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Actually at first, he was confident to some extent.


It wasn’t like ‘I could rule over a Lower World perfectly’, but he thought he would achieve the average of what other gods did, and Vulcan carried out his plans one by one.

The method he thought of was to have a ‘representative’.

Like the religions of Earth, his plan was to avoid showing up himself as the god directly, but send the representative or prophet to form a religion.


‘I should show up once at first to demonstrate my presence…..then if I appear myself as the representative of god to make the structure of the religion, they should figure out what to do by themselves.’


It wasn’t the best method.

But Vulcan thought it would work best as far as he was concerned.

From the very beginning, Vulcan had lived most of his life on his own.

He knew that he didn’t have the ability to lead people, which is why he thought that he should minimize his interference as much as possible.


‘I shall set up the Vulcanism with appropriate creed. Then faith would be gathered to some extent.’


When he finished thinking, he went around the four Human Worlds in sequence to perform miracles.

He defeated fierce monsters that couldn’t be handled by people of Lower Worlds, and cleansed the land that was full of the evil undead spirits.

Additionally, he went around every nook and corner of the Lower Worlds as he performed good things that people might think great.

Of course, he didn’t do all these for nothing.

He used magic to make them appear to be as impressive and sacred as possible, with every possible visual, olfactory, and auditory effects.


‘Rather than being uninspiring and boring…..this would be much more effective.’


He wouldn’t need to do this if his purpose was to simply rule over the Lower Worlds and stabilize them, but when he thought that their faith in him would make his godly power level increase, he couldn’t help himself but make it impressive.

Fortunately, direction of Vulcan worked quite well.


“Woah! It’s a miracle, a miracle!”


“The god appeared to save us!”


“Aagh, Vulcan. Thank you, thank you so much for taking care of the evil demonic figure…..”


Many intellectual species including human of the Lower Worlds showed enthusiastic responses.

The showmanship, which he learned as a hero of Earth beyond his means, sort of helped to some extent.

His intention worked to the point, and he could feel in his bones that many people worshiped him.


[Level of godly power increased.]

[Level of godly power increased.]


‘Ohh…… this is what it feels like to be a god.’


He shivered a little, feeling the faith filling his body.

At that moment, he felt the other kind of pleasure that was different from that of battles.

As Vulcan felt the pleasure of having the godly level increase, after years of watching over the trends of the Lower World, he went down to pretend to be the representative of god.

He was going to preach the creed of ‘Vulcanism’ to make more people believe in him and have more faith in him.

Of course, Vulcan did not have any knowledge about creeds or religions.

His household wasn’t interested in religion to start with, and it also had to do with the fact that he had lost interest after he realized that ‘gods’ weren’t omniscient and omnipotent.

But although he didn’t know anything, there was a way to create a good creed.

Vulcan went around performing a few miracles and good deeds, saying that he was the representative of god.

Then when he said that he would preach the teachings of god, a huge crowd of people gathered, and Vulcan quietly summoned the hermit.


[High-level hermit Zhang Guo]




– I look forward to your kind cooperation.

– ……I would help you since you’re asking as a god, but please don’t put everything on me, and spare some time later to study.

– Of course. Please say a lot of good words.


Hermit Zhang Guo hid himself so he would not to be seen by normal people.

He recited the creed that he and other hermits put their heart and soul into, that was righteous, upright and encouraged mutual growth of everyone.

Vulcan repeated the words of Zhang Guo word by word, that was clearly spreading throughout his head, and the people of Lower World were very impressed, without a clue that it was knowledge of another person coming out of his mouth.

There was even people shedding tears, as if they had realized something big.

It was inevitable.

It was the creed made by many hermits, who lived more than a thousand years constantly thinking about what good is, and what happiness is.

It had to have good contents.

After a long sermon, unexpected questions poured out onto him, but Vulcan managed to get through them with the help of Zhang Guo.

That’s how he spread the creed of Vulcanism throughout the whole Lower World, making several trusted and wise disciples to teach them in depth.

When he chose the disciples, he figured out their personality through consolidated scanning, so he didn’t need to worry that they may use his teachings to carry out evil deeds.


‘From now on, I’m sure the disciples would propagate the religion diligently, making religious groups, to make Vulcanism more firm.’


Vulcan consistently taught the creed to them, taking them to places, and taking care of a few issues that could not be solved by a human being.

Finally, Vulcan was setting the timing to leave after finishing his role as the representative.

He disappeared in front of the eyes of many, in sacred golden aura.

People could not open their eyes for a while due to the powerful light.

When they opened their eyes, they faced the huge crater made where Vulcan was standing.

Also, in the center, there was a memorial stone with the core creeds written on it.


‘If I create a place where there is a proof of miracle……many would visit here to pray, and worship.’


Vulcan did not neglect the arrangement to raise his godly level to the last minute.

When he finished all that, he looked around the Lower World with a lot of weight off his shoulders, and tried not to interfere in people’s issues as much as possible.

He could only appear as the perfect god and representative that he had been until now for a short period of time.

When exposed to human beings for longer periods of time, it was a foregone conclusion that the image he had built would be shattered.

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