros seemed to be on the same train, as both of them had their faces stuck against the window as they stared outside.


“Thirty percent was a bit too much. Lower the output to ten percent.”


Then, three more shots were fired in quick succession. The golem’s auto-aim was true, and three Stone Golems ceased functioning as their heads exploded.


“Let’s try a Mana Bomb next.”


He had been able to develop the Mana Bomb, but never had too many enemies on the same place at once in order to try its full potential.


It was fundamentally the same as the Magi Cannon, but much slower. It was launched at a speed of about 30 meters per second, and the moment it hit one of the Stone Giants, it made a thunderous roar as it exploded.




“W-What? What happened?”


Istalis and Shion were amazed to see that not only the Stone Golem had been completely destroyed, but there was also a huge crater where it had once stood.


“Laser, fire.”


This time, two more heads evaporated instantly. It had been the work of the “Laser”, an ultra-high output weapon.


Already, there were only 3 Stone Giants left standing before them.


Reiko, who had been merely looking at what had been happening outside, suddenly opened her mouth.


“I’d like to show Father the results of the enhancements he has done on me.”


Then, she opened the skylight and jumped out to Capricorn 1’s roof.


“You really never change… Do you, sister?”


Seeing that, a bitter smile floated on Ann’s face.


“Huh!? Reiko?”


“W-What are you doing? I know you’re strong enough to beat Lucas, but those Stone Giants… huh?”

They were about 10 meters tall, but their heads were relatively small, being no bigger than 1 meter in diameter.


Reiko swung her “Peach Blossom” down at one of those heads –or rather, directly at its single eye.


As its single eye fell to Reiko’s quick strike, the Stone Giant immediately stopped moving.


“Just as I thought, their eyes are connected to their Control Cores.”


Reiko had used this Stone Giant as a research subject to provide valuable info to Jin, who was back in Hourai Island.


Her plan had been to try to damage it as little as possible so that Jin could later study it in detail.


Then, after causing the second Stone Giant to cease functioning, Reiko put her “Peach Blossom” away.


Those two Stone Giants would eventually be taken to Hourai Island, where Jin could use them for his research.


“I’ll use this last one to put this new body Father made for me to the test!”


Reiko broke into a dash. She was a 130 cm tall Automata versus a 10 meter tall Stone Giant. However, Reiko’s body housed a terrible power despite its size.


The Stone Giant raised one of its legs as if to stomp the rushing Reiko.


Taking this as a chance, Reiko headed straight for her opponent’s remaining standing leg.


She then kicked the Stone Giant’s 2-meter thick leg with her 10-centimeter long foot.


“It’s really fragile.”


Reiko’s kick easily crushed the Stone Giant’s ankle as if it had been a candy cane.


Having lost its foot, the Stone Golem shook the ground as it fell to the ground.




A word of praise escaped from Netros’ mouth as he stood there staring at Reiko’s performance.


After the Stone Giant fell, Reiko directed her attacks all over its body.


“Let me see what I can do!”


She struck the Stone Giant with a chop on its right shoulder, causing the entire arm to come off.


She threw her fist at its left hand, destroying it completely..


“…The output balance is the absolute best as well. I expected no less from Father!”


The Ether density had increased by 70% simply by being in an area so far up north. It made sense to test how the new Ether Converter would operate in these conditions.


Back when Reiko had gone to the northern lands looking for Jin, she had reached a Previously, when I moved to a northern land where I didn’t know where to look for Jin, she had been able to reach an output three times more powerful than usual. And since she had only been there for a short time, she hadn’t had the time to check the load status of the Ether Converter in detail.


“Father, there is no problem with the Ether Converter’s operational stability at an Ether concentration of 170%.”


She used her built-in Mana Comm to report directly to Jin.


“Thanks for checking that, Reiko. This will come in handy.”


Jin’s reply came instantly. Upon hearing it, a cheerful smile drew itself on Reiko’s face. And then…


“Thank you for your cooperation in this test.”


With those few words, Reiko kicked the wreckage of the last Stone Giant with 50% of her capacity.




A strange sound came out of Lucas’ mouth.


And it was only natural, considering that the Stone Giant’s body was blown to smithereens as a result of that kick.


“…Lucas, I’m so glad you’re safe.”


“…Young lady…”


Lucas was trembling as he was probably remembering the duel he’d had with Reiko. He could only think about what would have happened if that kick had actually reached him back then…


He would have completely disappeared from this world without leaving a single piece of himself behind.


“Was she going easy on me, or just toying with me…?”




Shion explained the situation to Istalis and Netros, who didn’t know about the duel between Reiko and Lucas.


“Well, that’s…”


“…You’re also quite reckless, Lucas.”


“Ugh, I know that…”


After being told off by both Netros and Istalis, Lucas lowered his head with an embarrassed look on his face.


At that moment, Reiko came back.


“Great job, sister Reiko.”


“Oh no, it was Father who did a great job, not me.”


Reiko would never forget to credit Jin for her own accomplishments.



“All Stone Golems have been destroyed. The road ahead is clear.”


Land 1 resumes Capricorn 1’s advance towards the north.


The Great Isthmus of Pazdext was just ahead.


And after that, they would be in demon territory.


“We’re finally here, huh?”


Jin (‘s substitute doll) muttered those words.


Lead-colored clouds covered the far north sky, and a cold headwind was blowing as if trying to force the party to retreat.


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