And Vulcan looked at them with satisfaction.

On the outside, his appeared to be cold and as vicious as he could get, as if he was going to crack open a skull, but he was feeling different on the inside.

It was like he had became a king, or, a god.

Vulcan thought up to here, then made a sad face as he realized that he was actually, formally appointed for the position of a god right now.


‘Ah, I didn’t even realize that I am an actual god in the human world, I never expected to have this sensation here!’

He felt truly sorry for himself.

Anyway, Vulcan kept walking idlely as headed to the outer part of the city, with the same confidence in him as before.


But before he could get himself completely out, here was someone blocking his way.

Someone that is even bigger than Vulcan, disguised as Ballok.

His cracked skin like the deserted soul and the lava that was flowing through the skin projected great power.

But Vulcan looked like he wasn’t startled one bit.

He was stronger than others that Vulcan had walked past by before, but was much inferior to Vulcan himself.

He used the scanning function.


[Count Burem]



[Tendency : Weak, servile]

[Potential : Mid-low ]


* Just another common Count in the Demon World.

* He wants to get to know you.

* He fears you


“Greetings, I am Count Burem, in charge of this city. Why don’t you come to my house for a meal rather than wasting your appetite on those little things?”



Vulcan looked at the little demons dangling from his hands.

He must have thought that he took them there as some snacks.


‘The food on the table must not be edible……’


It was quite obvious that all sorts of horrendous things will be on the plate.


But Vulcan didn’t turn down Burem‘s offer.

He thought that the one with a position in the Demon World would know more things than these little demons.

‘I should figure out everything I need to, then leave after asking about the location of the king.’


Vulcan nodded with a smile on his face.

Of course, his face was that of brute Ballok.


*       *       *

He got the information from the Count much easier than he expected.

Apparently all demons are not created with acts of reproduction, but are naturally born from the demonic energy of the Demon World being clumped together.

With that excuse, Vulcan introduced himself as a being that was born less than a day ago, and when Count Burem heard about the situation, he tried to answer Vulcan’s questions as sincerely as he could.


Ballok, innately strong in power, was bound to reach one of the high positions in the army of the Demon King.

Therefore, Burem thought that if he had some personal connections to begin with, he may have some benefits someday.

Of course, Vulcan was a god and not a demon, but there was no way that Burem was going to figure it out.

So those two chatted for quite a while, and Vulcan could figure the Demon World out to a certain extent.

If the Earth is to be the standard, it was at about the level of civilization in ancient or medieval times.

It was the world in which there are various types of demons that were brutal enough to have thousands of low-ranking demons, who were not given titles, to be dead every day.

And everything circulated around the Demon King.

Now that he said it, he started to think that it was not too different from the human world, but these guys were atrocious to a greater extent.


‘At least human…they don’t kill anyone on the street just to have fun.’


Vulcan was roughly organizing the information of Demon World in his head.

As he had gotten some grasp of the unfamiliar Demon World, he asked Count Burem where the Demon King was. Then he left the house as soon as he got the response to run towards where the castle of Demon King is.

Burem went on a rampage as he watched Vulcan leaving without even saying goodbye to him properly, but in Vulcan’s head, he had already been demoted to someone whose name could not be remembered.

Vulcan moved fast, as he put on a twisted smile on his face.


‘Honestly…it’s such a big disappointment.’


According to his information, the fighting power of Demon World seemed even weaker than the high-level hunting field of Act 2.

After all, the Count was only capable of dealing with Act 1, and as he heard about the marquises and dukes, they seemed to be of a level below Belgeram, at most.

Eventually, it was concluded that there was no match for him except for the Demon King.

It almost felt like he wasted the time spent with the conversations about the Demon World to get to know about the place better.


‘Well….I guess the Demon King may be stronger…….’


But right now, he was even skeptical of it.

The level of difficult of the quest that popped up when he entered the Demon World for the first time.


Considering the comparatively low figure of ‘level B’, he honestly thought that the Demon King would also be much weaker than he thought.


‘Of course, it’s not over until it’s over, …… there it is.’


Vulcan had arrived at the castle of Demon King, where the Demon King is supposed to reside in.

As he looked up at the pointy castle as high as a tower, he began to think with his arms crossed.

He had thoughtlessly come to where the Demon King is, but he couldn’t really think about how he would get in.

‘’I wonder if they would let me in if I tell them that I am here for an audience with the Demon King…’

Of course, he didn’t know the Demon King, nor had a high enough title of nobility to abruptly ask for an audience.

However, considering that the most important thing in the Demon World is strength, it occurred to him that with his appearance like a high-ranking demon Ballok, it would be possible for him to face the Demon King.


‘Or should I just break down the wall from the front?’

Since it was obvious that their fists will face each other first, and not the usual conversation, he thought it would not matter too much if he did.

But he didn’t need to worry about it too much.

The Demon King whom Vulcan was eager to meet.

The King happened to be coming out of the castle as he led his army by himself.


Gallop gallop


The ginormous door of the castle opened, and there was Valkoroc, the Demon King of Lamia dimension at the very front, on a big ghost war horse. Vulcan scanned his abilities and took a big gulp.


[Demon King Valkoroc]


[Tendency : Evil ]

[Potential : Best]

* Demon King of Lamia dimension.

* He thinks that you are rather odd.


‘……What the…this is supposed to be level B?’


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