[Max Level Newbie: Munpia #135 (Chapter 46-4)- The Demon Worlds]


< 46. The Demon Worlds(4) >


This was what he wanted.

The old memories of fighting with the monsters of Asgard, risking everything he had.

Vulcan burst in a big laughter again as he felt the familiar sensation, waking every cell of his whole body.




It wasn’t the battle that Vulcan wanted exactly.

It obviously was not a thrilling battle that was full of tension, enough to make him shiver and challenge himself to get up, even with his body torn up.

But the opponent came close to that level of strength.

He was having this reaction because he was facing an opponent that can actually endure his power.


‘And if it had been someone stronger than this guy…I couldn’t guarantee my life.’


Vulcan didn’t seem to have as many regrets about his life as before.

After all, he had spent a wholesome time with his happy family, while taking every pleasure and luxury from the Lower World.

But it was true that he couldn’t put his life at risk, considering the four Lower Worlds that depends on him.

That is why Vulcan thought that he would keep quiet in a Demon World that is level C or higher, and return safely.


‘…But are the people of the Lower World really dependent on me? Judging by my godly level, it doesn’t appear to be so….’


He thought with a tilt of his head.

Then there was a crowd slowly approaching towards him.

They were the demons who raised their buried heads when they heard Vulcan laughing out loud just now, after obliterating their king.

It would be exaggerating to say that the whole Demon World shook, but it was true that he laughed very loudly.

At least the demons who kept silent near this area could clearly hear it.

When they heard the almost refreshing laughter to the point of pleasure, they had a hunch that the King Myuro of Muriel dimension was defeated.


‘I cannot believe King Myuro got defeated….’


‘Who could win against him?’


‘We shouldn’t stand here like this, let’s go to him to celebrate the birth of the new Demon King!’


‘Yes…We don’t know what kind of trouble we would be getting ourselves into by not doing anything!’


They didn’t know what kind of personality the person, who is now at the apex of the Demon World, had.

But they thought that he would not hate being congratulated for becoming the new Demon King.

As they came closer to Vulcan with a servile smile on their faces and heads facing down, they realized that his appearance is completely different from what they had thought, and looked rather perplexed.


“Um…what, I thought he was…Sir Ballock.”

“Is there such a tribe?”

“No! That’s a human!


For those medium-low ranking demons that have never faced a god, nor a half-god, they could only see Vulcan as a human.

When Vulcan heard them murmuring in surprise, he turned his head to have a look at them.


‘…the message didn’t yet say that the quest is completed.’


When he thought about it, the goal of the quest was not only to take down the Demon King.

What the system wanted was a thorough destruction of the Demon World, and its collapse.

Considering that there was a statistic called ‘Accomplishment rate’ when he was returning alive from the B-level Demon World, it seemed reasonable to think that the success and failure depends on to what extent he plays with the Demon World.


‘Or the rewards may change…….’


Vulcan thought deeply as he stroke his chin with his left hand.

The fact that he needed to take down everyone like monsters, although they had not done any harm to him, weighted a little on his mind.

But that didn’t last long because he remembered that the ones who had invaded his world, trampled over his family and home were also demons.


‘Even though they are living by themselves normally within the Demon World right now…you never know. They may invade other human worlds like the army of Marahamka after getting stronger.’


Hoculus said that demons hate everything in the Lower World by instinct.

Then he also didn’t need to be hesitant in taking them out himself.

It had been a while since he used the technique, but he unfolded his left hand to pour out the ‘infinite balls of fire’.




There were so many balls of fire that it seemed like a machine gun shooting out bullets.


The fire balls which literally were ‘infinite’ brightened up the greyish sky of the Demon World, and the Demons looked at them with an anxious look on their faces as they felt unsecure for unknown reasons.

Among those, the stupid and foolish screamed in happiness because they thought it was a celebratory performance for the birth of new Demon King that was welcoming them, but it was not long before those turned into the dying screams of agony.


Pew Pew



The infinite fire balls were thrown from one direction from another, consequently and continuously without any spaces in between, like carpet bombing.

Those destroyed a vast number of demons who were coming towards the Demon Castle.





The demons died without knowing the reason, then became experience points and ash floated in the wind.

As Vulcan looked at them, he was delighted and felt like his accumulated stress was gone in a moment.

Vulcan had always been in a position in which he had to protect, defend and act passively.

Not once was he an invader without any worries or restrictions, like he was now.

He didn’t need to care whether the world may break apart, or had to hide himself or hide his power.

He wasn’t fighting to protect someone.

The fight was only for the fighting instinct that was within him. Violence and mass murder!

Hundreds, thousands, millions of demons that he didn’t need to have a guilty conscience about!

Vulcan went through the Demon World as he flickered numerous magic spells with a wicked, demon-like smile on his face.





“A god has attacked us!”


“The King, where is the Demon King?”


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