Max Level Newbie Chapter 134 – Demon Worlds (3)


It took some time to meet the Demon King.

As the small demons Vulcan first met were born recently, they didn’t have the information he needed.

Eventually Vulcan found out where the Demon King was at, by going to a random village and interrogating the leader until he found out where he should go.

And here he was in front of the Demon King’s palace.


‘There’s not much difference between the B class Demon King and the D class Demon…….’


Vulcan was a bit anxious to see if the place was as big as the B class Demon King’s palace.

He was worried that perhaps the D class Demon King would be stronger than him, but Vulcan shook off these thoughts.

He had gone back and forth between the B class and A class Demon Worlds and he was confident.

Objectively thinking, he was strong enough.

He just had bad luck, Vulcan was as strong as a God except for the Greater Gods.

After taking a deep breath Vulcan lifted his left hand and aimed for the Demon King’s Castle.

With a hand full of magic energy he made Ifrit’s Fist and shot.




With a big noise the entrance of the castle collapsed.

Vulcan smiled.

He could have confronted the Demon King in a more quiet way.

Like going inside as someone seeking a commission, or waiting till the Demon King came out.

But he felt like he would never get rid of this hesitation unless he made a move right now.


“Hey! It’s an attack!”


“What idiot would…….”


There were those who came out because of the first attack Vulcan made.

These big demons seemed to be the Demon King’s servants.

Vulcan didn’t bother to check what level they were.

It was enough to see that they had lower levels than 1000.

Vulcan concentrated on his hands.

And he spread out his palms to the front.




Vulcan let out fire like a flamethrower.  This temperature rivaled the cores of stars.

The demons couldn’t resist his magic and vanished without a trace.

Vulcan felt like he was an invader slaughtering the good citizens.


“Come out Demon King!”, Vulcan shouted.


*       *       *


Myuro, the Demon King of the Muriel dimension, was about to have a meal and was annoyed by the sound outside.

He was sure it would get quiet as soon as his servants took care of the situation, but he hated the fact that his meal time was disturbed.

As time went by it was still noisy and his face started to get red with anger.

After he heard the seventh explosion, the Demon King stopped eating and headed towards the source of this sound.


‘Whoever’s making this sound will die in pain.’


Myuro was angry.

And the scene outside was enough to make him furious.

The entrance was completely shattered.

Body parts that seemed to be from his servants were everywhere.

Deathly dark energy was emerging out of him.

He quickly turned his head around and looked at the one who seemed to be the cause of this.


“Did you do this?”




“I asked you if you did this.”


He didn’t answer.

The Demon King smirked.

This would happen sometimes.

Those bastards who thought that he would be easy as he had just became the Demon King would eventually tremble with fear.

He seemed to be one of those Balrogs.


‘He does seem strong to be a Balrog though…….’


But that was it.

The Balrogs are one of the strong species among the demons.

Since most of the strong guys were no match for the Balrogs.

But one thing was definitely clear.

A Balog was no match for the Demon King.


‘I guess he thought I was weak as I just became the king…….’


The Demon King Myuro clenched his jaw hard.

He was eager to wreak this guy in front of him.


The Demon King growled, “You’ll regret what you just did!”


And he made a fast punch.

That punch felt like battering ram, and the power was much stronger than that.

He missed his target but just the force of the punch, it was as though a typhoon roared by.  The very landscape changed from the immense power of the punch.

The Balrog avoided his punch.

The Demon King was speechless and looked at this Balog.

The Balrog was looking down at him as though he was having fun.

Myuro was smaller than him so there was nothing he could do about this but he didn’t like this.

He floated a bit, looked down at the Balrog and was about to shout out.

But before he could say a word, tremendous lightning bolts came out from this Balrog.






The lightning was coming after him at a fast speed.

Muyuro was shocked at this and he quickly defended against the attack with his hands.

But the power made him fall down and dozens of fireballs came after him.

With frustration the Demon King avoided them by using teleportation, a special power for the Demon Kings.

He wanted to stay at his place and block the attack, but that Balrogs attack seemed too strong to do that.

As this thought crossed his mind, Myuro bit his lips hard enough to bleed.

This whole thing was a shame for him.


‘How could I…… I be weaker than a mere Balrog!’


This was something he could never imagine to happen, unless he himself was just a newborn.

He shouted with shame and pulled all his dark magic out of himself.


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