Magi Craft Meister 608

18 Further Progress Arc

18-28 Confiding



“Barrow, I’ve come to pick you up.”


Jin visited Barrow’s house with Reiko.


“Master Jin!”


“Oh, you were here as well, Belle?”




Belle then explained that she was taking care of Burrow’s younger siblings while also helping with housework.


“I’m surprised to see how skillful you are, Belle.”


Maitz, Barrow’s mother, said that as she entered the room.


“Ah, welcome, master!”


Barrow’s brother and sister looked at Jin and greeted him in a loud voice.




“Yes, he’s the owner of the place where big brother works, right?”


Barrow’s younger brother, Kono, seemed to be very smart for his age.


“Haha, you’re definitely not wrong.”


Jin laughed and stroked Kono’s head.


“Barrow, Belle, sorry for coming here so suddenly with this, but I was thinking it was time for both of you to come back to work. What do you think?”


Jin wished there had been some way to let them know in advance. He was still unsure about whether it was too soon to give Barrow and Belle a Mana Comm.


“Yes, of course. Thank you for this unexpected long vacation.”


Barrow answered while straightening his back and bowing properly.


“Okay then, We’ll be going to Loizart after lunch.”




“A… Are you leaving, big brother?”


Barrow’s little sister Lucca looked up at her big brother with a sad look on her face.


“Yeah, I have to get back to work. But I’ll be back.”


Barrow crouched in front of Lucca and stroked her head as tears started welling up in her eyes.




Seeing this, Jin turned to Barrow.


“Barrow, are you sure about this? If you want to stay here in the village…”


But Barrow interrupted him.


“No, I want to go back to work for you, Master Jin.”


“I see. Well, I’m once again counting on you, then.”



*   *   *



Still worried about the sad look on Lucca’s face, Jin decided to use the hour of free time he had before lunch to make a doll for her.


Jin’s reasoning was that dolls were the way to go when it comes to making a little girl happy, and this was no different in this world.


“Brother Jin, want me to help you?”


Elsa, who was watching from the side, offered to lend a hand, so Jin asked her to make some clothes for the doll.


Jin contacted Laojun through Reiko and had him send the necessary materials from Hourai Island via the transfer machine, so there were no issues when making the doll.


Jin made it so it resembled a hug me doll. It had a soft body made of Magi Silk and Magi Cotton, and it had a simple inner frame made of stainless steel wire so that Lucca could make it pose in any way she wanted.


The clothes were also made of Magi Silk, so they felt quite nice to the touch. Her eyes were made of blue mother-of-pearl buttons, and her hair was made of Magi Silk dyed gold. It was not hard to imagine that if one were to purchase a doll like this in a store, it would cost thousands of tolls.



“See you soon, big brother!”


“Barrow, give it your all. …Sir Jin, please take good care of my son.”


Just past noon, they were finally ready to leave. Barrow’s family came to see him off.


“B-Big brother… do your best…”


Jin then presented Lucca with the hug me doll he and Elsa had made.


“What’s this…?”


“Didn’t you say so yourself, Lucca? That even though you’d be lonely, you’d still encourage your big brother? That’s so nice of you! So I thought I’d give you a little present.”


“T-Thank… you.”


Lucca was a bit shy at first, but still accepted the hug me doll Jin gave her. Then, while stroking Lucca’s head…


“After all, I’ll make sure your big brother can come back home to see you from time to time.”


…he offered her some comforting words.


“Belle, please take care of Barrow.”


“Yes, uncle.”


“Come on, Belle, you’re basically our daughter-in-law already.”




Belle was thrown off-balance by the words coming from both of Barrow’s parents, which had been said half-jokingly, half-seriously.



And so the blimp soared into the sky.


“See you soon~!”


Both Barrow and Behle continued to wave until Barrow’s family members became smaller than peas.


“…Well, first we’ll be going to Loizart.”


Jin thought this would be a nice time to tell Barrow and Bell about how he was given an estate.


“I will be staying in Loizart for a while, so I’d like you to work at my new house during that time.”




They flew at a high altitude on the way back as well, so they arrived at Loizart in the early afternoon.


“Umm, where was it…?”


“Over there, Father.”


Seeing that Jin was unsure of the exact location of his new estate, Reiko showed him where it was.


“Oh, okay, okay. Look at that, the Smiths did a great job.”


The roof, which had been covered with slate up until recently, had been removed and replaced with a flat roof.


A handrail had been built on the roof, as well as a simple garage for the blimp.


With Reiko’s support, Jin skillfully lowers the blimp to the roof and moors it.


There, three of the Smith Golems pulled the blimp into the garage and anchored it.


“So this is your new mansion, Master Jin?”


“Yeah. I just got it, so there might be a few things left to do to improve it here and there. If you notice anything, please tell the Smith Golems about it.”




At first, Barrow and Belle were a bit nervous about the Smith Golems, but after seeing that they were getting along quite nicely with both Butler and Steward, the two of them quickly got used to them as well.


After an hour of surveying the situation, Jin finally decided to go pick Hanna up.


“Take care, Brother Jin.”


Since it wouldn’t take him too long, Elsa decided to stay in the house. Jin took Reiko and headed to the Warp Gate he had installed in the basement, then used it to first go to Shinkai, then from there they jumped to Kaina Village.


Then they came out on the other side, not inside Nidou Castle, but in the basement of Jin’s workshop. It was already dark in Kaina Village.


“B-Big Brother!”


Hanna encountered Jin while preparing dinner.


“Welcome home!”


“Hello, Hanna.”


“Ah, Jin, welcome home. Have you finished your errands already?”



Jin had also been thinking about taking this opportunity to tell Martha about the Warp Gates. So he entered Martha’s house and faced her in the dining room.


“What’s wrong? Do you have something important to talk about?”


“Yeah, actually…”


Jin explained that he could use an Artifact called “Warp Gate”, that back when he first came to this village his first attempt went haywire, and that he had properly set them since so that such accidents won’t happen again.


“…I knew that you were out of the ordinary, Jin, but this… This is something I could’ve never imagined to be possible…”


“I’m sorry. I couldn’t afford to make a single mistake with this technology. Telling too many people about it could make it easily targeted by other countries.”


“Well, that’s right. Any country would be able to send soldiers and weaponry anywhere in no time at all.”


But Jin expressed his opinion that this should be used more constructively.


“Fufu, I agree with that. Well, it’s one of your things after all Jin, so I can’t complain about you using it. Just don’t use it for bad things.”


“Of course.”


Jin nodded sharply. And finally, he added that the reason he hadn’t told her about this until now was because he was trying to avoid being noticed by people who were aiming for such technology, and not because he couldn’t trust her with the information


“I understand. Don’t worry about it, Jin.”


Martha smiled brightly and gently tapped Jin on the shoulder as he lowered his head.


“I did tell you to get along with Hanna, after all. So, are you taking Hanna with you today?”






Until then, Hannah had been silently listening to Jin and Martha’s conversation, but let out a cheer once she saw that they had finished talking.


“Hanna, let’s take the clothes that the princess gave you.”


They got ready with Martha’s help, who aided them in getting her clothes packed.



“Okay then, we’ll be going now.”


“We’ll be going nooooow~!”


“Have a safe trip.”


As Martha saw them off, Jin and Hanna disappeared into the Warp Gate.


And as she saw the Warp Gate in action for the first time, Martha found herself muttering to herself.


“…To think that the young lad that Hanna found that day would grow into a man that could change the world…”

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