“Demon King, please save us!”


The demons cried for their boss, Demon King Byuro, but he had already turn into ashes. Vulcan kept on casting flame magic and lightning magic, hence those that passed by him died even without trying to resist against him.

It wasn’t as challenging to face Demon King Myuro, but it was quite fun to have a one-way massacre.

So Vulcan focused on destroying the Demon World for the whole 24 hours, and stopped the bombardment after he tore apart most of the places that the demons had constructed for living.




Vulcan took a deep sigh and put on a bright smile.

He took out the little tool from the inventory, and opened the portal back to the human world.

It looked like he was relaxed, like someone smoking a cigarette after finishing a tough task, but there was nobody to stop that.

There were hardly any living demons left, and even though there were a few survivors, everyone kept silent as they waited for Vulcan to leave that world.

Vulcan looked around the Muriel dimension of the Demon World for the one last time and headed to Helkium dimension.

Then a message appeared from the system.



[Quest successful!]


[General quest – Take down Myuro, the Demon King of Muriel dimension, and destroy the Demon World.]

[Accomplishment rate : 95.41%]


[You have acquired a lot of experience points!]


“……This is.”


Vulcan opened the system window to check the experience points increased with this quest, then was very surprised.

His level wasn’t raised because he had gotten a level up right after he took care of the Demon King, but even so, the significantly increased experience points were enough to make him feel excited.

Actually, compared to the hunting grounds of Asgard, he did think that the grounds of Demon Worlds were insufficient in terms of the experience points.

It didn’t seem fair to compare the hunting ground of Act 2, in which there were continuous supply of monsters similar to his level, with the Demon World, in which there were only the Demon King who was enough to face him.

But if the experience points being given as a reward are to be this big every time he completes a quest, it didn’t seem like he had to worry anymore about leveling up.


Vulcan tightly gripped his fist and thought to himself.

From now on, he would put his all efforts into raising the physical level, and not the godly level.

As long as there is a disguise skill to hide his identity and system to figure out the power of the Demon World, there wouldn’t be anything bad happening.

He looked at his item, the ‘entrance to the unsettled Demon world’ like he was looking at his lover.

It was something that vitalized his boring life.

He was looking at the thing in a loving way, when an alarm bell suddenly rang.



Beep Beep.

Beep Beep.


“……Oh my goodness”

The alarm rang very loudly, and it seemed like there was a problem while he was away.

When Vulcan heard it, his face twisted like a wrinkled ball of paper.


*       *       *

Vulcan managed to finally take care of the stuff in the Lower World.

After that, he went back and forth to the Demon World regularly, once a week.

Of course, like before, he could not get a Demon World with a B level.

Most of them were B-levels, then C and A.

There was one time that he was curious when he find out that he was going to go to an F level Demon World, but he remembers being disappointed because there was no proper Demon King yet.

But he couldn’t walk past a Demon World, although it was far below his standard.

Every time he was in a Demon World of level D and F, he destroyed the world with an overwhelming difference of force, and the demons fell into the fire without even knowing the reason.

Vulcan then got worried that he was becoming more evil-like, since there is a saying that those who chase after demons also become demons.

However, Vulcan soon dismissed those thoughts and concentrated on invading the Demon Worlds, as he concluded that there was no different in hunting monsters in Asgard or wiping out the demons in the field.

Of course, unlike then, he was now hunting for his own amusement, and there was an obvious difference between a demon and a monster, but he decided that he wouldn’t care too much.


‘If I was going to be that philosophical, I would have become a philosopher a long time ago.’


There was a minimum line that he had set up.

He wasn’t going to damage anyone except for monsters, which harm the intellectual beings of the Lower Worlds including the humans, and demons.

Vulcan decided that he would do whatever he wants to within this line.

As Vulcan threw away one little worry that was holding him back, he went around the Demon Worlds like an unleashed puppy.

For a year, so for over 50 times, he went back and forth the Demon World, among which 6 of them were completely destroyed by him.

His level increased by two during those times.

Considering that he couldn’t even increase 100 levels over the course of 100 years before, it was increasing at a very fast rate.

Hence Vulcan only had his attention to the Demon Worlds, while the Lower Worlds he was in charge of were losing faith and worship of Vulcan declined little by little.

Although, Vulcan wasn’t doing nothing, but was carrying out at least the minimum duties of a god….

[The godly level decreased.]


“……it decreased again.”


In that way, it is too much to maintain, much less to increase, the level of godly power.

But Vulcan was not to be trifled.

He thought that it was a force that could not be used in the Demon Worlds, anyways.

He again looked at his beloved demonic device with loving eyes, then opened a portal to the Demon World.


As always, the portal to the Demon World was edged in black.

Vulcan had a somewhat regretful look and licked his chops a little.

Of course, this was certainly a wonderful thing for him that allowed him to get away from his boring routine.

Maybe if it wasn’t for this, he’d still be in a state of depression, acting like a god he didn’t want to be every day.

But the fact that he couldn’t pick out the Demon World of his desired level was a little frustrating.


‘To make that possible, I would have to extensively modify this demonic device…but it’s not like I have that kind of knowledge,’


But also he couldn’t show it to another god, either.

Vulcan sighed then recalled to the times when he had been training hard and hunting repeatedly in Act 1 and Act 2.

He didn’t know back then, how great and convenient it was to be able to choose a hunting ground of his suitable level.

With a pathetic look on his face, he shook his head a couple of times before shaking off his thoughts.



‘This must be what it’s like to fabricate your memories…….’


They say that you can only remember the good things in the past, and Vulcan also could hardly remember anything bad that happened back then.

Vulcan laughed a little and threw himself into the black portal.

Now a familiar feeling swept through the whole body, and once again a completely different landscape came into the eyes of the Vulcan.

This time, however, something happened that even Vulcan didn’t expect at all.


“Umm, are you a newly born demon?”


A demon was standing right before Vulcan’s eyes.
When Vulcan instinctively checked his level, he gulped.


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