Magi Craft Meister 563

16 Resolution With The Demons Arc

17-12 Acceleration



Jin returned to Hourai Island via “Shinkai” using Reiko’s transfer gun to save time.


The “Family” had gathered there to welcome him.


“Welcome back, Brother Jin. We’ve been listening to your conversation, but I’m not entirely sure I understood enough of it.”


Elsa didn’t seem to have been able to completely follow No. 700672’s explanation.


“Jin! I barely understood what you were talking about, but it was clear enough that you two have been discussing a wonderful and profound theory!”


“Jin, this is a topic we should work on thoroughly.”


Saki and Toa had sensed that a door to a new world had been opened, and were excited about it despite being unable to understand it completely so far.


“Jin, I couldn’t understand it, but you got this, right? I believe one day you’ll be able to explain it to us in an easy-to-understand manner.”


“I’m looking forward to that as well, Jin.”


Both Reinhardt and Stearleana frankly admitted that they couldn’t understand it, and expressed their eagerness to have Jin explain it to them after the turmoil was over.


“Jin, please do your best. I too will do my best to help you in any way I can.”


“Me too.”


Mine and Berthie upfrontly offered to cooperate.


Their disposition caused Jin to think about how lucky he was to be surrounded by such a dependable family.


That day, Jin continued to talk with everyone until late at night.



Then, as soon as the next day started, Jin immediately began to set things in motion.



First, he would work on the development of the “Magi Reactor”.


Not only “Nega-Doll 001” was sure to already have access to such technology, but Jin needed a more efficient power source in order to prevent another Ether Stampede.


“Hmm, so it’s basically combining an Ether Converter with a Mana Driver…”


Jin began to think hard. It was impossible to have a single Magi Crystal govern over those two separate functions.


Everything may be arranged and configured as necessary on the Link Board, but a loss in connection and synchronization will inevitably occur at some point.


Both the work of Jin and his predecessor, Magi Craft Meister Adriana, was incredibly efficient, but even then, there would be no way to completely prevent even the slightest loss.


Back when Reiko was captured by Gigas, she destroyed its core by overloading it with an excessive supply of Mana. At that time, the magical power unleashed by that loss caused the surroundings to emit a dazzling light.


Having that in consideration, it was clear to Jin that not even him would be able to reduce the loss to zero.



“Hmm, then ‘Fusion’ alone won’t be enough.”


As Jin was racking his brains over it, Stearleana suddenly showed up.


“Jin, do you have a moment?”


Jin wasn’t making any progress either way, so he obliged.


“Is something the matter?”


“No, I obtained something interesting so I thought maybe you’d want to have a look at it.”


Having said that, Stearleana extended her closed right fist, turned it over, and opened it up.


“What’s this…?”


“It’s very interesting, don’t you think? I was looking for various crystals and came across this beauty.”


It was a crystal made up of two identical crystals arranged in a symmetrical way as if they had been stuck together


There’s a phenomenon with crystals called “twinning”, where two or more adjacent crystals of the same mineral grow from the same side in a symmetrical way. There is a geometric regularity, unlike when crystals are just stuck together artificially.


Jin remembered having seen something similar during science class in junior high school.


The teacher had shown them a “Japanese twinning” which was a flat crystal that looked like a butterfly with its wings spread evenly, which had left an impression on him.




When Stearleana called out to Jin, who seemed to have drifted away while staring at the crystal, he finally came back to the present.


“I see! This could work! …Thank you, Stearleana!”


“…I’m not sure I understand what’s going on, but I’m glad it helped you, I guess? So… about this crystal…?”


“Ah, yes, this is called ‘twinning’. It’s when two crystals grow together, rather than being artificially stuck to each other…”


Jin then shared as much as he knew about twinning crystals with Stearleana.



After thanking Stearleana once again, Jin resumed his work in his laboratory.


Being the kind of person that he was, Jin immediately brainstormed spells to give shape to his ideas.


“…How about combining ‘Fusion’ with ‘Crystallization’?”


He tried it on some crystals he had prepared in advance. The two crystals merged together, and then were crystallized once again.


“Hmm, it doesn’t work.”


What he managed to produce was an unstable crystal made of two smaller crystals put together.


“Should I add another spell into the mix? ‘Fusion’ ‘Crystallization’ ‘Forming’… no, it’s still not good enough…”


All that resulted was a joint crystal with distorted halves.


“…’Fusion’ ‘Crystallization’ ‘Transform’!”


By also making use of “Analyze”, Jin devised a spell that would allow him to understand the structure of the crystals in order to change it while combining them into a single crystal.


As a result, a beautiful Japanese twin crystal was completed right before his eyes.


“I did it! With this, I can finally work on the Mana Reactor!”



Magi Crystals were usually crafted into a spherical shape. It was an empirically chosen shape because it was easy to mold, beautiful in shape, easy to handle, and because a solid sphere has the smallest surface area compared to its volume.


There was an unquestioned, unwritten rule that established that the smaller the surface area, the more effectively the magical power contained within could be used.


Jin was now daring to go against this rule of thumb.


Originally, Magi Crystals were very similar in appearance to high quality quartz, that its, they looked like hexagonal prisms. They would then be carved out into a spherical shape for the aforementioned reasons.


However, Jin wondered if it would be possible to make the best use of the crystal’s original shape. In other words, he intended to make the best use of their natural flat surface.


“If I could write the Magi Formula here, I wouldn’t need to use a separate Link Board, making this easier to work with!”


Jin realized that by using the flat surfaces of the crystal itself as a Link Board would allow for more precise control than what would be possible with a spherical Magi Crystal.


This knowledge would have been meaningless before the possibility to have Magi Crystals arranged like Japanese twins, but now it was very important.


Jin devoted another hour to trial and error, and…


“I did it!”


Finally, he was able to create a Magi Reactor with an efficiency of at least 99%.


He hadn’t measured the effectiveness of the Ether Converter and Mana Driver that he had made before, but he estimated that they would be around 80% at best.


80% was still an amazing number, but the recently finished Magi Reactor’s 99% was, until a few moments ago, an unthinkable efficiency rate.


“I’ll install this on Reiko and everyone else, then…”


Jin immediately thought of a good use for the Magi Reactor.


“In any case, I’ll have to mass-produce this.”


Then he decided to tackle the next task on his list.


Needless to say, it was regarding coming up with measures against “Nega-Doll 001”.


“The first thing I have to do is to come up with something to prevent him from unleashing another Ether Stampede.”


To have near-total control over Ether. That’s why Jin was developing a high-power Magi Reactor.


“What about a spell that can transform Mana back into Ether?”


Jin began to think. Although it ended up having its flaws, “Gigas” was a decisive weapon against demons. It also had the ability to take Mana from external sources and use it to fuel its own functions. Jin didn’t know how it managed to do that because the “Gigas” was completely destroyed.


“That ‘Gigas’ must have been given to humans by Nega-Doll 001 as well…”


It seemed likely since it had had the characteristic of not attacking both friend and foe indiscriminately once activated.


“…Time to work on this.”


Jin decided to create Magi Crystals that could generate the magical waves that would allow him to take control of Ether.


He was going to use Light-attribute Magi Crystals, which were transparent by nature.


“Now I have to add the ‘mental catalyst’ I got from No. 700672 to these.”


He opened the small box and found a pinch of black powder.


Just like No. 700672 told him, Jin added it to the Magi Crystals at a weight ratio of 1 to 100.




The transparent Magic Crystal became darker. It now looked like smoky quartz.


“If this is used as a generator, can it have a great effect on Ether?”


He was thinking it could be used to unleash the “Magic Cancel” spell he had been theorizing about before.


The device would then be named “Magic Canceller”.


By forcing Mana into transforming back into Ether, an opponent’s arsenal of spells could be severely impaired.


The only things that would not be affected by it would be those that unleash physical attacks after they had been activated. For instance, a spell that simply hurls a boulder at their opponent needs no Mana supply after it has been activated.


Aside from that it should be able to deal with all sorts of magic-based attacks. Summoned flames would go out, and gusts of wind would disperse. It should also be able to undo the effects of Gravity Magic, and most importantly, interfere with transfer and teleporting abilities.



Considering the amount of powder he had available, he made only two such devices.


One of them would be used by Reiko, and the other one would be equipped to his aerial support.


“Reiko is still susceptible to the effects of the Ether Stampede, huh…”


With her current defenses, Reiko – who is arguably Jin’s trump card–, was likely to be rendered unable to move if she were to get hit by the Ether Stampede. Also, considering the possibility that “Nega-Doll 001” had access to the super-powerful “Enslavement Magic”, Jin was considering reinforcing Reiko even further.


After contacting her through the Mana Comm, Reiko shortly arrived at the laboratory.


“You called for me, Father?”


“Yes, Reiko. I called you here so I could strengthen you even more.”


Jin explained to Reiko the details and purpose of her upcoming remodeling. Reiko nodded without any hesitation.


“Yes, please go ahead.”


Thus Jin began his hard work remodeling Reiko.

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