Maou Ni 5

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Maou ni Nattanode

Chapter 5 My First Encounter was with a Supreme Dragon

“Hoho, this is quite convenient, this ability.”


Shelmi herb: Has great effect as a medicine. Also has a lot of mana in it.


When I concentrate on a pretty flower sprouting at the root of a tree, its details just pop up inside my head.


So this is the effect of Analyze.


It seems like I acquired the analyze skill thanks to my chuunibyou like left eye. So it was of some use after all. Yosh!


Baktengdak: Explodes when eaten.


Woah, there are some dangerous things sprouting around here.


I have been analyzing all the things I have come across till now and this being a different world, there are quite a lot of interesting stuff here.

I also found some vegetables and fruits for food so it looks like I won’t completely need to depend on DP for food.

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