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< 46. The Demon Worlds(2) >


Vulcan worked his brain in a moment to recall what sorts of B-level quests he had before.

To take care of Sarantis was level B, which was the main quest of Act 1.

Although that is the standard of Asgard, and this is that of the Demon World…..


‘Even then the gap is too big!’


Vulcan looked at the levels of Demon King Valkoroc.

The numbers were exorbitant, as to reach over 1300.

What’s more, he wasn’t in a weakened state like Marahamka.

Vulcan felt some sweat running down his forehead as he started to step back little by little.


‘I need to run away…….’


Surely, it was true that he came to the Demon World to have a thrilling fight with a strong guy, and to earn experience points to upgrade his level.

However, he wasn’t going to neglect thinking about this place and have a go at someone who was much stronger than himself.

He wanted to fight with an appropriate opponent, not commit suicide.

So he was getting further away from the Demon King little by little, when tough voice came out of the King’s mouth.

“Hey, you.”

“…….you mean, me, sir?”

“Yes. You. Come here.”


It hurt Vulcan’s pride to be called like a little dog wandering around the town, but he couldn’t talk back.

He gave up trying to escape, and gently came closer to the Demon King.

Then he gently kneeled down.

Although he was disguised as Ballok, he was facing someone with a much higher status than a high-ranking demon.

The boss of Demon World.

Vulcan thought about the reason why the Demon King had called him, as he felt sweat dripping down his back.

The answer came out quickly.


“You, I saw you keep wandering around the castle, why are you here for?”


Light came out in streaks as he spoke.

When Vulcan faced those eyes, he was swept up in extreme tension.

It felt like he was being watched of his every move from there up far.

If Vulcan hadn’t been a god but had the strength of a normal Ballok, he would have told the truth without being able to think about anything else.

But Vulcan somehow managed to come to his senses.

Although he wasn’t as strong compared to Demon King Valkoroc, he too was formidable opponent that was hard to find someone to compete against.

Vulcan tried to be calm as he raised the magic power within him to its maximum strength, and spoke to get out of the crisis.


“I came here in spite of my place to be in the presence of the Great Valkoroc!”




The Demon King stared at Vulcan as if he was going to see right through his face.

It felt like it was a step to figure out if he was telling the truth or not, so Vulcan took a firm hold of his mind to appear calm.

He was kneeling, with the expression like he had not told any lies or was not hiding anything.

It was only possible because he wasn’t aware or had the pride of the fact that he was a god, and fortunately the Demon King believed him.

He could not find anything particularly strange in Vulcan’s speech.

It was common for a high ranking demon to ask the King to give him a commission.

It was a bit strange that he didn’t know well about the manners and procedures, but it was understandable, considering that he was born not long ago.

‘No, he must have come because he is a newly born. I don’t think there are any old ones that still have not come to work for me……’


The King finished thinking and said in a dignified voice.


“Mock, guide this man into the castle. I shall take a patrol around first.”

“Yes, sir!”


As the King Valkoroc finished speaking, he went somewhere along with his followers, and only Vulcan, who was still facing downwards, and demon Mock remained in that spot.

Vulcan was still kneeling and didn’t get up for a while.

When Mock saw him, he nodded.


‘Yes….I also couldn’t have any thoughts when I first saw the King, as I was scared.’


He also knew that there are Demon Worlds in other universes, and that each Demon World has a Demon King.

But since Mock firmly believed that Valkoroc, who he was serving, was the most powerful, he found it quite pleasant to see Vulcan take a most polite attitude like he was doing now.

He smiled a little and approached towards Vulcan, who was still on his knees.

Then as he was trying to tap him on his shoulders to get him to stand up, Vulcan suddenly raised his head sharply.

A completely different look from before.

As Mock was a bit startled by snake-like stare of looking at the prey,








A meteor surrounded by a superheated flame fell at a tremendous rate towards him.

He got shot straight by it, and fell screaming.

Although half of his upper body was crushed, he was still alive, which meant that he had a pretty tough lifeforce.

He barely lifted his head to look at Vulcan, gasping for breath.

He looked a bit frantic, but he wasn’t shocked.

When he realized that it was Vulcan that attacked him, he stared at him like he couldn’t understand what was going on.




There was no reason for that man to attack him at all costs.

He was here to throw himself under the king.

It was impossible for Vulcan to attack him, his immediate subordinate.

Even if he had endured the pressure of King Valkoroc and lied, it was obvious that his life would also be at risk if he caused this kind of scene.


‘As long as you don’t escape this Demon World…You will be ripped into pieces by Lord Valkoroc…What in the world are you thinking!’, Mock thought.


Vulcan disguised as Ballok quickly took out the demonic device to put his magic power into it.

It had already past the 24-hour waiting for return time.

He glanced at Mock, who had lost his fighting ability and was glaring at him with hateful eyes. Then he opened the portal to head to his dimension.




Unlike the black one that was opened in the human world, the portal was glowing with a clear blue light.

Vulcan threw himself into that portal without hesitating for one bit, and right after that the portal disappeared without any residue.


“What the…….”


Moke was trying to communicate with the King as he was spitting up blood.

He stared at the place where Vulcan disappeared, then fainted.

Just like that, Vulcan’s first attempt to conquer the Demon World ended in failure.


*       *       *

[Quest failed!]


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