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Max Level Newbie – [Go Devilman (5)]



In the middle of the Pacific Ocean, where not even the smallest piece of land can be found with a normal human eyes, there was a figure in red armor floating above the ocean waves.

‘What a relief I’m not late.’ Vulcan sighed with relief that the Demon King hadn’t descended to Earth yet.

Even if he had been a little late this time, it wouldn’t have caused as much trouble as the time the demons landed in the middle of the city.

Still, you never knew.

It would always be good for him to be stationed beforehand.

Besides, his opponent this time was the Demon King, not the level 800 enemies he had encountered so far.

He never knew what would come up.

Vulcan remembered what Honus and Hoculus had told him about the Demon King.

‘If he was strong enough to invade the human world, that meant he had noticeable strength even among the demons… and he is much stronger than any Demon.’

Vulcan had heard that demons who intruded the human world couldn’t use the full extent of their powers, but he couldn’t help feeling anxious since he didn’t know exactly what that meant.

Vulcan thought they would be a lot stronger than what Filder had told him.

He pulled out his Thunder Sword when he had processed all of this.

He then channeled his full powers into the sword, summoning the energy of the huge Thunder Sword.


The Thunder Blade burst out like a stream of light.

The explosion seemed to be enough to rip the heavens apart, frightening the birds in the air and causing them fly off in different directions.

The blade that grew reaching for the endless heavens stopped growing at 1.1 kilometers later. It then started to shrink back as if time was rewinding.

Vulcan was contracting the Thunder Blade so that he wouldn’t waste energy controlling it and to minimize the destruction it would cause.

Then, it reached its minimum as a 20 meter rod of gold power.

Even the waves were seemed to be basked in a golden light that would have blinded the eyes of a normal human being.

Vulcan, who was floating over the ocean like a scene in an action movie, started to focus.

‘I’ll slice him into pieces the second he comes through the portal.’ Vulcan thought.

He was hoping the Demon King would be leading the attack so he could get this over with.


* * *


Marahamka, the Demon King of the dimension Earth is part of, was smiling with anticipation.

He had perfectly conquered two out of the three human worlds that existed in the dimension he was in, and the third one was about to be in his hands as well.

He looked around, calming his excitement.

“So… this is Earth, huh? I look forward to this.” He said to himself in a low voice that rang the vicinity.

“Oh, Great Demon…” said a discouraging voice.

The Demon King Marahamka frowned and looked up.

He was considering destroying whoever had spoken before looking, but his anger subsided once he saw that it was his favorite advisor, Duke Mallom.

“What is it?”

“So rude of me to say so…. But won’t you reconsider proceeding with this attack?”


Marahamka immediately summoned his royal attire of flames. Mallom swallowed and refrained from what he was going to say next. Marahamka scowled at him.

“I’m letting it go this one time because it’s you. There’s no second chance next time.”


Mallom bowed his head, looking as if he still had something to say. Marahamka felt his anger rise once more.

Even among the short-tempered and easily angered demons, Marahamka was one of the worst.

He was thinking of breaking the brat’s neck right away, but considering his loyalty, Marakahma didn’t act upon his anger.

Marakhama was a demon himself, but his demons were untrustworthy brats. They were selfish, greedy and escaped immediately when they thought their lives were in danger.

Mallom was the only one who had the word ‘loyal’ to his name.

Mrakama knew Mallom was intervening because he was truly worried.

‘If I sent three dukes but never heard back from them… I do admit he would be a lot stronger than other humans I’ve met.’ He thought, scratching his chin.


For the last two worlds he had taken over, it was enough for only a high class demon to go and destroy everything. That wasn’t the case for this world, though.

He could somewhat understand why Mallom would be concerned.

But this wasn’t a situation where Marahamka could back off just because a few of his followers had been killed.

There was just one world left until the entire dimension would be controlled by dark magic.

He would have given up if he had had difficulty entering the human world from the start, but now that he was here, it would be right to attack with full force.

‘Of course, it would be different if it were a world with a god.

He hadn’t felt the energy he did from worlds that were protected by a god. Even if there were supreme beings, they would simply be equivalent to minor gods that were protecting the world.

He would be able to manage it even if his powers were limited.

Once he calmed his nerves that had been disrupted by Mallon, he gave the order.


“Open the dimension portal.”

“Yes sir!”



As soon as MaraHamka’s order fell upon them, at least 10,000 of the minor demons lost their lives. The dark magic made by all their blood, bodies and the Demon King Marahamka mixed together and formed a disgusting channel of evil magic.

A strange force rotated with a thunderous sound as if it were rotting space itself.

Just then, a pathway to Earth opened.

It was a portal strong enough to withstand the dark magic.

“Let’s go! Follow me!” He shouted. He started running at a speed that was impossible for the size of a demon like himself.

However they couldn’t step into the third human world.


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