This is part two of Episode 42 Devilman 4(122)

‘Sh*t. What is this… and why isn’t my leg moving?’

Unable to understand what was going on, fear arose in his mind he couldn’t understand, but he wasn’t one to keep calm in these kind of situations.

He didn’t like how he was kneeling like this when he was in a position that always allowed him to look down on others.

Chun turned back to the old man.

It seemed he was the one to settle things with.

“Who are you, old man?”

“Hey, is your son Chun Yu-Hyun from Class Two in fifth grade at TaeHan Elementary School?”


This old man wasn’t answering his question.

Chun was pissed off, annoyed with the old man’s rudeness and shot back.

“What are you talking about? Why are you talking down to me all of a sudden? Who the hell are you?”

“You don’t need to know who I am. Hey, Park. Is he the one? He is, isn’t he?”

“Yes, yes, sir!”

“Now, look here, Park. What in the world are you… HEY! What the.. what in the world are you… ugggh!”




Chun had been bewildered by Park’s attitude, for it didn’t suit him as the head representative of a renown company in Korea.

Chun had tried to scold the old man, thinking he was the cause of all this mess, and went flying at his powerfully aimed punch.

Park, who had been watching, shut his eyes.

‘Ah… that man… why couldn’t he have caught on more quickly?’ He thought.

Park Chul – Young had thought everything would end on a peaceful note as long as Chun Dong-Min came, but it had all gone wrong.

That dirty tempered old man… no, wait. Park wasn’t even sure if he really was an old man.

Anyways, that ill-tempered monster looked like he was in a worse mood than before, and it didn’t seem like Chun’s punishment was going to end any time soon.

Chun let out a painful grunt with every blow and was curled up like a shrimp.

Park Chul-Young looked on with fearful eyes and made the mistake of making eye contact with the old man. He immediately looked away, terrified.

‘F***. Where the hell did my damn son learn bad habits… and on top of that, why did he have to get involved with a kid that just happened to be related to that old man…?’

If only he survived today, Park Chul-Young was planning on beating the crap out of his son to teach him a lesson.

But Chun Dong-Min had different thoughts.

He had always had a lot more spite than Park Chul-Young.

Also, unlike Park, who had had a long talk with Vulcan for 24 hours straight, he had only been beaten for the past thirty minutes. It would take something harsher, or a longer punishment for him to bow to Vulcan.

“Hey! You b*llsh*tting old crackhead! Do you know who the hell I am? Ugh… f*ck you… As soon as I get out of here… agh.. Gah…! I’m going to kill…. Hey! I’m Chun Dong-Min, the two-term serving politician! You messed with the wrong person!”

‘What in the world is going on about.’

Vulcan paused with his beating.

It looked pathetic of Chun, trying to oppress Vulcan with his societal authority and Vulcan stopped to stare at Chun.

Park had caught on quickly just by Vulcan exercising his powers here and there and had humbled himself immediately, realizing his place, but this guy just didn’t seem to get it at all.

Vulcan was silently wondering whether he should beat this two – term politician harder and make him realize his mistake, or whether there would be another way to punish him.

Chun Dong-Min saw his reaction and thought his threat had worked.

He shuddered in pain but at the same time, shot Vulcan a proud look.

“Ha…! It’s too late you son of a b*tch! You brat… do you know who I am… ? Don’t even think about simply going to prison for this… you are done for. F*ck… how dare you…”

Both Vulcan and Park Chul-Young were bewildered, seeing Chun harping on about his position.

‘Does this brat think he’s some sort of god or something? What makes him so confident?’

Of course, it was impressive that Chun was a two-term runner as a politician in Korea, but it was pointless being prideful in front of Vulcan, who had enough powers to overthrow a god. Chun’s ‘powers’ were petty on so many different levels, and only influential in Korea.

Vulcan was bewildered, seeing Chun being high and mighty, trusting his authority as a politician.

‘Was Park the one who was quick-witted, or is this guy just an idiot?’

Vulcan seriously pondered what he should do with this man who was barking at him like a small pup.

At that moment, he felt an evil force that he had never felt before approach Earth and his expression hardened.

He had blocked off the attacks of the Dark forces at least four times.

They were serious situations where three out of the four attacks had been personally led by a demon with powers almost as powerful as the Duke of the Demons, and they were at the level of 800s.

But the evil force he felt this time was stronger than any other he had felt before.

A force that was so strong and horrible that it couldn’t be anything else other than the Great Demon King leading this attack himself.

‘If I were to say this is a relief … is that it’s in the middle of the ocean.’

Unlike the attacks that had been on the cities so far, this time, he felt the forces in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, and Vulcan sighed with relief.

If he flew off now, he would be able to stop them from spreading disaster elsewhere.


When Vulcan was done processing all of this in his head, he considered wearing the evil master’s clothes set where Park and Chun wouldn’t see him, but realized there was no need.

Park Chul-Young had already seen him with extraordinary powers and Chun would be dealt with after his fight with the demons anyways.

Still, he wanted to show Chun who he was dealing with, especially when he was being high and mighty, demanding respect for who he was.

Vulcan wanted to show them whose grandson had been messed with.

“Chun Dong-min, Park Chul-Young.”

Vulcan called as he opened inventory window and popped on his devil’s clothes.

It was quite a sight for the two, seeing an old man wearing casual clothes change into a devilman’s clothes with a blink of an eye.

Park, who had been expecting this all along, bowed his head and shut his eyes, while Chun, who had been arrogantly pointing an accusing finger at Vulcan, looked at him stupidly.

Then, Vulcan spoke.

“Wait right here. This conversation isn’t over yet.”

Vulcan cast a Tracking Spell on Chun Dong-Min, broke the office window, and flew off in the speed of light.

Chun still wasn’t able to process it all.

He gaped stupidly at the broken window and made stammering noises.

Park, who had been looking at Chun’s foolish figure, stood up and flopped himself on the couch.

“Idiot…” Park muttered.



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