[Max Level Newbie: Munpia #132 (Chapter 46)- The Demon Worlds]


< 46. The Demon Worlds >


The first thing he saw was the land that was red all over, as if someone had spilt paint.

There was not one tree to be seen,  and the world was full of stone and sand to the horizon.

Overall, it seemed to be a barren land.


‘It looks like I fell into the most deserted place of the Demon World….’


Apart from the fact that everything has a reddish hue, the landscape was similar to what he saw in the human world.

However, Vulcan felt that it was new and refreshing.

Although Vulcan had not yet faced anything special here, he could recognize that he was somewhere completely different from the human worlds, with only the dark and damp demonic energy surrounding around him.

The, he heard the alarm bell of the system.




[There is a quest!]

[General quest – Take down Valkoroc, the Demon King of the Lamia dimension, and destroy the Demon World.]


[Level of difficulty – B (Demon World Standard)]


[Reward – A lot of experience points]


Take down Demon King Valkoroc, the boss monster ruling over the Demon World of Lamia dimension, and thoroughly crush the Demon World.


The system issued terrifying instructions, as if it had some grudge over the demons.

When Vulcan saw that, he nodded.

He was aware of the characteristics of the system, which is that it makes up a quest whenever he visits somewhere special, so he was expecting that something would come up when he entered the Demon World.

But the following message from the system was enough to make him shocked.


[You’ve been exposed to enriched demonic energy of the Demon World.]


[You cannot use your godly power.]


[The dimension shift magic cannot be used.]


“Ugh…… it’s a little…….”


Perhaps it’s because he had heard the warning too long ago.

Vulcan had forgotten for a second that the gods are given a penalty the moment they arrive in Demon Worlds.

He quickly checked his physical condition, and realized that he couldn’t use the godly power as the system said.

It was like as if all the godly power in the body had frozen solid.

Vulcan sighed.


‘I lost over 100 levels in a blink of an eye. Umm…but since I have lower godly power compared with other gods, could I consider it that I have less penalty?


If Hoculus had come to the Demon World, he would lose over 500 levels of godly power.

He felt kind of good, as he thought that.

It was like having indulgence for not being able to raise the godly level since he couldn’t rule over the Lower World properly.


‘Right, I don’t need it anyways…I shouldn’t get headaches over managing the Lower Worlds from now on.’


Vulcan felt much better.

But he was a bit troubled by the fact that he couldn’t use the dimension shift magic.

He could return to the original world with the demonic device after 24 hours, but he was thinking of escaping with the dimension shift magic if anything bad was to happen before then.


‘For now…it looks like nothing is around, and there would be no trouble in moving after 24 hours, during which I would safely stay here.’


Also, as long as his ‘disguise’ skill isn’t broken by force, there would be no big problem.

That is, although the two penalties were getting on his nerves, they weren’t going to be big obstacles in his way while he goes around the Demon World.


‘I must have more of these little worries since I’m in a field of enemies by myself.’


Vulcan stretched in a big motion to relieve the tension of his body.

Then he found an appropriately sized rock to get under the shade, and started image training.

For the past 200 years, or more if the time in Earth is to be included, he wasn’t in a real battle.

Even if his physical level is near the rather high level of 1,200, the king of Demon World must have power over 1,000 levels.

He ought not to be careless.

Vulcan had sharpened his mentality for a day, then got up with a brighter and shining eyes.

He looked around, but not a single ant was found.

Since Vulcan didn’t know anything, he headed towards any direction.




Vulcan went shooting out in fast speed, with the help of lightning.

Then he restlessly looked around.

Finally, he could see something like a city, and when he got closer, Vulcan slowly reduced his speed.

A fence made out of unknown material.

As Vulcan watched a number of demons going in and out of it, he murmured a little.

“Should I have a go.”

*       *       *

Vulcan didn’t have a lot of time.

It was okay for 2~3 days, but the old gods strongly told him that it wouldn’t be strange if the god in charge of a Lower World left it for about a week to stay at another dimension, and the army of demons invade the world at that very second.

It may have been a bit exaggerated, but it was obvious that he shouldn’t neglect it.

That’s why Vulcan tried to take a rapid action, as if a scout was spying enemies’ camp,  instead of looking around the Demon World as if he was travelling.

But he could not.

He was disguised as Ballok, famous in the Demon World for being strong and vicious.

When most demons faced him, they vowed, shivering in fear, and there were even some weak ones that fainted with froth at the mouth.

It seemed that it wasn’t unusual for a high-ranking demon like Ballok to walk, wandering around alone.

Since he had a big physique, he couldn’t hide his identity even if he tried to cover himself with something.

The silhouette of wings and horns were enough to guess the identity.


‘Ah, it would have been better if there was something like a little demon set, and not a duke set….’


It was an obvious worry.

Vulcan became concerned.

He just wanted to figure out the realities of the Demon World while going around the city like a normal demon, but he had caused a big scene.

He thought for a minute and went out of the city, grabbing a few of the little demons around him that were kneeling.

He thought that it would be better to get a few demons to answer his questions, rather than taking a look over different things with all the attention on him.


Fortunately, the demons around him didn’t resist even after looking at what Vulcan was doing.

Actually, Vulcan had expected this to happen.

Demons followed the principles of “Might makes Right” much better than warriors.

Ballok was at least a marquis, or at most a count.

There was no big demon in this little town that is bold enough to face that powerful figure.

Vulcan walked in confidence, and the demons that were walking towards him quickly moved aside to make his way.

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