Maou Ni Chapter 24

Dark Theme




Chapter split into two (2) pages

Chapter 24 – An Unexpected Accident

I could hear the sound of liquid moving through her throat.

A heavy breathing melted my reasoning.

I felt her heat through my skin while my body was burning, at the same time a sweet smell fills my nostrils.

“Haa… it was delicious. Thank you big bro!”

Iluna drank my blood until she was satisfied, then wiped her mouth and gave a blooming smile, however, a bit of blood was stuck on the corners of her mouth, making it a devilish and bewitching grin.

“… Yo-you’re welcome.” Though I said that, I was actually averting my eyes due to how much mental strain I was suffering.

This happens every time. It’s not that Iluna drinks too much blood to the point I feel tired, I’m actually glad to help her… Her actions keep shaving my willpower though.

I’m not a pedophile! I have no such thoughts about her…!

“I’m happy I can drink big bro’s tasty blood.” Iluna said such a selfish thing while smiling, it seems Lefy is influencing her a bit…..Continue Reading


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