[Max Level Newbie: Munpia #130 (Chapter 45)- Unfinished Item]

<45. Unfinished Item>


The alarm that rings when there is something wrong going on in the Lower World.

As soon as Vulcan heard that sound, he knew which Lower World had the problem by intuition, and he wasn’t wrong.


‘That Hopoi bastards…… aren’t they sick of it already…….’


Hopoi was the biggest continent, in the noisiest Human World of the four Lower Worlds that Vulcan is in charge of, which always had troubles regarding religion.

When he first propagated religion, that World was the most enthusiastic and deeply religious of the four worlds, and the Hopoi people satisfied the Vulcan, but now they were his biggest pain in the neck.


‘I mean…..if they are going to believe in me, they shall do it nicely, but why are they fighting over little words and sentences in the creed?’


Not only Vulcan who had been ignorant of religion, but also the hermits who had gathered their minds to make the creed didn’t expect that Hopoi people would held intense discussions about small bits.

It was already 50 years ago that the bloodshed led to the religion being split into the old and the new Vulcanism.

Besides, it didn’t end there.

Numerous pseudo-religious groups were created in the midst of the confusion created by splitting of two schools which had led to the situation being rampant and deceptive around the world.

Of course, they didn’t say they were pseudo-religion.

The followers of pseudo-religion approached other people as if they were from the classic Vulcan religion, and they would lure people with their sweet words and splendid temples in order to increase contributions.

On the surface, it seemed better than the old and new Vulcanism which had been in feud.

Therefore, many little-educated people, including farmers and the poor, were absorbed into the pseudo-religion and their leaders used them to fulfill their self-interest.


Vulcan knew about the situation too well, but that didn’t mean he could recklessly destroy all the pseudo-religions.

It would be easy to eliminate all heresy in god’s name.

It wasn’t like Vulcan didn’t have the ability to do so, since he could take care of a human with his fingertip.

But as a god, to kill all the sinned people was the worst work he could ever perform.

The role of god itself is to protect, manage the Lower World, and to lead people to the right way.

But if a god doesn’t lead the people of Lower World and teach them to move to the right direction, and rather he just kills them because they’re a pain in the back?

No human being would want such a god.


‘That would be more like a king of demons, not a god…….’


So Vulcan tried to solve this situation as moderately as possible, like always.

He was not cruel enough to hurt people, and if he did, he could lose more faith.

But after finding out the exact situation, Vulcan became so angry that he could not think of anything.


‘Offering of human body…… are they offering humans to me?’


He couldn’t even speak properly because he was so dumbfounded.

He just let out a few empty laughs in intervals of few seconds.

How did they interpret which part of the creed that developed into such a situation?

It was very hard for Vulcan to understand with his common sense.


‘Well, if I meet him directly, I will know what the religious leader was thinking.’


When Vulcan finished thinking, he ground his teeth and marched towards the temple.

He already blew away the idea of settling the situation peacefully.

He did not care that this pseudo-religion was growing at its fastest pace among the recently formed denominations, nor that it had a better public image than the old and new Vulcanism.


‘If I smash up this religious body, the Vulcan god will be blamed of treating his followers in the wrong way…..or my godly level may decrease……’

But he decided not to care about those as well.

He has had enough.

In addition, the faith from Hopoi continent was as little as it could be.

Vulcan thought that it wouldn’t make a big difference even if he had one more accident here.

As he moved around thinking this and that, he arrived at the temple gate.

He said, looking at the temple which was huge and antique, but somehow grim-looking.


“Bastard, he sure earned a lot of money. Do you feel good about yourself doing this in my name?”




He kicked and smashed the gate of the temple, which seemed to be solid, and a great uproar broke out.

All who were passing around the temple fell on their knees in amazement and prayed, and more people shouted out the name of the religious leader than Vulcan.


“Ha, you sure are good at this. You will make a better god than I am”


Vulcan was pissed off, but they were nothing more than idiots who were brainwashed by pseudo-religious body.

He had a specific target to punish.

He spitted to untangle his twisted feelings, looked around and entered the temple.

The uproar he caused must have spread throughout the temple, since a number of people poured out only as he took a few steps.

They were all huge men, armed with vicious iron mace.

Among them, Zhang Han spoke to Vulcan.


“Who the hell are you? This is the temple for Vulcan, the god of Hopoi continent and Marco Grid, the mighty religious leader who inherited his blood! Back off!”


“Huh, you seem to put more emphasis when you’re introducing that leader of yours than me.”


He smiled in a twisted sense and spoke to him.

Zhang Han’s face reddened like a tomato, since he thought Vulcan was ignoring him, then he pointed his finger as he lost his cool.


“The sacred shields of Marco Grid! That man has insulted our leader! Make him pay with his blood!”




Dozens of temple warriors sprung out without inquiring into the right or wrong

Vulcan had been looking at them in anger and pity, then slowly raised his hand.





Thunder and lightning magic of Vulcan spread forward.


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