Max Level Newbie ch. 127

ep.43 The New World pt. (2)


It was a tone that didn’t have the slightest reverence for a god.

However, Hoculus didn’t rebuke his attitude.

He wasn’t expecting respect in the first place.

Watching the absurd and greedy energy ready to explode inside of him, expecting respect was going overboard.

Hoculus’ expression hardened as he looked at the old man.

‘What a disgusting mix…’

He was sure the old man had used every indecent way possible to recreate his body

Hoculus, who had been looking at the old man for a short while, spoke slowly.

“Are you trying to make a wish without even passing the test?”

“Yes, that’s right. I have to break down that door and take the test, right? Okay. Give me whatever. I’ll take care of it and return right away.”

This man was overflowing with confidence.

Hoculus couldn’t blame him though.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say the old man’s strength was the strongest he had ever seen among the humans who had come to challenge.

‘… Even stronger than Vulcan. This test… is only a form of ritual for him.’

Being the one in charge, Hoculus summoned the demons.

These were the most violent in ‘Light in the Dark’, the most difficult level of Act 2.

Even the half-gods and bravest soldiers feared them but the old man didn’t look too nervous.

In fact, he was smiling.

It was like a smile of a young boy before a big meal.

The old man jumped into the crowd of demons before Hoculus could say anything.







It only took three attacks.

The demons lost their lives with only two punches and one kick.

In other words, there was a huge difference between the two forces.

But Hoculus wasn’t surprised at all.

He had been expecting this

He sighed, and looked at the old man, looking disturbed.

‘If he tries to go up to Act 3…’

And what should he do if the old man were to be accepted as a god?

Hoculus pondered what he could possibly do to lead someone so evil and terrible to the right path.

Not everyone who had been anointed as gods were good-natured.

Some were filled with greed, while others were selfish or cold-hearted.

However, there hadn’t been a single person who seemed impossible to reform like this old man.

It was to the point where he wondered whether the old man really was from the human world.

But this wasn’t the end.

Something even more shocking happened.


“Haha… My.. you’re making this unbearable for me.”




After the battle was over, the old man looked at the corpses of the demons hungrily. He then held up the corpses, brought them to his mouth and started chewing.

“Wha… What?” Hoculus shouted, bewildered but the old man didn’t seem to care. He was ripping apart the corpses like a cutter and absorbing them.

The pile of corpses was bigger than the old man’s himself, but he continued to eat, and Hoculus looked on as if it were magic. After he was done eating, the crazy old man burped loudly and smiled, satisfied.

Then, he spoke.

“let me say this again. I have a wish to make.”


* *


Hoculus stood quietly in the temple.

He looked concerned and relieved at the same time.

He then murmured to himself.

“….. I suppose this is for the better.”

The old man hadn’t gone up to Act 3 as he had worried.

He had simply spoken his wish and left quietly.

No – his wish itself was being teleported to another place, so it was inaccurate to say he had left quietly on his own accord.

Anyways, the situation had ended better than he thought.

The place he had been transported to was a place Hoculus didn’t have to care should the old man wreck havoc.

‘In a way… it’s the best place that suits him.’

Even so, he couldn’t understand why the old man would go to such a dangerous place on his own accord.

He didn’t even want to understand why.

Hoculues violently shook his head, as if deliberately wanting to forget the past memories.

‘I want to take a break….’

He hadn’t used much of his powers, but he was very tired.

He stretched out his forefinger and drew a line in the air.

A blue light exploded out of thin air following the line he drew midair, and the magic portal was complete.

He let out a deep sigh and was about to step in, grasping his forehead with his left hand, when he felt someone coming in to the temple once more.

Hoculus slightly frowned, not wanting to deal with anything when he needed rest right now.

As soon as he saw who had entered, however, he felt instantly better.

Hoculus grinned welcomingly, for it had been a while since he had seen the newcomer last.

“Vulcan! Welcome!”

* * *

Unlike his trips to Act 1, which was once every few years in Earth’s time, Vulcan rarely made visits to Act 2.

It was mostly because there wasn’t anyone he was that close with.

He knew Hoculus and Honus thought well of him, but his hospitality was a little overbearing for Vulcan.

That was why the two were seeing each other in such a long time.

They didn’t have much to fill each other in, though.

Vulcan had been quietly enjoying his days after the battle with the Devil King, and Hoculus had his everyday duties as well, so there wasn’t anything special to talk about.

Of course, there was that slight conflict with the old man just now, but Hoculus didn’t want to talk about that right now.

Instead, he started talking about the acquaintances they knew in common.

“I see. I was expecting the Blue Winds to come along, and the same with Clutus…”

“Ah, well.. I did think he would be a god one day. Who knows? He may be stronger than you. Haha”

“True…. Especially since I’ve been busy slacking….”

Vulcan said, slightly flustered.

It wasn’t an embarrassing past, but he heard it as a way of saying Vulcan had been living lazily while his junior had matured all this time.

Vulcan wasn’t too bothered, though.

There was a lot of time.

He just had to work hard as well if he ever went up to Act 3.

Vulcan thought of the monsters in Act 3, which he was expecting to be on a completely different level than Act 2, and quickly spoke up.

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