Max Level Newbie ch. 128

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That concluded the words of Horculus.

Vulcan had mixed feelings about the response that he did not expect, and he tried to ask several questions but Horculus shook his head and said,

“I’m sorry, but I had some troublesome stuff…..I would like to relax a little. Please wait a bit here while I get someone else to explain in detail instead of me.”


It wasn’t like he could be rushed when he said all that.

Vulcan tried to suppress his rising curiosity and watched Horculus walk away.

A few gods around stared at him with an interested look on their faces, but Vulcan didn’t care.

He just wanted to have someone to explain the whole thing quickly for him.

Fortunately, his hope came true in a short time.

The air was cut sharp like the last time, then a rectangular blue door appeared.

When Vulcan saw who was coming out of there, he nearly frowned.


“Long time no see, Vulcan. We’ll be talking for a long time, so why don’t we move somewhere to talk.”


Hornus, a younger brother of Horculus, said this while patting his long beard.


*       *       *


“So that’s about here······ Do you understand?”


“······Yes, to an extent.”


As Vulcan expected, Hornus had a very long explanation.

If he tried to sum up the main points to explain, it would have been over in minutes.

But since Hornus had his special type of speech, the explanation lasted over 1 hour and ended when it almost reached 2 hours. Vulcan had to try hard to hide his boredom.


‘It was much more comfortable when I heard about Asgard from Mr. Fielder……’


Compared to Hornus, he realized how good Fielder was at explaining.

Vulcan closed his eyes for a moment to wrap up and summarize the important parts of what Hornus said.


‘Eventually the reason why they are calling masters to Asgard…is to create gods…to protect the Lower Worlds from demons.’


Hundreds and thousands of dimensions.

3~5 Human World in each dimension.

And one Demon World in each dimension that is vigilant for an opportunity.

The role of gods was to protect the Human Worlds from the Demon Worlds, which was the key point of what Hornus said.

Vulcan thought up to here, opened his eyes and asked a question to Hornus.


“So the reason why you are calling masters from all dimensions to Asgard is also······.”


“Yes. To create as many gods as possible…..since the number of gods is much less compared to the number of dimensions to be protected. Although not all Demon Worlds are strong enough to attack the Human Worlds….You never know when they would increase their powers, right?”


“Sure. So was Earth attacked because there were not enough gods?”


“…….It’s a shame to watch the planet get attacked, but it’s not like anyone can neglect the world they are in charge of, to go and help the other dimensions.”


“No, I didn’t mean to blame you. It’s already been taken care of, anyways. I was just curious. Could I ask a couple more questions?”


As he said this, Vulcan tried hard not to let out a laugh.

He found it funny that he still had questions to ask when he had already been through the long explanation.

Hornus nodded, and Vulcan asked the questions he had in mind, one by one.


“So the gods of Act 3 each have one dimension to take care of? And they are increasing their powers through the faith of people of the Lower World?”


“That’s quite correct. They gain the godly power through the power of faith that comes from respect and love of many people, with which they protect the world. The Mighty God said that the gods could be something more powerful when they accumulate enough godly power, but I guess there’s no god with such level yet.”


“With the power of the Mighty King, couldn’t he just destroy everything, including the Demon Worlds? My second wish….so with the ability to turn the time around of a dimension, he could easily take care of the king of demons……”


“He is trying his best to maintain this world. Taking care of many worlds than the world we are in charge of….. His power influences the Human Worlds, which is why the demons, including the kings, can’t come easily, and if they do, they’ll come in a very low-power state.”


“Then on the contrary, couldn’t the gods attack the Demon Worlds first? From what I know…..for gods as strong as Horculus, I believe they are strong enough to defeat the demon king in seconds.”


That was what Vulcan was most curious about.


Actually, he was disappointed at Act 3 while he was listening to Hornus’s explanations the whole time.

The reason why he left Earth was for his desire and pleasure, and for Vulcan, to be pleased was to keep developing himself, and fight with stronger enemies.

Of course, according to Hornus, he could get stronger by looking after the Lower Worlds, but it was in a different manner than he thought.

In a way, it was something that was not too different from what he had been doing in Earth until now.


‘I came here because I was sick of being the devil man in Earth······.’


Now not only did he have to protect a Lower World but also rule over them, create faith in them.

It was a tedious and too much just by hearing about it.

That’s why he asked such question.

It didn’t matter whether Horculus could defeat the king of demons, or not.

What’s important was that whether he could also directly go to the Demon World to fight.

However, to his disappointment, Hornus answered differently.


“No! Never in a million years!”


Hornus said in a firm way, unlike before.

Vulcan was surprised at the abrupt outburst, and as he tried to say something, Hornus quickly interjected.


“Don’t you even think about attacking a Demon World by yourself. Like how the king of demons get weaker when they attack a Human World, there are big limits to the gods when they enter a Demon World. And the strength of demon king all differ according to each Demon World. If you were to encounter a strong one of them……”



“And the demons, including the king, will eventually regenerate after they’ve been killed, so there’s no point in punishing them. They’re born with the magic of a Demon World. Of course, it takes quite some time for a new king to be born, but it’s ridiculous to invade the field directly for a moment’s peace.”

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