Although Pao did express his worry, saying that it was a very dangerous place where even the famous half-gods of Act 2 were careful of themselves……


‘Well, I’m a god.’


Monsters of Act 2 were no more than a piece of cake.

As he thought about this and that, he was out of Espo City in no time.

He started to run across the field faster than any resident of Act 2, and he managed to quickly arrive at the destination.

The Temple of the Dragons, known to be the worst level of difficulty among the general fields, along with the Origin of Evil.

The monsters there suffered a mishap by abrupt tyranny of a god.





Numerous imitations of dragons were swept away as Vulcan wielded his sword and used the magic.

Although they were mythical monsters with over 900 levels each, and the power capable of shaking the sky and land, no monster could block his attack.

Like straw devoured by a huge fire, the monsters of Temple of the Dragons vanished without a trace, only leaving the items behind.

The half-gods, dragon-humans, and other absolute masters couldn’t do anything in panic except watch what Vulcan was doing.


“What…… What is happening…….”


“He must be another enlightened person…… Another god will be born shortly…….”


They had lost their nerves with the outrageous godly presence of Vulcan, and talked to each other about the birth of new god as they each gave an exclamation of surprise.

But nobody in that situation even began to think that he was a real god, since he was causing a scene as much as he liked over there.

One reason was that he was slaughtering the monsters without using the power of god even a little bit, but also it was hard to think that a god would be in the hunting ground of Act 2, doing that.

Vulcan was hunting with the eyes of all the people in the Temple of the Dragons on him.

After about 30 minutes past, he quickly left from the place as soon has he got his hands on the material item he wanted.

A few that observed the spectacle headed to Espo City, expecting an investiture of god soon, but there was no news of birth of new god even as the time passed.



*       *       *




[The unfinished item is now completed!]


[Mythical item – the entrance to unsettled Demon World]


[Level limitations: None]


Special ability: Once a week, a portal to the Demon World can be opened. The portal links to one of the randomly selected Demon World among tens of thousands of dimensions. Upon entering, you can return after 24 hours.


* It was originally a crude item made by corrupted black wizard Marco Grid, but now it is a more perfectly processed demonic device, made with many additional materials. You can head to the numerous Demon Worlds of the world.


“……that’s very subtle.”


Vulcan commented as he read the description of the item.

It was great that he could go to all Demon Worlds in all dimensions, and not just one of them.

For him, the more area he had access to, the better.

But it came as a huge burden for him that he couldn’t pick the place he was going to with his own will.

But then Vulcan changed his mind.

It was comforting to think that no matter which Demon World he goes to, it would be dangerous anyways.


‘But…… I should at least check if the safety device is secure before I go.’


Vulcan summoned one of the top hermits, using the hermit summoning magic.

The one who was tied in an ill-fated relationship with him a very long time ago.

It was the former demon duke, Belgeram.




– What is it, Vulcan.


Belgeram still appeared to be a strong demon.

But his outfit was completely different compared to the olden days.

He was wearing a white traditional suit with a silk belt.

It was even a bit funny to see him with that outfit and a decorated fan on his hand, but Vulcan managed his facial expression.

He was trying to be at least polite, since he thought he owed him something.


Vulcan spoke.


“I’m going to turn myself into a demon, so please tell me if there is anything awkward.”


Vulcan used the ‘disguise’ skill before Belgeram said “okay”, and changed his appearance into a demon within a few seconds.

Belgeram was surprised to see that it was like looking himself in the mirror, and he widened his eyes as he spoke to Vulcan.


– Wha, What the…… Are you really Vulcan?



“How is it? As a former demon, tell me how I look. Do you think the other demons would recognize that I’m a god when they see me?”


– ……By any chance, are you planning to go to the Demon World?


“Well, no, it’s not like that…….”


Vulcan gave some excuses that he had made up earlier, and although Belgeram had a bit of suspicious look on his face, he did not ask any further questions because he thought there is no way Vulcan would know the way to Demon World.

He opened his mouth, still struck with amazement.


– ……Honestly, I can’t even tell the difference although I was a demon. It’s not a disguise……but more like a transformation.


“Hm, okay…… Got it. Good bye.”


– That insipid bastard…….


Vulcan got the information he wanted from Belgeram.

As he realized that his disguise was perfect, he blew the power of magic into the ‘entrance to unsettled Demon World’ with a bit of tension and excitement creeping up on him.




It was a black portal, almost too ordinary-looking to be a portal to the Demon World.

But the vicious demonic energy that leaked out of it clearly said that it was an entrance to the Demon World.

Vulcan gulped down, and as he was about to throw himself into the portal, he stopped his step for a moment.

It was because he suddenly recalled the warnings of old gods such as Hoculus and Honus.




But Vulcan shook his head a couple of times then marched towards the portal again.

If he was going to back out with that kind of warning, he wouldn’t have gathered the materials in the first place.

Moreover, he had primarily come over to Act 3 for his own pleasure.

He had enough of devoting himself for others’ situations, and doing something against his will during his time in Act 2.


‘It may be me trying to rationalize myself…..but I should stop thinking for now.’


Vulcan finished thinking, and this time he jumped into the portal without hesitating.

And after a little while, a new scenery unfolded before Vulcan’s eyes.

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