Maou Ni Chapter 21

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Chapter 21 – Creative Demon Lord (Part 2)

Creative Demon Lord, it’s a nice name, I bet I’m the first one to come up with it.

For the sake of using the ‘Weapon Creation’ skill, creativity is as important as good materials, though I can just buy those on the catalogue. A good mental image is also necessary, but I got that covered with my training to make the water dragon. Lastly, Lefy already said that my mana is above average, so it should not be a problem either.

With all of this, making a high quality weapon should be possible.

Also, together with the ‘Weapon Creation’ skill, I also found another one, ‘Bestow Enchantment’.

I asked Lefy how to use it, and it seems to simply need a good mental image, just like most other spells. Its effect allows me to create a magic circuit that, at least on level 1, can either increase the length of the item, or reduce the mana cost of spells…..Continue Reading

Chapters are split into pages.