For this reason, he has not been in the forefront for many years since, sometimes only when necessary, and coordinated the Lower Worlds, posing as a great prophet.


[Level of godly power increased.]


As he saw his level being skyrocketed, Vulcan smiled in pleasure.

Things went well beyond his expectations, and all he was left to do was to sit back and receive all the faith, just like an owner of buildings receive monthly rents.

Until then, Vulcan thought his plans was perfectly successful.

But to rule over the Lower Worlds was not as easy as he thought.

Many problems rose to the surface after a hundred years.

Vulcan was troubled with those issues, and when he was relaxing, lying on the green field of Act 3, Clutus sneaked up to get up on his nerves.



“Hey buddy, I heard you weren’t doing so well lately?”


Vulcan gave a sharp glare.

With that, Clutus was startled a little, but then he put a funny expression on his face again to tease Vulcan.


“The creed is full of good words that say be good to others, and do not be greedy, but those who believe in them are in war with each other… looks like the god is woebegone.”


“Oh, beat it, will you.”




Vulcan found the laughter of Clutus to be very unpleasant, but he couldn’t find any words to rebut against that.

Clutus seemed to be fumbling at first.

But as he succeeded in making his friendly image for the past 200 years, he was now much loved by the people of his Lower Worlds and have achieved remarkable growth.

His level of godly power was below 100, but it was nearly 200 in no time.

Compared to that, his own level of godly power was 138.

When he was in a great demand, it reached up to 190, but that was all in the past now.

Vulcan sighed again.


‘A religious war…….’


The cause of the trouble was that Vulcan was vain, and he thought everything would go smoothly and didn’t pay due attention to the Lower World.

Vulcan had no intention of intervening much in the first place.

That’s why he didn’t think it was necessary to fine-tune what was going on down in the Lower World, and he spent every day entertaining himself with the gods of Asgard rather than observing the world through mirrors.

And in the meanwhile, the Vulcanism that spread over the Lower World had gone out to the opposite side of Vulcan’s idea.

One of the four Human World ruled by Vulcan.

The Vulcanism that had spread there was divided into two ways.

Just as Christianity was divided into Catholics, Protestants and Orthodox churches, Vulcanism also came to elect a different religious leader, divided into two factions, following the interpretation of the doctrine and the power struggle between humans.


‘It may have been better if they could live in peace after they split up like that.….’


The differences of both sides, starting from the minor ones, deepened with each passing day, and small disputes ensued, gradually growing the anger.

They finally began to attack each other, crying out for God’s name.

Countless people who stab each other to death like fanatics shouting martyrdom.

Dirty ones who plot behind their backs to gain power and wealth.

Even those who fell for the corrupt and lost everything, which made them curse the god.

The world flowed to a far worse side than the Vulcan had thought, and he had to struggle to stabilize the Lower World.

However, Vulcan was not good at taking people and leading them.

He used this indirect method because he was well aware of his limitations, but the belated intervention to the Lower World did not change much.


‘I can’t take any sides….it’s driving me nuts.’


In the end, Vulcan gave up the idea of perfect control, and took great care not to let the other three Lower Worlds follow the same line.

Whenever there was any sign of something going wrong, he pretended to be a great prophet of Vulcanism, gathering people’s faith in one place, and taking greater care not to cause problems in the interpretation of the doctrine.

Thanks to the efforts of the Vulcan, the three Lower Worlds showed relative tranquility and stability, but the one most troublesome Lower World, on the other hand, was deepening the problem with each passing day.


“Ah, I just want to invade the Demon World to squash the demons.”


Vulcan murmured to himself, in the volume that only Clutus could hear.

Although Clutus was enthusiastically teasing him until then, he nodded in big motion like he sympathized with the remark.


“Yes… is our job to protect the Lower Worlds and lead them, but to be honest…..I have an aptitude for simply directly fighting rather than all this. I don’t know why they would scold so sternly, considering how powerful those little demons are……”


Clutus must have been scolded by a old god, when he asked a similar question like Vulcan.

Without anyone realizing it, Clutus was more excited than Vulcan, thinking about invading the Demon World.

Looking at him, Vulcan was lost in deep thought.


‘Being in Act 3 feels like I’m a newbie all over again…….’


If the gods who ruled over the Lower Worlds for thousands of years, or more than 10,000 years, are considered masters, he was a rookie who could only carry out the first role of god, which was ‘to protect Human Worlds from Demon Worlds.’

He was indeed a newbie god.

The Vulcan distorted his expression.

It was because I didn’t like the current situation that was similar and different from before.

As soon as he came up to Act 3, it was natural to think that he would be a newbie.

It was the same thing when he first arrived at Act 1 and when he entered Act 2.

But unlike when he thought that he would develop as time went by, now that kind of thinking did not occur to him at all.


‘If I have low level, I can hunt and raise the experience points. But now……’


Now, in Act 3, it wasn’t as simple as that.


It was a place where there was no certain method of ‘just hunting’.

Vulcan closed his eyes, feeling a deep sense of helplessness encroaching upon his body.

He wanted to relax for little for now.

However, the situation in the Lower World seemed to have no intention of letting Vulcan rest comfortably.





“Oh shit!”


The alarm that only go off when there is something big going on in the Lower World.

When Vulcan heard that, his expression twisted like a demon.

He jumped up from his seat, took out the mirror to figure out the general situation and slowly closed his eyes.





Clutus, who saw that Vulcan went down to the Lower World without saying a word, lay down in the grass and spoke.

“It must be rough.”


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