“Yes, you said that on Earth…..monsters equivalent to about player level 200 sometimes show up. Isn’t it quite powerful without you, something that could be called the apocalypse?


Everyone again stared as Berner and Polken asked.

Vulcan has been a person who has been building strength and striving for others, such as his family, acquaintances, and world, rather than moving for his own self-interest since a long time ago.


It was not easy to think that he would leave to Act 3 without considering the curse of the Demon King.

As they expected, Vulcan had all prepared for the situation after he left.

He gently smiled then opened his mouth.


“I’ve trained my successor well.”

“Haha, sure. Well, of course…when someone similar to a god is directly training….your successor should be able to easily take care of entrance of a second-class monster.”

“Yes. As long as that successor doesn’t come to Asgard… it doesn’t seem like a bad idea.”

“Well, most times they come after enjoying everything that is offered in the Lower World, so we don’t really have to worry about that, do we?

“That makes sense.”

As the people from 6 zones each said some words after hearing what Vulcan said, Madorgi abruptly asked a question.


“So, how good is your trainee?”


His question got everyone’s attention, and they stopped talking to look at Vulcan’s face.

They knew that Vulcan had abilities and talent beyond imagination.

But to learn and teach is definitely something different.

They were trying to determine how talented Vulcan is at teaching by getting to know how good his trainee is.

Eventually Vulcan opened his mouth to talk, to which everyone was shocked in awe to hear.


“He could take care of Act 1, I guess.”




“Oh, it’s obviously not because I’m a good teacher. He is just naturally talented…….”


He noticed that something was strange, so he quickly added an excuse.

But it was not a light content to be covered with a sentence of excuse.

Fielder, still with a puzzled look on his face, tried hard to ask a question.


“As far as I know…..you returned here in 50 years, which is 10 years in Earth’s time….only during that time….you were able to raise his level up to be capable of clearing Act 1?


“Well…..yes, it’s true, but as I mentioned before, it’s not because I’m a good teacher.”


“Then how did you find such a good trainee? He must have a talent that cannot be easily found in one Lower World…..no, the whole of the Lower Worlds……”


He was not enough compared to Vulcan.

After all, he was a monster who got through Act 1 in 5 years.

But, just because he was not as good as Vulcan, his talent was not something to be looked down on.

After all, that trainee wouldn’t have had any help from the system.


“Haha, an abnormal being continuously appearing from Earth…… it sure is an unknown place…….”


Vulcan agreed to his words to a certain extent.

His trainee surely was the most talented person on Earth, who he found by publishing ‘Looking for a trainee’ advertisement globally, but…..


‘I also didn’t know there was a human being with the best potential……’


Vulcan observed 7 administrators, including Fielder, with his scanning ability.

With the system window that can figure out more details than ever before, and the potential index.

The system had an ungenerous evaluation, as only Fielder had ‘high’ level,  and others had ‘mid-high’ levels.

Even the previously confirmed potential of the Blue Dragon Blue Wind remained in the “high,” so that we could see enough without deep consideration how great it was that humans had the potential of the “best.”

As Berner said, he was an abnormal being.

Of course, he wasn’t uncomfortable just because his trainee was an abnormal being.

Rather, since he learned so fast, it was very comfortable and entertaining for him to teach, which made him teach more things than planned.

So he thought about spending a little more summer time with the trainee, but Vulcan eventually let go of the thought.

At first, he was not sure, but now he was certain.

He was no longer just a person of Earth, who tried to avoid the unnecessary fights.

He could no longer suppress the feeling that he wanted to seek stronger power, and go to the place where stronger people are.


‘It would have been better if I didn’t know Act 3 exist…..I cannot help myself but go if there is one.’


When someone quits even in the middle of the game, it feels bad, so he couldn’t give up here.

He was sick and tired of fighting for the world, for the protection of others.


‘Now all that…… I can leave it to my trainee.’


Vulcan smiled, thinking about his trainee who would be playing the role of a hero instead of him.

Then he said to the administrators of Belrung City, including Fielder.


“Anyway that’s that, you will not be seeing me for a while.”


*       *       *


When Vulcan was determined to move up to Act 3.

There was someone a few steps away, facing Hoculus.

Someone who was crossing the crushed Gate of Test with light laughter.

A face of an old man, and a highly developed muscle that does not fit in with it.

Above all, the ugly face that was stuck near his pit of the stomach was very impressive.

It would better to think that he is a monster, not a resident of Act 2.

The old man with terrible appearance stared at Hoculus, and opened his mouth to talk.


“I will tell you my wish.”


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