Magi Craft Meister

Chapter 329 Laojun’s Steps


“Ms. Lishia and Pascaud Rush have reached the Togo mountain ridge.”


Koushin, the surveillance-specialized magic intellect, contacted Laojun.


[I have received contact from Spica 7. It seems like she is here as the Kurain kingdom’s ambassador.]


“So it seems. But it appears that Ms. Lishia isn’t in good condition.”


[Hmm, that is bad. Is it exhaustion or some disease?]


If it were a disease, there was the worry of it being infectious.


Even the other day, it was fortunate that Belle wasn’t affected by any infectious disease when Jin brought her and Barou to the Kaina village but the situation could’ve turned for the worse if it wasn’t so.


[Considering we can sterilize it with magic, it might be bad to let her into the village just like that.]


Laojun drafted up several plans and adopted the best one among them.


[Land T, S and R. Hurry to the location.]


The Land squad, who were in charge of the village vicinity, had reached Togo mountain ridge within 2 minutes.


[Activating paralysis barrier.]






They had adjusted the level of the paralysis barrier to make the two faint without pain.


Moreover, they made it so that it didn’t affect the horses, pinpointing the targets.


Land T and S caught the two falling off the horse.


The two Lands carried them and pulled the horses to the rest lodge for the time being. Land R took care of the luggage horse.


[Now then, let’s give Ms. Lishia the medicines.]


From the restorative medicines reserved in Jin’s castle, Laojun instructed Butler B to bring one with ‘healing’ effects.


Within about 10 minutes, Butler B reached the location.


During that time, the Lands medically examined the two and sent the data to Laojun. As Laojun had very basic knowledge of the field, he could draw out a quick result from it.


[As I thought, Ms. Lishia is affected by some kind of infectious disease. The cause is still unclear but, for now, sterilizing the things at hand and…]


Laojun recalled the diseases ‘bird flu’ and ‘echinococcus’ from Jin’s memory.


[Bird and pigeons… the pigeon seems to be it.]


Inside the birdcage on Lishia’s horse, both pigeons had their feathers expanded.


The times a bird expands its feathers like that is when it’s feeling cold or when it’s in a bad condition.


One should judge it as a disease for birds who are strong to the cold. They had kept chickens in the orphanage so Jin knew about it well. As such, Laojun also had that knowledge.


[Administer the medicine to the pigeon, as well. The amount… I am not sure but, for now, 3 drops mixed with water. To the horse as well, just in case.]


They gave medicine to Lishia, Pascaud, the two birds and the three horses. The effect on the pigeons and horses were dramatic, as the pigeons stopped expanding their feathers and the tired horses looked energetic in the blink of an eye.


Lishia and Pascaud still hadn’t woken up from the paralysis but Lishia’s fever had gone down.


[All that’s left is to sterilize.]


He made the Lands bring out all of their stuff and used adjusted light magic to produce intense ultraviolet rays. It was a magic Jin developed, ‘black light’.


It was a magic to distinguish the minerals which radiate ultraviolet rays but he strengthened it even more for it to have germicidal functions, as well.


He couldn’t possibly use it on their body and clothes so he added the sterilizing effect to the healing medicine and sprinkled it over them and then dried it.


They could rest easy with this for the time being.


The Lands and Butler increased their body temperature to 200 degrees instead of using ultraviolet rays to sterilize them.


On top of that, just in case, they also made the health condition check of Kaina villagers more strict. It was confirmed that the disease could be cured with the healing medicine after having used it on Lishia so that was a relief.


[This should be fine. Now then, before they wake up, carry them to the Helme river.]


They were relieved as the medicine helped cure Lishia’s fever so, even if by chance someone else falls ill, they will be able to deal with it.


Following Laojun’s orders, Land R, S and T picked up the struggling horses and headed towards the Togo mountain ridge. At a speed of 120 km/h.


Butler B followed them with Lishia and Pascaud on each of his shoulders.




At evening, around 5 pm. Pascaud Rush woke up on top of the horse.


“Uuu… Did I fall asleep?”


Pascaud shook his head to clear his cloudy mind. As his mind got clear, he remembered of the time he was last conscious.


“R-right! Ms. Lishia!”


And Lishia was just in front of Pascaud. She was lying on top of the saddle, either asleep or unconscious.


Pascaud hurriedly lined up the horses and shook Lishia by the shoulder.


“Ms. Lishia, Ms. Lishia!”




“Ah, I am glad, Ms. Lishia, you’re awake!”


“Uhh… where is this place?”


Lishia asked, looking around the surrounding.


“This is… Helme river, it seems. If so… then I fell asleep while descending the ridge and the horse carried me all the way here… But maybe thanks to that, I feel refreshed.”


Pascaud also agreed.


“Yes, it’s a bit embarrassing but I had also fallen asleep. But it seems like we were safely carried all the way here thanks to these wise horses. More importantly, I am happy that Ms. Lishia is feeling well again.”

The Lands squad who were standby near them in stealth mode got to know that things progressed just as Laojun expected them to and informed him.


[Seems like everything worked out. Stay with them till they enter the village.]


Laojun was happy that his steps worked out well and decided that this incident must be reported to Jin.




* * *




“…By the way, Ms. Lishia, what is that building?”


A building the likes of which they had never seen before stood tall with the setting sun in the background. Of course, they were talking about Jin’s castle.


“Who knows… I feel like it wasn’t here the last time I visited.”


Pascaud counted backwards and was astounded by the result. The last time Lishia visited Kaina village was in December of last year. If so, then it would mean that this building was made within these five months.


“Can such a thing really be built within a few months…?”


Although the truth was that it took only a few days, not months.


“Either way, we’ll know once we visit the village chief.”


And so, they crossed the bridge and entered the village, crossing the castle.


“Ah, if it isn’t the tax-collecting officer.”


Called out a voice.


“Ah, good evening. Umm, Lock-san, was it?”


“Yes, it’s Lock. Did something happen? It seems a bit too early for tax…… Ah, we don’t need to pay tax to the country anymore, was it…”


“Yes, I have come to meet Mr. Jin about that matter. Where is he at the moment?”


As Lishia asked, Lock answered with a troubled expression.


“Jin? I don’t really know. He does come back every now and then but goes out soon after. Maybe he will come back today, maybe tomorrow, maybe even the day after…”


“….So, you don’t know?”


Lishia said with a somewhat reproachful expression.


“Yes, well, I guess.”


Lock answered with an embarrassed grin.


It seems that the village chief at least was at the same place he was before–Lishia found out after asking him and so headed towards the chief’s house.


“If it isn’t Ms. Farheight, welcome. Please, you too.”


Gibbeck greeted them in front of his house.


“Mr. Gibbeck, it has been a while. I have come today as the Kurain kingdom’s ambassador.”


Lishia got off the horse and greeted Gibbeck. Pascaud also got off and introduced himself.


“I am Pascaud Rush. Ms. Lishia Farheight’s escort.”


Gibbeck bowed respectfully and then continued.


“I am sure you’re tired. Have you decided on where to stay? How about my house? Or would you prefer Mr. Jin’s castle?”


“If it’s not a problem, I would like it to be at your house, chief…”


Being hesitant to stay in an unknown building all of a sudden, Lishia answered so.


“I understand. Then, please, come in. I will take the horses to the stable… Oi, Barbara!”


As Gibbeck called out towards the back of his house, Barbara came out.


“….Ah, Ms. Lishia.”


“Ms. Barbara, it has been a while!”


“Barbara, I will go keep the horses in the stable. You guide Ms. Farheight and Mr. Rush to the guest rooms.”


And as such, Lishia had finally reached the Kaina village.





“…..Really, hot springs sure are nice.”


Barbara and Lishia were submerged in the hot spring. However, Lishia noticed that Barbara’s behaviour was a bit weird.


“Ms. Barbara, it seems like you’re feeling down. Did something happen?”


“Eh?! N-nothing.”


Barbara said panickedly but,


“It’s not nothing, is it? Aren’t we friends? You can talk to me.”


Lishia said, which made Barbara reconsider.


“Yes… Ah, Ms. Lishia, you live in the capital…”


After hesitating a bit, Barbara opened her mouth again.


“Umm…… Do you know of that Raglan firm?”


“Yes, I know them well. We have installed a pump from them, as well as a stove.”


“I… see. T-then, there’s a guy named Eric there, I think…”


Seeing Barbara say that hesitantly, it seems like Lishia had caught on to something.


“I am sorry, I have never really entered the shop directly so I am not aware.”


“I see……”


Barbara went into sulking once again. And then muttered,


“……Maybe I will, try going to Alban……”




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