Maou Ni Chapter 15

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Chapter split into three (3) pages

Chapter 15 – Wings, Please Lead Me To The Sky (Part 1)


At a certain day…

“… O-ooh whoa!?”

I found it. I finally found it.

Iluna looked at me curiously as I raised from the throne with a sudden shout.

She was sitting on my knee, so she got out of the throne when I stood up. Shii on the other hand was on Iluna’s lap, so she fell on the ground, which made the slime turn towards me grumpily.

I did not pay any attention to it though, because this is what I have been looking for it the whole time… To think my expectations were answered.

“… Fufufu, hahaha, hahahahahaha! I’m going to the sky, this is wonderful!”

While laughing loudly, I walked away from the throne.

* * *

I was touched, I finally found it.

Ever since Fir showed me the ‘Everchanging Chains’ I started looking on the catalogue for other similar things, and while I looked through the skills my eyes stopped at a certain one.

And that was ‘Flight’…..Continue Reading


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