Hornus spoke, then paused a little, and added with the most stern face ever.


“…….Just saying in case, but never even think about going to a Demon World. You are an official god from now on. Not a godly figure, but a real one. Remember that many lives of the Human Worlds depends on your hands, and cherish your life. Well….. there are few gods that know how, anyways.”




Vulcan couldn’t help but nod at Hornus’s strict warning.

That’s how Vulcan began his life at Act 3.


*       *       *

Vulcan needed a little time before getting designated to a dimension after being officially promoted to the position of god.

He didn’t know enough to be able to take a dimension of his own.

With the help of Horculus, Vulcan could observe how a few gods manage the Lower World, and realized that it was a tough task.

Horculus, who had the position of god for more than 20,000 years, showed a very marvelous performance.

At times, he was a brother, or a father to the humans of the Lower World, and got around well without incompatibility. But when it was necessary, he showed the dignity of a god, and got worship, love and respect.

As Vulcan saw that all species including human carried on with their lives without major discomfort, he had a different perspective of Horculus.

On the other hand, his best friend who had recently become a god, Klutus, seemed to be creaking so much so that it was embarrassing to compare with Horculus.

He couldn’t let the feud between humans be, so he meddled in a couple at first, then at the end of the day, he was doing things that were neither the same nor different, and he was grumbling all over.

He was not at all enough to be a god that people could depend on.


‘The level of god power is surely low…..although their time in charge significantly do differ.’


As he talked with Klutus, who had come up to Asgard to relax, it was noticeable that he could not relax.

He laughed a little, looking at grumbling face of Klutus who was complaining that it would have been better if he did nothing.

But he couldn’t laugh too much because he thought it could be his future as well.


‘Should I just say that I won’t do it?’


Vulcan thought for a moment, but he couldn’t act it out.

The dimension he would be designated to is expected to be invaded by the soldiers of the demon king.

If he were to turn away, the dimension would disintegrate in several years.

Moreover, he did not have anything in particular to do if he didn’t take the position as a god.

It wouldn’t make sense to defeat little monsters in Act 1, Act 2, and he didn’t even think about going back to Earth.


‘I’d rather be a god, I’m sick of Earth······.’


Vulcan thought hard to be as positive as possible.

In fact, without the burden of ‘ruling over a Lower World’ on his shoulders, it didn’t seem too bad to live as an official god.

Thinking about the freshness of what he had never done, and the existence of a new ‘godly power level’ that would be added, he thought it would be much more fun than the days when he spent time meaninglessly on Earth.

In addition, what Horculus said after approaching to him quietly lifted a huge weight off his shoulders.


“After you are being put at the position of god, don’t think that you need to perfect at everything. Your dimension will be safe from the Demon Worlds just with your presence….. Power to defeat a weakened demon king and good personality. If anyone has these, they would not be limited from becoming a god.”


Vulcan could finally make a decision in his mind, and officially became a god a couple days later.


[God Vulcan]




[Physical level : 989Lv]


[Godly power level : 70Lv]


‘Finally I’ve reached a four-digit level. Even though it was three-digits to begin with…..’


Seeing the achievements he had accumulated as a half-god turned into godly power level, he realized that the energy he had used so far was a form of godly power.

Horculus approached Vulcan, who was having some thoughts.

Vulcan smiled, looking at Horculus patting his shoulder in silence.


‘He is not only in charge of Act 2, but must have a role of taking care of people who had just become a god.’


He and Horculus were different in terms of personality, but he thought they had similar consideration.

Vulcan said,

“Now, I shall do my best.”


“You shall. Like I mentioned before, don’t take it too hard, since you may end up like Klutus by trying different stuff at the beginning.”


“Haha, I’ll be careful.”


“Oh, and”


Horculus put his mouth closer to Vulcan’s ears, as if he was going to say something secret.


“Get around at night a lot while you can. Often is better.”


“······What’s that supposed to mean?”


“Haha, wouldn’t it be a nice thing to have many half-gods. Although, of course, not all children are born with innate godly ability······.”


“I’m a player, so even that wouldn’t happen.”


“Yeah? That’s too bad.”


Horculus got further away from Vulcan.

Then Vulcan expressed his appreciation to him.


“Thank you.  For your care in many aspects.”


Horculus raised his hand to respond, and Vulcan took out the mirror with a mysterious shine from his arms.

It was an object that lets Vulcan see the whole Human World in the Helkium dimension, which he was in charge of, and it was able to take him anywhere.

As he was already imprinted, he could go down to the Lower Worlds at any moment.

Vulcan largely opened his eyes and took a look at the 4 Human Worlds he is in charge of.


‘This feels weird······.’


Vulcan was about to begin his life in Act 3, different from the way he ever imagined.

That’s why he was quite disappointed, but as he was about to play the role of god, he had other emotion created within him.

Expectations. And excitement.

Vulcan slightly shivered in the excitement caused by those emotions and thought to himself.


‘Okay······ It isn’t the way I imagined but let’s give it a shot. Planetary tycoon······ Let’s think that it’s some sort of planetary tycoon.’





After a short vibration, Vulcan moved to the Helkium dimension with the mirror.


It was the historic moment to finally mark his first step as a god.

Then 200 years of time passed.




Vulcan was spending every day surrounded by stress.


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