< 43. The New World>

The bar of Belrung City was open 24/7, and it was always there like a lighthouse to greet residents who were tired from training. But there was always an exception every now and then.

It was because of someone called Vulcan who came once every a few years whenever he was bored, and when he came, 6 zones would come together, take over the bar and chat as they overstayed their welcome.

However, the situation was a bit different when Vulcan visited this time.

The administrators of Belrung City were unusually gathered at the field of east gate.

They were having a drink as they watched Fielder and Madorgi competing, who were going at each other as if they were actually going to kill their opponent.


Thump thump thump!


Multi-attribute magic of Fielder was being continuously used, and blasts of internal force came from all sides.

Fielder’s attack seemed like an united attack of several warriors and magicians, but Madorgi didn’t give in so easily.

He instantly created hundreds of layers of shields, which gave him some time to quickly dig into the ground to avoid the attack.

Then, without coming up to the surface, he initiated a number of fantasy magics and mind-attacking magics.

As Fielder was at a slightly higher level than Madorgi, he didn’t get damaged helplessly, but he couldn’t help but get distracted.

Fielder tried to focus and figure out Madorgi’s next move, and Madorgi, in the ground, also continuously thought about how he could remotely damage Fielder.

It was a competition that is hard to see in all of Act 1, or even Act 2 as well.

But for those that were watching, their eyes were filled with boredom.

Berner shook his head slightly to turn his eyes away from the two, then looked at Vulcan and said:


“That stupidity has been going on ever since you sent Madorgi here.”

“You are being too harsh. Fielder seems to enjoy it.”


“He would be enjoying it since someone who is kind of similar to his level came. It’s rather surprising that he hasn’t had enough in a thousand years.”

“Oh, it’s already a thousand years according to the time frame here.”

“Yes, it has five times difference with the Earth.”


He sipped his fruit liquor and asked Vulcan again:


“Why are you still tied to the Lower World, when you were constantly talking about how you would leave? You even got acknowledged by Hoculus, you should be able to move to Act 3 if you want….”

Berner spoke, then slightly made a grimace.

He was frustrated that Vulcan was being hesitant, who had achieved the lifelong dream that he had devoted his whole life to.

Eventually he pointed fingers in anger, before Vulcan could answer.


“Damn it, I’m here doing all this stuff in Act 1 trying to become a God, so why in the hell are you not going when you could be sent?”

“Wow, shouldn’t you watch your words? I’m no longer being taught magic by you, sir.”


“I know, which is why I am keeping my cool. If only your level was below mine……”

“If only?”

“Puff, never mind.”

Berner saw the flame coming out of Vulcan’s whole body, then clicked his tongue and rolled his tail.

The magic of Vulcan, which is different in quantity and quality from his mana, had the power to make one’s hair stand on end whenever one saw it.

Vulcan saw him and gently smiled.

He spoke in a passing tone, as if it were insignificant.


“I’ve made my decision. I am going up to Act 3.”

“You’re sure?”

“Are you sure?”

“Are you really?”


The administrators who were scattered to watch the competition quickly came close to Vulcan.

Even Fielder and Madorgi had stopped their fight to come to him.

Vulcanlooked at the sudden bustling surroundings and looked perplexed.


“Why are you all being like this? It seems too much.”


“Isn’t it obvious? We should be curious since you were someone who didn’t even come here for the past 50 years because you were worried about Earth, to then suddenly say you are going to Act 3!”


Vulcan corrected Heywood’s words.

“It’s not 50 years but 10 years, according to the time of Earth.”

“Oh, whatever! Anyway you said you are going to go, right?”

“Well, yes.”

“Haha, finally there is someone becoming god among the humans!”


Heywood was happy as if he was going to be a god himself, and others had similar reaction.

Only Madorgi seemed somewhat dissatisfied, but no one cared about him.

Vulcan said,


“Why are you so glad?”

“Of course we are glad! We’ve all been waiting for this moment ever since you graduated from Act 1!”

“Shouldn’t you consider that I achieved that when I came through Act 2?”

Vulcan said with a confused look on his face.


It was because he didn’t think there was much of a difference whether he was a regular god or not, but other people seemed to think a lot differently than him.


“Sure, you could say that you were half-god when you cleared Act 2, but there is certainly a difference whether to be registered as a regular god or not. Although it may not be such a big deal to you, Vulcan, since you can become god whenever you want to…..”


Fielder clipped his words.

But since there was nobody who understood his intention, there was no one to ask him to finish his sentence.

And neither did Vulcan.

He realized that those standing before him were the ones who would give their all to become a god but couldn’t, and said with a slightly apologetic look on his face.


“Sorry, that came out without thinking.”

“Haha, no. I didn’t mean to say it like that.”


Fielder gently smiled to relieve the tension of Vulcan, and Vulcan too could unload a bit of a weight from his mind.

In that warm ambience, Berner interjected.


“But didn’t you say that you were the only one who could protect Earth? I thought you said you would leave instantly if it wasn’t for that……what happened to that?

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