Max Level Newbie 124 – Go Devilman (6)


– Though I…… Marahamka…… dies here…… this land will also…… be cursed, and be in pain forever…….




It was such a creepy voice that you’d never want to hear it again.

With those last words silence came, but Vulcan couldn’t take get those last words out of his mind.

Vulcan looked around.

The dark energy was thicker than before.

But that was it.

Nothing seemed to be a problem.

Rather than worrying about something uncertain, the good thing was that the Demon King was certainly dead.

It wasn’t a bad situation.

But Vulcan couldn’t shake this bad feeling, he kept floating in the air.




The helicopters came by to report on the Devilman.

Even when everyone was in a hurry to report, Vulcan didn’t seem to move.

With that the battle with the Demon King has ended, and the Earth seemed to be saved.

But that was not the end of it.

The Demon King’s curse was about to start.


*       *       *


A while after the Demon King died.

The world changed rapidly.

Due the dark energy that spread as the Demon King died, tons of monsters were born on Earth.

Some animals became monsters, and new monsters were born from the dark energy.

And small devils also came out from the portals.

The Earth was in chaos as these uninvited guests came.

It was possible to get rid of the monsters with modern weapons.

But to get rid of all the monsters and devils right then was impossible, and now humanity had to live in fear everyday as if they were in a world war.

And that was not the end.

When the powerful ones appears once in a while, like the Large monsters in the ancient myths.

There was nothing people could do.

The only way to defeat it was to battle as though it was war, but that wasn’t easy.

It was a relief that our hero ‘Devil Man’ was able to get rid of these monsters, but it was impossible for one person to keep the whole world safe.

As the monsters increased day by day, humanity was in a big crisis.

It was so horrible that it truly was a curse as the Demon King has said.

If the Earth was to be like this, the world will die in vain as Marahamka wanted.

But it didn’t.

A new energy was out to fight this dark energy.

Change has come to Earth.

Magic Energy, this mystic power sprang out around the world.

Just as nature purifies itself, the Earth was resisting from the Dark Energy and found balance.

And people who was affected by this power appeared.

Wizards, masters and people with special powers started to appear.

They were surprised at their special powers and fought fiercely against the monsters.

There were those who lost their lives, and those who got stronger as they fought.

Those who we call ‘hero’ came out more and more, and these heroes protected the world.

The ‘heroes’ or the so called ‘guardians’ has started a new era, 150 years went by with them.


*       *       *




A pretty young woman with long hair suddenly screamed.

Everyone around her looked at her and saw what made her scream.

A black portal was in the middle of the city.

It seemed like she screamed as devils will come out soon to eat the humans.

But everyone else was calm and quiet.


“Huh, did she just scream because of that?”


“I doubt it.”


“Yeah, it’s not like it’s the first time to see one”


“Hey, what’s wrong with you?”


“Ah, sorry. I was surprised because it just appeared in front of my eyes.”


The young woman apologized and went her way.

Everyone would be in panic If it were when the Demon king’s curse has just started, but now after 150 years things were different.

There were soldiers everywhere around the land.

And there were hundreds of national guardians on the watch.

They took turns protecting the citizens all day long.

Also South Korea had quite a lot of guardians so the possibility of damage was close to 0 percent.

Just as expected, the portal was under control of the guardians and people didn’t seem to care now.

The general of the guardian troops, B-class Han Jaehyeon commanded,


“Hurry and activate the portal.”


“Yes sir”


Two guardians went to the portal.

They started to concentrate and magic energy started to flow inside the black portal.

Some portals take 2~3 days till it activates.

It would be a waste of time to wait so they were intending to draw out the demons.

After a while, the evil demons popped out of the portal.

Small demons with red skin and a pointy tail.

A demon with a trident looked around with confusion and exclaimed.


“Huh? Where am I?”


“In hell.”


Han Jaehyun crossed this hands with a reply.

Then the neck of five demons spun around and they all died.




The other demons were in panic as they saw their friends die suddenly.


“Aaahh! Run!”


“They’re stronger than us! Run for your lives!”


But they were already surrounded by the guardians.

The demons screamed in vain and died in an instant.

It was the same for all the other demons that came out later.

A few dangerous demons did come out, but they were no match for the B-class guardian Han Jaehyun who uses psychokinesis.

He was controlling the magic power and dealt with the demons with ease.

After a hour of slaughtering, the black portal disappeared.

The guardians sighed with relief and said,


“Whew, finally.”


“Well, it was just the weak ones as we expected.”


“I’m going to eat beef when I get my bonus…….”


“Quiet. Lee Kyungwoo wait with two more people till the carcass team comes. I’ll take the crew and get to our duties.”


“Yes sir.”


Before, the demons and monsters were considered as hazards.

But after it was known that the magic stones in their bodies have massive energy, they were known as the next generation resources.

Because of that some would steal a few bodies, but Lee Kyungwoo was a guardian subordinate Han Jaehyun trusted.

With no worries he went on his way.

The people who were watching this battle all went on their ways.

It was hard to say that it was peaceful or not.

The fact that this world was different than what the demon king wanted was the only thing to say.

Not all was free from the curse of the Demon King though.

The developed countries such as the US or Europe were 99.9 percent free from the demons and monsters but the weak countries was still suffering.

They had no choice but to give all the rights of the carcass, but the developed countries didn’t protect them enough as they were only interested in the resources.

They would back off when a large monster comes up to save power and shamelessly say that there was nothing they could do after everything ended.

The third world countries wanted to spit on these wicked representatives, but as their country could vanish from just a medium level monster they had no choice but to hold back their temper.

But there was hope for them.

Devilman who contributed his life for 200 years for peace was the only hope.

People went crazy over Devilman whenever he would eliminate the giant monsters that would appear a couple of times in a year.

Now his popularity is growing as he appeared more these days.

Some brazen people will say ‘There was so much damage, Devilman was late.’, but they would disappear after a while due to the criticism of the people.

Vulcan also liked their interest and love.

After every family member passed away and when his grandson was able to take care of himself, Vulcan faked his death and started a new life.

Normally he would enjoy his life as a rich bum, and once in a month he would go back to Devilman and protect the world from the dangerous monsters.

Money, fame, women, and public interest.

He was living a stunning life.


‘The quiet days were good too…… but this isn’t bad either.’


Just like that, Vulcan enjoyed every bit of everything a person could ever get.

As much as he can that he would say he was the most happiest person in the whole world.


As nothing lasts forever, after the death of the Demon King Vulcan was living everyday with boredom.




He made a deep sigh.

Collecting super cars like toys, buying a whole baseball team and everything was no longer fun.

The only time he would have fun was when he went out to deal the monsters, but they would just be about level 200.

The ones that would still be no match for him even with handicaps and debuffs.

As Vulcan did everything he could in the world he was living a meaningless life, and lost his laughter and liveliness day by day.

Then one day,

He lay down on the finest bed and muttered to himself.


“……It’s time for me to leave.”


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