Although it was the most basic, none of the temple warriors survived it.

Zhang Han, who had been shocked to see the dead people who knew nothing about the situation, stood still as if he didn’t realize what was going on.

Vulcan slowly went towards him and killed him in seconds, after which he seemed bitter.

As he checked with his scanning ability, they were totally degenerated with black magic.

They were pitiful ones who had no possibility of enlightenment.

This wasn’t a sacred temple to begin with.

It only used the name of Vulcan to gather numerous scapegoats.

It was possible that human offerings were not to him, but a mean to summon something or to make cursed demonic device.

Vulcan thought up to here, and increased his magical power and godly power simultaneously.

At first, he intended to punish only the leaders and high-ranking priests, but things changed.

The people in this temple were all degenerated, as they had already past the point of no return.

Vulcan firmly made up his mind.


‘It wasn’t the black magic that refers to more forceful general magic…..but he used the real black magic using the power from Demon World……’


People who had done a lot more evil than he originally thought.

And general believers who have been degenerated and become their hands and feet without knowing what was truly going on.

He performed his magic to make them all turn into ash




A huge pillar of fire that blew away the whole area where the temple was.

A blaze so high that it could be seen even in other distant cities burned everything in the temple.


“Oh, oh no!”


“The temple…….”


“The god is angry! But why?”


People witnessed a tremendous spectacle beyond human power.

They all kneeled down where they were standing and prayed that the rage of god would not head towards their direction.

Vulcan, who gathered faith from them, turned gray.

The faith was not that of a natural feeling coming from sincere love and respect of god, but it was coming from fear.

Those kinds of prayers, no matter how many he got, weren’t helpful for his godly power.

What’s worse, he could feel a part of their negative thoughts, so Vulcan couldn’t feel good about himself either.


‘……I had no other choice.’


He wanted to come out and implead, but he couldn’t.

He glanced at the temple that had been cleared away in sad eyes, only to be surprised to find there was someone still alive.

He had used the Fire Field magic.

It was magic that can be used by any powerful wizard in the Lower World, but the magnitude of Vulcan’s was different.

Although he had controlled his powers, it was beyond what the Lower World could handle.

Vulcan ran towards the survivor in surprise, and eventually figured out the answer to his curiosity.


[Human black magic wizard Marco Grid]




[Inclination: Bad, corrupt]


[Potential: Mid-low]


* The wizard from Hopoi continent of Helkium world. He went to Asgard because he wanted more powerful magic, cleared Act 1, then gave up going up to Act 2 and made a wish to come down to his hometown. He is thinking of going up to a higher level with the help of demon in order to challenge to Act 2.


“……Ha, you were the problem.”


Twenty years ago, he heard that a man from Asgard came down to the world he is in charge of, and he just let it slip by- without knowing he was making up such matter.

Vulcan shook his head and raised his hand.

Then Marco Grid bellowed at Vulcan.


“You! Where do you think you are! You are at the temple that worship the great Vulcan! Do you think you could get away with it!


“Well, yeah, I’m god.”






The flame that came out of Vulcan’s hand went through whole body of the confused Marco Grid.

Marco Grid totally disappeared from the world in a blink of an eye.

Vulcan recalled his glazing eyes in desire, then spoke to himself.


“What in the world would he get, even to use the power of demons.”


Although he kind of knew how the desperate wizards felt, who tried hard but never could achieve up to Vulcan’s level, but he could never understand why they would get help from demons.

It was funny to think that a man who couldn’t break his own wall would think that he will not sink into greater power than he had.

Vulcan licked his lips and looked around.

Even though he thought that most things would be cleared since he used the Fire Field magic, but to think there was a powerful wizard using black magic, it made a difference.


‘An evil thing…… or that sort of thing may be remaining… of course.’


Vulcan spotted an item, which had the demonic energy coming out of it like Marco Grid.

When he saw the item, he was about to use magic to destroy it, but he changed his mind and used the system.

Then he burst out laughing.



[Legendary item – An entrance to unfinished, unsettled Demon World]


[Level limit: None]


Special ability: Can draw in demonic energy from Demon World

*The demonic device that corrupt black wizard Marco Grid used to draw in demonic energy. Although it is somehow linked to the Demon World, it is very unstable. It cannot even be seen as a completed thing. If more additional materials are put into processing it more perfectly, it can be upgraded into ‘an entrance to unsettled Demon World’.


He could not help himself but laugh at the demonic device that had two bad descriptive words; ‘unfinished’ and ‘unsettled’.

A crude item that is simply too hasty to imitate

He must have used all his knowledge to create a tool to get the power from Demon World, but the condition was poor.

Vulcan still thought with a smile.

‘He would have never imagined how hard it is to make an item related to the Demon World…….’


To make an item related to demons, demonic power and the Demon World, it needed complex process and ingredients beyond imagination.

Moreover, it was even harder to make a way to head to the Demon World, so even a lot of gods didn’t know about them.

Of course, old gods including Hoculus knew, but they didn’t pass the knowledge onto the new gods, since they were worried that they might misuse it and suffer in the Demon World.

Vulcan obviously knew all these facts, and that’s why he found it funny that 마츠코 그리드 tried to do so, who was only a wizard in Act 2 level.


‘Well, he did try hard for a Level 600.’


He had been looking at the demonic device of black wizard, then he lost his smile and increased his magical power.

It was obvious that if he let it be, it would lead to corruption of other wizards.

The Hopoi continent was as noisy and troublesome as it was.

He couldn’t leave any source of calamity behind.

As he was going to smash the ‘entrance to unfinished, unsettled Demon World’ with his power from the right hand, a translucent system message appeared in front of his eyes.


[When the following materials are obtained, the unfinished item can be completed.]


[Eye of King Serpent, heard of high-level demon, beak of thunderbird]


[Are you sure that you want to eliminate the item?]

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