[Max Level Newbie: Munpia #136 (Chapter 47)- Ambush of the Demon King]


< 47. Ambush of the Demon King >


[Demon King Haimuro]




[Tendency : Evil, ambitious]


[Potential : Highest]


* Demon King of Helkium Dimension

* He is greeting you


‘……Oh no!’


The level he cannot handle.

As soon as Vulcan saw it, his eyes trembled as if it was in an earthquake.

He was more surprised than the time when he entered the Demon World for the first time, and when he pushed through to the Demon Castle without thinking.

At that time, he had already reached the 24-hour limitation for returning time, and had his mind prepared to some extent….

Right now, he was in the situation where he encountered a disaster without any preparation whatsoever.

Vulcan cursed the current situation, in which he was faced with a strong Demon King that he cannot handle, as soon as he entered the Demon World.

But his chaos didn’t last too long.

Although he did not live as long as the other gods, Vulcan also had been to hell and back to get himself up to his position.

He had the ability to react to crisis,  nor would he would stand by and do nothing over a situation he had not expected.

First he checked whether his camouflage skill was still maintained, then after he read the information on Haimuro, he realized that he was interested in him.



‘That’s rather a relief. If so….’


It meant that it would be fine as long as he doesn’t make any mistakes to turn that interest into anger.


Vulcan kneeled right on the spot and said:

“Great Demon King! Your loyal servant Beljeruv is here before you for the first time!”


“…Hmm, how did you know that I am the Demon King?”


‘System, you idiot!’


Although Vulcan thoughts raced in his mixed-up state, he obviously couldn’t say the truth about how he knew.

He sugarcoated his words for the Demon King Haimuro, who seemed to be in a slightly better mood.


“Although my humble ability couldn’t figure out for certain, I managed to notice that you have mighty power that I cannot even begin to handle! Even though you are far beyond my reach, I, too, am a member of one of the high-class demon tribes in the Demon World. I thought that only the Demon King would be so strong to overwhelm someone like me!”


“You read the situation quite fast. The power I can sense from you… it is considerably powerful for someone newly born. You are of a high class among the Balrogs…I like that….”


“It is a bad luck to encounter such a big power when you are about to achieve something great, your highness.”


One demon suddenly interfered in the middle of their conversation.

He was an old demon, who seemed to be a close aide to the king, who must have lived for quite a long time since he had the white moustache that reached to his waist. Yet he was of great strength and vigorous, enough to make the bowels of the beholder turn to water.

Also his level, too, exceeded beyond Vulcan’s expectations.


[Henchman of the Demon King, Harang]




[Tendency : Evil, very loyal]


[Potential : Highest]


* The most powerful servant that serves Haimuro, the Demon King of Helkium Dimension.

* He greets you.


‘Someone that’s not even the King exceeds level 1,000…what is this place….’


Vulcan tried very hard to calm himself down, and opened the system window to check out the message he had almost ignored.

Fortunately, nobody seemed to think that he was doing something weird.

It wasn’t like he needed to talk, but he just had to check out the system whilst still on his knees.

And he found out that the level of this Demon World was B+.

It wasn’t the strongest of the Demon Worlds he had been to, but this Helkium Dimension was almost as powerful.


‘Now that I see it…the Demon World of Helkium Dimension is one of the worlds that I am in charge of…I can’t believe I was sharing the same dimension as these horrific beings…’


A newly discovered fact.

But it wasn’t like he was shocked too much.

He already knew that the dimensions that the gods are assigned to are those that are dangerous enough to have the Demon King invade any minute.

Also, although they were very strong, they weren’t something to be afraid of, since their level would be limited to about 1000 once they reach the worlds he is in charge of.


‘And even if there are no limitations……I would be up to the standards of the Demon King with my godly powers.’


Of course, if that were to happen, there would be a catastrophe with half of the world being destroyed.

Vulcan thought, then slightly looked up to see the two in front of him.

They were looking down on him, and seemed like they had finished their conversation.

Vulcan quickly looked down again to wait for them to take action.

If they had hostile feelings about him, he was going to escape from this place by any means, to endure the 24 hours until he could leave….

But it looked like there was no need.

As expected, things went as he thought.

Haimuro, the Demon King with one giant horn on his forehead, spoke to Harang in a dignified voice.


“You shall provide him a place to stay, and explain a little about the upcoming big project. I have taken my time to rest, so I should get going to finish what I was working on.”


“I hope you are not wearing yourself out…in this situation, it looks like that guy is going to be consistently out of his world…”


The loyal servant Harang said to the King in a worried tone, but Haimuro dismissed his words by shaking his head.


“No, I know better about how the gods change their minds so easily. Although he may be going around different dimensions all the time right now, there is enough chance that he will come back to his own world as soon as he is bored with it. Before that happens…I shall open the doors and begin my big project.”





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