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<42. Go Devilman (4)>

Sam-Young Group wasn’t influential enough to control the whole country, but was known quite well among the older generation in Korea.

On top of that, Sam-Young Manufactures was quite an influential affiliate within the company.

Of course, that made Park Chul-Young, the head representative of the company quite an affluent figure. Wherever he went, everyone fell over themselves trying to please him and were always nervous about being careful not to make a bad impression.

Park Chul-Young wasn’t the cruel type to abuse his authority and bully others.

However, nobody dislikes being elevated so he wasn’t intending on stopping others from greeting him with a bow, and managed the company in an ordinary way, sometimes enjoying the flattery.

However, there was just one person who wasn’t impressed at all by his influence, financial power and connections with the political and financial world.

It was none other than the old man who was sitting on the head chair in his well-kept office as if he were the head representative.

Judging from his face, he was a shabby figure with all the small wrinkles and his ghost-white hair, but his healthy and firm stature reminded Park of an athlete in his twenties, so he couldn’t dare think of him as an old man.

His figure was unbalanced; it would be believable if one were to say he was a national athlete at the Korea National Training Center wearing the mask of an old man.

‘Heck… how does an old man in his 60s and 70s look like a fighter? Is his face the only thing that aged over the years?’ Park thought to himself. He was kneeling on the floor, stealing glances at the old man.

“Hey, you. Did you just talk trash about me?”

“Ah, no sir.”

“What do you mean, ‘no’? It’s written all over your face.”

Vulcan used his System Scanning powers to check on Park Chul-Young.

Normally, Vulcan thought it was creepy of him to get to know others with only a few sentences so he didn’t enjoy using it, but this was different.

[Park Chul-Young, a normal human being]

[Level 5]

[Characteristics : ordinary, calculating, and quick-witted]

[Potential : low]


*A normal human.

*He is hostile towards you.

*He is fearful of you


“You brat. You really hate me, don’t you.”

“No, sir. Absolutely not.”

“You dare to keep lying…?”

Vulcan sprung from his chair and approached Park Chul-Young. Park felt as if the mountains themselves were approaching him and bowed with his head on the floor, forgetting that he was the head representative of a company.

“Aah! I made a mistake! Please….”

Vulcan blared his eyes as if he were going to do something terrible, but Park was showing this kind of attitude once Vulcan had showed his true self. It seemed harsh to lash out on him any more.

‘Did I give him a lesson too harshly last time?’

Vulcan thought back to the time when he had first met Park Chul-Young.

At the time, Park had treated him much differently, in a more hostile attitude.

That just happened to be around the time Vulcan had lost his son, and what he would have let go of normally had pissed him off. He lashed out and had a face-to-face conversation with Park for 24 hours straight. At the end of the confrontation, it was seemed obvious that Park’s attitude had completely changed.

Vulcan had shown incredible strength by breaking a rock with bare hands and threatened Park would ‘bid farewell to the world’ if they ever crossed paths ever again. With that, Vulcan had vanished in front of Park’s eyes.

That was already ten years ago.

‘I was thinking of reminding him in case he had forgotten.. but I guess there’s no need for that.’

Vulcan decided there was no reason for him to use violence with Park Chul-Young.

It was too bad that his grandson had been bullied for a ridiculous reason, but it made him uncomfortable to do more when Park was already like this, and the two hadn’t even started talking yet.

‘Kids can make mistakes… as long as I scold him severely, everything will be settled. Ah, and the politician brat, too.’

There were two children who had bullied his grandson.

Park Chul-Young wasn’t the only parent he had to settle matters with.

Vulcan had already known the whereabouts of Park, so he had been able to come immediately, but the so-called politician wasn’t someone Vulcan was familiar with, so he wasn’t sure about the whereabouts of this man.

Vulcan turned and looked at Park Chul-Young.

He was still kneeling facedown on the floor and Vulcan spoke up.

“Hey, you know him, don’t you? Chun Dong-Min, the politician?”

“Huh? Ah.. uhm….”

“Do you know him, or not? Ah, wait. That came out wrong. Do you have his contact info?”

“Yes, yes. I do know him. I even know his contact information.”

“Call him over, then. We’ll talk when he’s here.”

“Yes, sir! Right away, sir!” Park responded. He was like a soldier receiving orders from the general and immediately whipped out his phone.

Feeling nervous, however, he continued to dial the wrong number, and kept wrestling with his phone, unable to wipe off the sweat that continued to fall from his face like rain.

Vulcan placed his hand on Park’s shoulder, and a warm feeling spread all over his body.

“This… this…”

It was a strange phenomenon that humans in modern times wouldn’t be able to understand.

Park realized he felt calm immediately and looked up at Vulcan, who was looking down at him emotionlessly.

“Does this make you feel better? Don’t be nervous, and make sure you convince him well to come here. Then everything will be alright.”

Park nodded feverishly.



“What the heck is going on?” muttered Chun Dong-Min, who had come to the headquarters of Sam-Young Manufactures after receiving an urgent call from Park Chul-Young. He didn’t stop muttering on his way to the head representative’s office where Park was. From the way he was pleading, there was something urgent and important to say, so Chun couldn’t ignore Park’s call.

‘Geesh, if it’s that urgent, he should be the one to come looking for me. Who is he to summon me?’

Chun Dong-Min was considering at least listening to Park since he had come all the way here, but if Park spoke nonsense, Chun was thinking of storming out of the place immediately.

‘I even cancelled plans to go golfing… if this turns out to be nothing…’

“Ugggh…!” he gasped.

He felt an enormous amount of pressure as soon as he opened the door and entered the office.

It wasn’t simply that he was overwhelmed; he literally felt a pressure that forced him down on his knees and teleported him at the feet of the old man.

Chun Dong-Min was bewildered at this unbelievable phenomenon.

He stared blankly at the good-figured old man standing in front of him and realized there was someone else kneeling next to him.

It was Park Chul-Young, his acquaintance.

He was surprised to see Park looking nervous like someone who had committed a crime.

“What is going on…”

“Shh! For heaven’s sake, won’t you be quiet!” Park hissed.


Chun was not expecting this reaction from Park at all.

He was confused by how Park, who was usually so confident, even proud, was behaving so differently.

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