Max Level Newbie Chapter 166

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The fire-thunder sword was swung at the Demon King, as fast as a meteor shower that falls from the sky!

Maramgang felt his life threatened for the first time since the battle began when he saw Vulcan coming in with it in terrible energy.

Until now, he had never thought he would lose, even if he was somewhat behind.

However, as the best technique of Vulcan revealed its form, the alarm went off noisily in the Maramgang’s head, and he knew it couldn’t be done like this.

He had to do something!

For a moment, Maramgang seemed to be anguished.

The method he thought of was a penalizing technique that would put a considerable strain on his body.

Of course, if he use it, he could have the power strong enough to guarantee a victory with the chance of more than 90 percent, but…….


‘To consider that they would strengthen their powers after the battle, when I’m weak….’


Considering the aftereffects of the technique spans more than 100 years, he just wanted to avoid using it as much as possible.

But there was no other way.

If he would be hit by that sword of enormous power that was targeting him now, he would certainly be deprived of the opportunity to contemplate the future like this way.

He finally broke all the chains of hesitation and tried to use his best technique, “Mashingangrim (The demonic defeat technique)”


In that short moment.

There was a slight gap created by the moment’s hesitation.

Vulcan, who captured it by the instinct of the beast, produced an extra measure to stop things from going as Maramgang wished.


‘Gehenna ’


Gehenna was the mythical-level fire skill that he had acquired a long ago, when he was still a brat at the level of 99.

It was a magic of low-level restriction, but his Gehenna, which grew with the Vulcan, had already become a magic with power quite different from that time.

Flames that grew more firepower by the flame skill buff of the Gehenna surrounded the thunder-lightning sword roughly.

But that was only for a moment, and the flames and energy of the thunder stretched out all over the place, to which Vulcan frowned.

No matter how fast he moved, he couldn’t tie two forces together until he reached Maramgang.

However, if the force is poured out from a distance, it will be significantly less powerful than stabbing it in with the sword.

In the awkward situation, the Vulcan smiled faintly and used the Spirit of Fire.




Vulcan stripped off the body figure, and turned into a flame.

He smiled even more after confirming the blaze of Gehenna had reached the feet of Maramgang.




As if he had used the Blue-dragon Vision method, Vulcan got in front of the Demon King in a flash.

The look of the bewildered Maramgang came into his eyes.

There was a creepy stench of demonic energy in his gradually swelling body, as if he were trying to do something.

It must be a technique that runs through the extreme of absurdity, which seems to borrow a great deal of energy from somewhere.

But it’s too late for that to happen.

Without hesitation, Vulcan thrust the fire-thunder sword into the chest of the Maramgang, and could hear him groan faintly.




With vain look in his eyes, Vulcan stared down at the sword that had pierced through him.

His trembling eyes managed to turn towards Vulcan, and his mouth opened slightly.

He was about to say something.

But he passed away without saying what he was going to say.




Maramgang exploded out in every direction, like a balloon that had been greatly expanded was pierced.

His limbs fluttered and slapped Vulcan in theface, and a disgusting demonic energy rose.

Vulcan who had overused his powers and quickly boosted his strength, was affected by it.

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He felt dizzy, and the body felt heavy as if he was drawn down in a swamp.

He barely managed not to throw up, which felt like it was boiling in blood, and quickly took the potion that Powell made for him, then put the thunder-lightning sword into the ground.

Then he put his hands on it and raised his chin with an arrogant expression.

It’s like a performance to let the public know who the winner is, and who lost.

In fact, he was only bluffing to conceal his bad condition, but no demon who was watching him from afar could grasp his condition of his body.

They couldn’t even keep their mouths shut, and they just blankly stared at Vulcan, who was standing tall.

Shortly after a demon soldier ran away screaming, they came to their senses.

“…Th, the Demon King has lost! Aaarrrgh!”


A little demon was immersed in fear and ran away from Vulcan.

Normally, he would have used the big sword to slice his neck away, but now he couldn’t.

They were also overwhelmed by the mythical image of Vulcan.

Countless demon soldiers started running away from Vulcan, as one little demon did.

After a short period of time, there was no living creature left on the land where Vulcan was standing.




Finally, Vulcan recovered 90% of his condition.

Slowly he moved his hands and feet, looked around the sword, and recalled the fight that he had just fought.

He’s had a lot of dangerous moments, and he’s been lucky enough, but….

In any case, it was the best result from the impulsive action that he even risked his own life with.

In addition, he loved the way the fight went through.

He went by his instinct, as he wanted.

He strongly cornered Maramgang according to the violent tendencies of thunder and flames, without considering his own safety, which allowed him to win.


‘The problem is…I don’t think I can do this again…….’


What just happened was quite accidental, which took place in a state of constant excitement after sparring with Powell.

It was a moment in which he had given 120 percent of his power.

He still had a long way to go, compared to Powell who was confident in her way and showed the greatest violence at any moment.


‘……It’s really not easy. To not be hesitant.’


Although he had got good results, Vulcan was still not satisfied.

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As he closed his eyes for a moment, he cleared his thoughts and then slowly rose into the air with his flying magic.

He never thought it would be easy anyway.

100 years, 200 years, or even more.

It would perhaps be impossible to upgrade the proficiency of dealing with thunder and flame, even if he combined all the years he had lived.


But it was okay. Vulcan thought it would be okay.

Unlike in the past, he had no burden on his shoulders, and was living his life only for himself.

If only he could use all his time, talent and concentration on fights alone, and not to anything else……


‘Eventually, I would be able to get to the place I want.’


Of course, he couldn’t figure out where the place was yet.

For now, he would just go forward.

Vulcan laughed a little as he thought of Powell, who was running fiercely well ahead of him.


“Now that I have my first goal, I should go towards it.”




Vulcan ripped the atmosphere apart and flew through the air in a rapid pace.

The lightning that covered his whole body shed a light in the sky of the Demon World, and the demons of Moruko dimension had to suffer that day.

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