The dark, evil power that could crush the world was all around his body like a flame.

It looked as though black flames were all over him.

He seemed to shout out ‘I am the Demon King of the Muriel dimension!’ with every inch of his body.

He yelled in a deadly voice.


“Now, Die!”


Black smoke came out like fog from his right hand.

The deadly darkness that killed everything with the slightest touch spread out like smog.

But this mere balrog, Vulcan, didn’t seem to be a bit scared.

Instead he seemed so happy that he didn’t know what he should do next.

He let out blazing fire and burned all the dark energy.

And then with the crash of a thunderbolt he landed right in front of the Demon King in a blink.




Vulcan was dashing towards him.

The Demon King was surprised and tried to teleport again, but Vulcan’s sword tore his chest first.




A long wound was made.

But blood didn’t come out as the lightning bolt seared the wound.

The Demon King’s healing powers did heal the wound but it was a terrifying move.

If Vulcan’s slash was deeper he might have lost with just that one move.

Myuro looked at Vulcan as though he couldn’t understand this situation.


‘How…… could this!’


This was impossible.

A Balrogs power was at most the level of a weak duke.

Sometimes a mutation may come out but still they would be much weaker than him.

But this one with his golden energy was different.

He controlled fire, lighting and also had excellent swordsmanship.

Everything exceeded the Demon King.

The Demon King yelled with mad fury.


“You…… You! What are you! I never heard of a Balrog like you in my life!”




But Vulcan didn’t answer his question.

It wasn’t because he didn’t need to answer it but because Vulcan had other things going on in his mind.


‘Not being able to use divine power does make a big difference…….’


Vulcan went over what just happened and thought about the problems.

The biggest problem that happened as he couldn’t use his divine powers is that his lightning magic’s stunning effect decreased greatly.

If he was able to use divinie powers at the Demon World, he could have caught the Demon King with the first lightning and fire magics.

Also there were other problems.

As the Blue Dragon’s Land Fold was from a godly creature, you can only use it with the power of a God(Half-god).

Vulcan was frustrated that he couldn’t Land Fold as it had great synergy for both attack and defense. Instead he tried to use lightning power to cover that up but it wasn’t as much as he wanted.

Though he didn’t feel bad.

The Land Fold skill itself was like a cheat key in the first place.

It would be good to have that kind of skill, but he could still win without it.


‘That one’s level is 1120…… I can think of it as a handicap for the newbie.’


It was harder for him to make an anomalous move than usual.

But that wasn’t the only talent Vulcan had.

He had better understanding of lightning and fire magic than before.

And there were developments in other magic too.

Vulcan had been waiting for a moment to use all the magic he learned.

But as he was a god who had to protect the human worlds, there was no chance to do that.

Sometimes when he fought with Clutus he would us some of his power, but since it wasn’t a kill or be killed match he had to control his powers.

That was him.

Vulcan had suppressed himself for centuries.

So he would definitely put out his most whenever he got a chance.






Vulcan used his ‘Thunder God’s Might’ skill before he knew it.

Lightning wound his body like an armor.

And a mass of rock that was flaming with fire was above Vulcan’s head.


“Wh……at, are…… are you……!”


“Hey there, let’s start the party huh?”


“……Oh damn.”


He took out three of his deadly lightnings and the Heavenly Lightning Blade.

Vulcan was laughing with excitement.

The Demon King Myuro pulled out more strong dark energy to fight against his horror.

He took out his enormous dark sword and aimed Vulcan.

However Myuro knew that he… no.

That even the whole Demon World…… could never defeat that god-like bastard.


‘Damn…… I only thought of invading some place but not being invaded…….’


Though this meant nothing now.

The Demon King shouted out loud and struck with his sword as he teleported.

Vulcan stuck with the Heavenly Lightning Blade with a happy face.

The three lightning bolts sequentially stabbed the Demon King and tons of magic stuck him down.

The Demon World was a mess by this battle of the two.

Not one demon could come near these two.

No, they were trembling in fear waiting for this fight to end.

After an hour this fight finally ended.


[You have gained XP.]


[Level Up!]


“……This is it.”


Vulcan looked up at the sky with a satisfied look.

Excitement came out of his mouth.


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