[General quest – Take down Valkoroc, the Demon King of Lamia dimension, and destroy the Demon World.]


[Goal achievement rate: 0.01%]


Seeing the quest failure notification message for the first time.

But Vulcan felt more relieved than sad by it.

He took a long sigh, as had safely escaped from the Demon World and returned to Asgard to relax.

Being threatened of his life for the first time in a while wore him out completely.

Vulcan laid back to gain some energy, then thought.

‘I thought level B would be a piece of cake …….’


He was completely wrong.

Actually, there was no reason for him to think of a level B as an easy task.


He didn’t know very much about the ‘standards of Demon World’, and had gotten enough warnings from other gods.

Nevertheless, it was only his mistake to think easily of the Demon King and act lightly.

‘Perhaps it’s because I don’t have the sense of crisis since I have lived in peace for such a long time……’

There was also a good chance.

Vulcan thought until here, then tried to relax his stiffened face and have positive thoughts.

He had failed the quest, and nearly ended up in danger but still managed to get back to Asgard safely.

Also, he realized how powerful the demon duke disguise set is, and got to learn that even the Demon King would not attack a demon like Ballok easily.

This alone was a decent achievement.

After all, he wasn’t going to go to the Demon World just this once, but intended on going every week after each cool-time ended.


‘And also…there wouldn’t be that many Demon Worlds with a level B or higher…..”

He thought positively in his favor.

Just like that, Vulcan spent the remaining period pretending to look after the Lower World.

Since he knew that he cannot use the godly power in the Demon World, managing over the Lower World was more boring than ever.

Of course, it didn’t make much of a difference because Vulcan wasn’t good at ruling over the Lower World before either, but he could feel the faith of people decreasing bit by bit.

It was no wonder, but Vulcan didn’t care at all.

Then a week had passed in no time, and a system message popped out in front of Vulcan’s eyes, who had just entered the new Demon World.




[There is a quest!]

[General quest – Take down Goodella, the Demon King of Boromier dimension, and destroy the Demon World.]



[Level of difficulty – A (Demon World Standard)]


[Reward – A lot of experience points]


Take down Demon King Goodella, the boss monster ruling over the Demon World of Boromier dimension, and thoroughly crush the Demon World.


“……Oh no.”


Vulcan spent the 24 hours as silently as he could, then returned to the human world.


*       *       *

“……It wouldn’t be this time.”


Vulcan sounded like he was full of worries and dissatisfaction.


His eyes were tinged with confusion as he stared at the portal created by the “entrance to unsettled Demon World”.

He had to.

So far, Vulcan had used the equipment to go to the Demon World for 6 times in total.

Among those 6 tries, 5 of them had Demon Worlds of level B or higher.

When Vulcan was angry at the fact, there was that one time when he terrorized the nearby cities rather than going to the Demon King castle.

But after seeing the King approaching towards him at a fearsome pace then running away with his heart in his mouth, he had learnt that it would be the best to avoid doing so.


‘Well, among 6 of them, I did enter once in a C-level Demon World……’


Vulcan had headed towards the Demon King castle as he thought that he could win against a king with a level C.

But when that King also had higher level than 1200, he had to act like one of his followers to buy himself some time so that he could take the chance to return to the human world.

Vulcan wasn’t someone who would be utterly defeated by a King with about 1200 levels.

But his enemy was not just the Demon King, but all the demons in the Demon World.

Since he was not capable of taking care of even all the followers beside the King of level C at once, it would be wise not to start a fight, if possible.

Eventually, more than a month passed but Vulcan didn’t have the chance to stretch out his body even once. .

Vulcan recalled the life in Demon World, in which he got nothing.

He gently closed his eyes and murmured softly.


“Please……..the Great God……please get me level F……..or level D this time….”


Vulcan even mentioned the Great God that he hadn’t yet seen, nor heard.

He finished his prayer for the last time and quickly threw himself into the black portal.




Vulcan underwent the typical vertigo that can be felt when going back and forth between dimensions, with a light vibration.

As soon as he checked that the landscape had changed, he waited for the system message to pop up.

Finally, Vulcan heard the alert sound and saw the message.




[There is a quest!]


[General quest – Take down Myuro, the Demon King of Muriel dimension, and destroy the Demon World.]


[Level of difficulty – D (Demon World Standard)]


[Reward – A lot of experience points]


Take down Demon King Myuro, the boss monster ruling over the Demon World of Muriel dimension, and thoroughly crush the Demon World.


The message Vulcan wanted to such an extent.

Vulcan’s face glowed as he saw the letter ‘Level D’ for the first time.

He was smiling from one ear to the other.

His both eyes were curved like a half moon, and he couldn’t help himself but laugh out loud.

Vulcan started to laugh his hearts out, with the body of a giant Ballok.




A heart-to-heart smile that everyone who heard it could feel good about.

He laughed for so long, and then he looked at some of the trembling demons near him.




“We’re very sorry, sir!”


Although Vulcan hadn’t said anything, the little demons prostrated themselves before him right away.

Then Vulcan put a charming smile on his face, and asked them a question.


“Fellas, which way do I have to go to get to the place where the Demon King is at?”


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