Chapter 4 :I’m not Shim-pua marriage (arranged marriage ), You Are!

As the jeep moves, the beautiful scenery of Jing Zhou was revealed. Lin Mu Mu was thrilled by the amazing sight.

As an 18 year old lady leaving an enclosed area for the first time, she should be really excited, but since this is her second time living the same life, she had memories, sad ones.

No, she thought. Since god was kind enough to offer her a second chance to live, she should appreciate it and leave all the sad memories behind. All she has to remember is the fact that Yun Ting loves her, she loves Yun Ting. As for the others, forget about it, just start a new life.

Just allow her to experience this wonderful life she’ll live.

“I guess you’re thirsty aren’t you? Here drink some tea.” Yun Ting offered.

“Sure.” Mu Mu said. She drank it bit by bit, carefully, not to spill anything on her brand new dress.

Looking at how complying Mu Mu was, Yun Ting was actually worried, he asked “You… are there any questions you want to ask?”

As a soldier with countless experienced encountering bad guys, he gets suspicious whenever they comply, it was always a sign that he or she was plotting an escape. Yun Ting was worried that this was what Mu Mu was plotting in that head of hers – complying for now, then wait for the right timing to escape.

“No? None at all.” Lin Mu Mu replied while smiling, revealing her clean white teeth.

“It’s my pleasure to be married to such a good looking guy, my master had a really good taste. You look way better than those so called ‘Most handsome man in the country’ shown in those TV shows.”

“Pfh – “ Xiao She let out a short laughter as he heard it. It’s his first time seeing Yun Ting being attracted by another human being, being teased by someone.

“It’s not that your master had a good taste, it’s because the Yun family had already decided that you were the one.” Yun Ting said. He then thought for a while and came up with an adjective, “Shim-pua marriage”(where the girl would be adopted since pre adolescence to be prepared to be married to the other male pre adolescence in the family), (can be used as a tease, insult in modern days, a joke)

That was harsh.

If it wasn’t for the fact that this was her second time living, Lin Mu Mu was sure that she’ll detest this idiotic Yun Ting with negative EQ.

Which guy speaks to a girl like that?!

He realised that Lin Mu Mu was mad and quickly reached out to hold her hand.

Lin Mu Mu did not pull her hand back, she just let it be, but she was facing the other way, looking out the window.

“Little dumbass, do you remember 5 years ago, a guy carried your master back to the temple, you said you wanted to thank him, and he replied by saying ‘marry me someday’, and you said okay?” Yun Ting asked.

Back when she was thirteen…?

It felt like a single lucid moment when she finally remembered.

Back in those days when she lived in the temple, they rarely see any outsiders. That day, her master was hurt while trekking through the mountains, and was carried back to the temple by a young man.

“Mr Anonymous…?” Mu Mu said to Yun Ting.

Yun Ting did not talk about this to Mu Mu in her previous life, it was kept a secret all the way until their death.

Yun Ting was the Mr Anonymous that called her little dumbass a few years ago. She was told that his name was Mr Anonymous when she asked who he was. He was the guy she met 5 years ago !!!

“Yeap, since you agreed, now you’re Shim-pua marriage.” Yun Ting teased.

“……” Mu Mu was speechles.

5 years ago, Mu Mu was only 13 years old! How can Yun Ting, a 17 year old back then believe what she says?? He thought she was serious about marrying him? How naive.

Mu Mu was unhappy as she was teased by Yun Ting. “I’m not Shim- pua, you are! Not just you, your father, your mother, your whole family !!!” Mu Mu fought back.

Lin Mu Mu looked away furiously, but she did not pull back her hand that Yun Ting was holding.

Yun Ting magically pulled out a bag of chips from nowhere, and offered it to Mu Mu, “Here, have some snacks if you’re bored.”

“…Whatever” Lin Mu Mu took it from his hand. She will not give up on snacks just because she’s mad at the person who offered it~

Yun Ting had always treated Mu Mu nicely when it comes to food. In her previous life, Mu Mu had never had a day without snacks, she thought it was her master that secretly delivered snacks as an apology for betraying her, she did not know it was Yun Ting who bought all of it.

You can tell what a person likes and dislikes, if you pay enough attention, and that was how Mu Mu was treated – Kindly, with care.

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