[Max Level Newbie: Munpia #131 (Chapter 45-2)- Unfinished Item]

< 45. Unfinished Item (2) >


“……What is this.”


Vulcan murmured in confusion.

He couldn’t help it.

The system helped him several times in the past, but there was no such circumstance like now.

Vulcan slowly retraced his memory.

There was only one time that he had an unfinished item.

The skill books that he acquired after burning the Bae Su Jin clean.

But when he was looking through them, there were no such system messages like these.


‘…..was the system upgraded or something when I became a god?’


He couldn’t figure it out.

The ability of the system was an aggregation of nonsense to begin with, and it was complex enough for its users to not be able to figure out everything about it.

Vulcan stared at the ‘entrance to unfinished, unsettled Demon World’ for a while and gently put it in the inventory.

Then he quickly returned to Asgard, entered a temple and organized his thoughts in an empty room.

‘I never knew I would find a clue to invade the Demon World this way…..’


Of course, he didn’t know what effects the finished item would have, yet.

But its name was ‘the entrance to the Demon World’.

He wasn’t 100 percent sure, but he thought there would be a 90 percent chance of getting into the Demon World if he could complete the item.

The problem was on the other side.


‘The problem is, whether I could return safely from the Demon World…..’


In case of the Demon King that Vulcan faced, he had over 1300 levels.

If the King of the Demon World he would end up with has the similar strong power, and if Vulcan’s power is weakened due to the influence of the Demon World…..it could be suicidal to enter the Demon World.

Of course, Vulcan was willing to take a risk to a certain extent rather than playing the boring, responsible role of god like he was now, but he still wanted to have at least some safety.

Vulcan thought until here, and clapped as an idea swept through his head all of a sudden.


‘There was a camouflage skill…..in the Demon Duke Set!’


Vulcan immediately opened the item window and looked at the additional skill of the Demon Duke Armor Set.


*Disguise – You can disguise as a demon. Perfect to use when you want to hide your identity in a group of demons.


The skill was perfect like as if it was made for this moment.

But you cannot be certain of the effect until you use it for yourself.

Vulcan used the ‘disguise’ skill, fully equipped with the Demon Duke Set.




It didn’t take too long for him to disguise himself.

A short vibration for about 3 seconds swept through his body, then his appearance turned into someone completely different.

Vulcan looked at his hands, feet, and torso in amazement.

His physique was much bigger than when he was a human.

His hands and feet looked harder than ever, almost uncouth.

He felt a pair of wings on his back, and two horns that appeared on his head.

Anyone who saw his appearance was sure to think that he was a high-ranking demon.


‘Wow, this is much better than I thought…….’


With this, he believed he could avoid getting targeted by every demon there, as soon as he entered the Demon World.

Minimum safety was guaranteed, as Vulcan had hoped.

He cancelled the disguise skill and put a smile on his face.

The life in Act 3, which has only been boring.

As he thought that he was capable of breaking away from the unwanted, stuffy peaceful environment, his whole body almost shook with the anticipation and excitement being poured in.

Vulcan stood for a while, smiling from ear to ear.

Then he suddenly stiffened his face and murmured to himself.


“……But how should I gather the materials?”


*       *       *


“The total adds up to 2.77 million Ase…….”


“Hm. Here you are.”





Heavyweight boxes of gold coins being dropped from the air.

Pao, the owner of the general store who was staring at it without thinking, quickly came to his senses when he heard the following words of Vulcan.


“Won’t you count them?”


“Oh, sorry!”


Pao instinctively ran towards the boxes of gold coins.

He enthusiastically counted the money, feeling the Déjà vu as if it had happened before.


‘I’m sure….that this happened about a thousand years ago…..’


Pao glanced at the person in front of him, wondering if they were the same person, but he couldn’t figure out the identity of someone who was wrapped in baggy robe and wearing a mask.


‘He seems like a person committed for a something really fishy…….’


He was even buying very unique materials.

Most of them were items related to demons, or corpses of corrupted monsters.

He would understand if they were in small batches, but he was curious of what that guy was going to do with the bulk he bought.


‘Perhaps I am helping out a terrible wizard that uses black magic……’


He went as far to have such dangerous thoughts, but Pao never said it out loud.

The customer was a big buyer that show up once in a hundred years, at most.

Since Pao needed a lot of money to spend on the research he was doing, he didn’t want to offend the customer by saying unnecessary things.

Pao finished checking the amount, and politely said to Vulcan.


“All done. And here…….”

“Umm. Thanks.”


Vulcan skimmed through the note Pao folded up for him, nooded, expressed his gratitude, and then went out of the store.

Then he quickly moved to get to the place written on the note.

He thought.


‘It was definitely a good idea to come to Pao first……’


The list of materials packed in the message from the system.

Among that, about a third of them could be found in the middle of the clutter he had gathered while hunting in Act 2, but he could hardly even guess where he could find the rest of them.

Of course, he could ask old gods such as Hokulus, who knew about the way to the Demon World, to get the solution, but they would obviously be suspicious of him.

He kept on agonizing over it, then just to be sure, decided to go to Pao’s general store in which he used to buy materials in the past. Fortunately, he could get a majority of items on that list.


‘It’s a bit shame that I couldn’t get one material here……’


It didn’t matter now that he figured out the location where he could get that material.

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