Magi Craft Meister 456

14 Family Trip Arc

14-07 Preparations for Departure



The training to create Magi Atoms seemed to consume a huge amount of magical power, and the three other than Jin started to suffer from being out of magical power.


Since he was used to seeing Elsa suffer from this, Jin gave the three of them a drink of “Mana Potion”… Which was nothing other than Hourai Island’s special Pelshika juice.


Although not as much as the actual drug-based Mana Potion, the Ether contained in the Pelshika juice could be absorbed by the body on a cell-by-cell basis and converted into Mana. The three of them soon regained their vitality.


“Thank you, Brother Jin. What’s this?”


Jin began explaining. The Pelshika from Hourai Island contained a lot of Ether. By storing it in an environment with a high concentration of Ether, the amount of Ether they contained would increase. Then, drinking its juice can help make up for the lack of Mana in one’s body.


“Hmm, that’s a great discovery! It’s better than my father’s research!”


A similar thing was written in a book written by Saki’s father, Toa.


“…Maybe this is similar to Magi Crystals?”


“Ah, you may be right.”


Jin and the others concluded that they are similar in that Ether is trapped between the molecules that make up the Pelshika juice.


“Okay, let’s conclude our experiment for today and just take it easy from here.”


“…Sounds good.”


As expected, all three of them followed Jin’s advice because they were mentally tired, even though their magical power had been restored.



On the other hand, Laojun, who couldn’t get tired, would continue their research.


“Since My Lord has shown us how to proceed from this point on, it is now our turn.”


And with that, Laojun took over the research on Ether.


*   *   *


“Ah, this sure feels nice.”


The three girls were enjoying themselves in the open-air bath.


“I might get a little too used to doing this in broad daylight.”


Stearleana had already grown used to life on Hourai Island.


“Kuhuhu, I’m already used to this.”


“You should think a little more about your lifestyle, Sis Saki.”


“Steady as always, huh, Elsa?”


“I’m not steady, you’re just sloppy.”


Stearleana laughed as she saw the other two have such an exchange.


Elsa was 17, Saki was 21, and Stearleana was 31.


“Ah, to be young…”


Those words like that of an old person slipped through Stearleana’s mouth.


“…But you’re still young, Stearleana.”


“Ah, thanks.”


In fact, one could say that Stearleana’s skin was very fine and firm.


“Your skin is so white I can almost see through it, and Saki’s is just as fine.”


“I’ve been living quite the disordered life until recently, so I can’t beat Elsa…”


“Uhuhu, that’s not true. You’re very beautiful too, Saki.”


The open-air bath was bustling with the interaction between these three girls.


*   *   *


“Sometimes I think it would be nice to go on a trip.”


Jin voiced his mind during dinner.


“Ah, that sounds lovely! Where would you like to go?”


“I’ve been wanting to go to the old Lenard Kingdom.”


Jin answered Stearleana’s question.


“Ah, it seems it fell into ruin before we even realized, huh?”


“Yeah. It was really close to Kaina Village too, so I’ve been wondering why it fell into ruin in the first place. Did something unusual happen to it?”


“That’s very interesting!”


Saki seemed enthusiastic about it as well.


“…But do you think it would be safe to go there?”


Stearleana was worried that the ruined Lenard Kingdom would be in a literal state of anarchy.


“Safe…? Ah…”


There might not be any functioning hotels to stay in, and sleeping in a tent might be a bit too dangerous.


Worst come to worst, Jin thought he might have to sleep in the carriage…


“Should we make something like an RV instead?”


…And so he came up with that idea.


“An RV? …Ah, that.”


Saki, Stearleana, and of course Elsa, who all had received Jin’s basic knowledge, immediately realized what he had meant by “RV”.


“That would make it possible to come back to Hourai Island only at night, though.”


In response to Jin’s words…


“…Isn’t that what makes a trip fun?”


…Saki said that. She had made it sound like a walk in the park.


“Even if it’s a little inconvenient, that kind of trip sounds like fun.”


“That’s right. It pains me to admit this, but I haven’t had a trip like this back when I was a child.”


After hearing Elsa and Stearleana’s thoughts, Jin went back to the plans for the RV.


He decided that everyone should have a say in how to make it.


“It should be big enough to fit 5 or 8 people in it.”


Thinking about the RV having beds and so on would be the limit. He could make a huge one, but considering the width of the road, it would still be necessary to keep it about the same size as a large carriage.


“If the whole Family is going, then perhaps we should make two of them.”


If they were to make two RVs that would fit four people each, they should all be able to go camping together.


“I’d like for them to have a bath installed.”


“…Also a bathroom.”


“I’d also like to be able to eat delicious food in them.”


In response to their wishes, Jin devised a plan.


A foldable bathtub, a Hourai-Island-styled bathroom, a refrigerator, an Ether Stocker, a Cooking Stove…


“Hmm… It’s impossible.”


No matter how hard he thought about it, there was no way all of that would fit in the size of a large carriage. It would have to be about the size of a tourist bus instead.


“I’d prefer to make it as an automobile, too…”


Since it would be a place where not many people would be around, Jin decided it would be better to equip the vehicles with a golem engine.


“Automobiles! That sounds great!”


It seemed that Saki could imagine it because she had been in an automobile back when she went to Tatsumi Bay.


Though Stearleana knew about them, she had never been in one.


“I’m really looking forward to it!”


The idea was to build something like an Unimog, which Jin had seen before in a manga. This was because of its ability to run on rough roads. Jin would always incorporate his own ideas into it.


The lower body would be made of 18/12 stainless steel. It would have 6 wheels in total. It’s overall size would be about the same as a small bus.


Due to the space inside the car, it would have two floors. The first floor would be the cockpit and the living room,, and the second floor would be the bedroom and observation deck. Of course, the roof would be able to be opened and closed.


The cabin would be made of 64 aluminum to reduce weight and prevent its center of gravity from becoming too high.


The windows would be made of transparent ground spider resin. Light and unbreakable, and resistant to scratches and dirt.


“As for its weaponry… I’d like it to have a Magi Cannon, a Paralyzer, an Inductor Radiator with a Magi Jammer and a Laser Cannon. And Reiko would be going with us as well. It would also be nice to have a Treatment Device and a Barrier.”


“My Lord, please bring the Absolute Zero magic tool that was completed the other day, and the Barrier Bomb.”


Jin nodded at Laojun’s suggestion.


An active golem arm would be of course used for suspension. The tiers would be made out of pseudo-dragon leather.


They would also have a small Warp Gate for use in case of an emergency.


“Something like this?”


Jin, who was drawing a conceptual diagram for window panes made out of ground spider resin on a whiteboard, stopped for a moment so he could show the concept to everyone.


“Oh yes, that would be very safe to use.”


“…That sounds like a somewhat promising material…”


“…Somewhat, Stearleana?”


Strangely, Elsa protested Stearleana’s remark.



The next morning, it was finally time to start making the vehicles.


“Laojun, you take care of the materials. We’ll leave the rest to the Smiths.”




“Reiko, you take care of getting the Treatment Device and the Barrier ready.”


These were to be prepared as per the norm.


“Yes, Father.”


“Elsa should take care of our bedding.”


“Ok, sure.”


Jin quickly assigned roles to everyone.


“Saki, you work with the Peridots and get the foodstuffs for us to load in the vehicles.”


“Alright, leave it to me.”


“Stearleana, you watch how I do things.”


“Understood. I’m glad to be able to see the Magi Craft Meister do their thing with my own eyes.”


“My Lord, the materials are ready. I’ve called in the Smiths from #51 through #60.”


“Well done. Smiths #51 through #56 should be making the tires. #57 and #58 will take care of the frames. #59 and #60 are to assist me.”


“Yes, My Lord.”


Jin started working with the help of the Smiths.


“W-Wow, amazing… I expected no less of you, Jin… The Magi Craft Meister!”


Stearleana was truly impressed to see Jin being done with the vehicles before her very eyes.


In the meantime, Elsa also completed 10 sets of Magi Silk futons and blankets.



The vehicles were completed within the day, carefully assembled and tested for operation. Weapons and equipment were ready. Food and medicine were also loaded into them.


“So, what are we going to name these vehicles, Jin?”


“Ah, right… What about Tortoise?”


Jin thought that the name Tortoise was quite appropriate.


“So, shall we depart tomorrow?”


“What about Hanna, Brother Jin?”


Jin’s cheerful face was met with Elsa’s question.


“I’ll invite her, of course.”


Neither Jin nor Elsa had forgotten about Hanna, who was in Kaina Village.


“I’ll be right back.”


It was 6 PM in Hourai Island, and about 4 PM in Kaina Village.


Jin used a Warp Gate to quickly travel to Kaina Village.

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