They had never seen a force like this.

A blinding light had crushed the portal.

“…What the..?”

“What’s going on?”

“What about his Highness?”

The minor demons started talking in hushed voices, while the higher authorities tried to quiet them by bashing their heads.

Mallom, who wasn’t paying attention to any of the commotion, only looked at the destroyed portal, looking as if he had lost it all.

‘I don’t believe this… the portal strong enough to withstand King Marahamka is destroyed… this is not the work of a minor god…’


* * *


Marahamka had confidently crossed the portal as if nothing was going to happen, but he wasn’t crossing over to Earth without a plan in mind.

He was weakened, so if a determined minor god were to attack him, it would most definitely affect him.

So he summoned all of his dark magic powers to strengthen his physical body, while shooting out sparks to defend himself from any unexpected attack.

Marahamka, however, had no idea.

He had no idea that the one waiting for him was nor ordinary minor god, but powerful enough to actually be a god.






A lit-up sword was coming towards him with incredible strength.

It penetrated through his defense with a golden light and Marahamka was bewildered.

It was a strength and speed that transcended his expectations

It was a kind of pressure that made him think he was in a frozen world and the sword was the only thing moving.

He automatically responded by making sparks explode under his feet and was shot upwards.

But he was a little late.



It was a kind of power that was strong enough to slice away his legs and crush the portal.

Marahamka’s expression hardened.

He could tell right away.

This wasn’t a real god.

His powers had quite a lot of defects compared to the gods.

He was probably powerful just enough to be a half-god.

He had unnerving magical powers, though.

Even if this figure didn’t have the powers of a god, it was more than enough to fight a god and still win. This force was pressing down on him. Hard.

Marahamka looked up at the figure, Vulcan, as if he couldn’t believe it.

He couldn’t understand what the identity of this guy could be.

‘Why! Why does he not have the powers of a god with those abilities he has? Why?!’

Even though he was a half-god, he had the powers of one.

Then why was he living a quiet life in the human world, and not appointed as a god?

Marahamka, who had not been expecting this kind of irrational situation at all, screamed out loud in frustration, confused.



He felt as if he would suffocate if he didn’t scream.

He was distressed at his situation, and regretted his actions.

‘If he were a god, it would’ve been obvious… then this never would have happened.’

He should have listened to Mallom.

If Marahamka had been satisfied with conquering two worlds, this would not have ended on such a ridiculuous note.

There was no point in regretting it now, though.

The portal that connected him back to the Underworld was destroyed, so there was no way for him to go back alive.

This wasn’t an opponent he could stand up against with his weakened powers.

He quickly tried to summon what was left of his Dark Magic to attack one last time.






The golden stream of energy endlessly grew longer.

After seeing it contract again, Marahamka let go of the will to live.

However, he didn’t want to pointlessly end it here.

He was the King of the Demons, the Devil that had conquered two human worlds.

He refused to be defeated like this for the sake of his reputation.

He closed his eyes and concentrated.

Vulcan looked at him, amazed.

He had been expecting Marahamka to come attacking in full force when he was screaming, but now he looked like he had given up.

Vulcan used the Scanning Skill to see he if was up to anything.

[Demon King of 3 Worlds]

[Tendency : Truly evil, quick-tempered]

[Potential : High]

*A strong Demon King.

*He is your enemy.

*He wants to curse this world.


His Scan window was still the same.

He had been worried that the demon was up to no good, but it didn’t seem to be that way.

However, Vulcan still couldn’t shake off the strange feeling.

If things were normal, Marahamka was supposed to be stronger than him.

He wasn’t supposed to lower his guard even if Marahamka was like this.

He summoned all of the energy he could in the Thunder Sword and pointed it towards the Demon King Marahamka.

However, something unexpected happened before he could even get close.



The Demon King’s body exploded into pieces like a well-ripe tomato that had fallen on the floor.

Vulcan quickly swung his sword in different directions, trying to fend off the pieces of the demon’s body that would be flying at him, but there was nothing.

The body pieces of the Demon King had disappeared into thin air.

Vulcan was confused.

He sheathed his sword and looked around.


‘what was that? Did he kill himself?’


There seemed to be no other explanation.

The Demon King wasn’t destroyed by his attack.

There had been a distance between his sword and the Demon King’s body.

Then could it really be suicide?

Did he think that it would be better to destroy himself rather than be killed by Vulcan?

‘This is strange though…’


Vulcan shook his head, thinking of the cold, harsh laugh full of evil.

Surely, the demon didn’t simply destroy himself.

Anyone who heard the laugh would say the same thing.


He was going through all of these thoughts when suddenly, the remnants of the demon that was floating around in the air spread out.




It wasn’t the same dark energy that he felt with the Demon King, but a smoke with a Dark Magic started to spread.


Vulcan summoned flames and tried to burn the Dark Magic away, but it spread out all over the planet at such a high speed he couldn’t stop it.

The Dark energy spread all over as if the Earth had been laminated in it.

A shiver ran down Vulcan’s body and he shivered.


Then, at that moment, he could hear the voice of the Demon King.



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