“If I do it fast enough…the door would be open in about a week, so you should pay attention to managing the lower class, and not me, to have everything fully ready.


“I will keep that in mind, your highness.”


This was the end of their conversation.

The Demon King disappeared in a black smoke, and only his henchman Harang remained as he stared down at Vulcan.


“Get up.”


Harang got Vulcan to get up, who was in an awkward position and didn’t know what to do.

He looked at Vulcan with a cold, yet a little bit of friendly expression, then spoke.


“You certainly are fine. It’s been a while since someone of the high-ranking demon tribe was born, but you are one of the finest among them. It looks like you are quite smart, too……hmm.”


“Thank you.”


Vulcan didn’t like the fact that Harang was evaluating him when he was weaker, but the 24 hours hadn’t past yet.

There was also the chance that the Demon King was looking at him from someplace else, so Vulcan tried his best to keep the conversation going.

Harang nodded as he looked around Vulcan as if he was some kind of a product.

He clapped his hands once and reached for the Vulcan, as he had finally finished figuring him out.


“Welcome to the troop of Haimuro. I shall guide you to the place you will stay, then we will continue our conversation.”


“Yes, sir, thank you!”


Vulcan answered as if he was a lieutenant in front of a general.


*       *       *


There was something that Vulcan was curious about as he overheard the conversation between the Demon King Haimuro and henchman Harang.

What was the ‘big project’ that they kept mentioning?

Vulcan wanted to ask about it, as he felt that the Demon King got excited every time that subject came up.

However, Vulcan was hesitant to talk about it, as he saw the stern face of Harang who was determined not to speak before they reached the place for Vulcan to stay.

But then, even for Vulcan, it was hard to shut himself up after checking out the new sight.

There were endless numbers of military tents.

Then Vulcan faced the army of countless demons that were busy going back and forth the tents, preparing for their meal.

Words of astonishment popped out of his mouth.


“How…there are so many demon soldiers….”


“Are you impressed? You should be.”


Harang thought Vulcan was impressed, when he was actually shocked.

He continued as he proudly looked at the army of demon soldiers, as if they were his own.


“We have gathered all the best demons from the Demon World, and trained them…I could say that it is the greatest achievement of the King that even his predecessors could not have accomplished. The power is greater than ever as well…by all means, Haimuro is a great Demon King indeed.”


Vulcan felt sick by the look on Harang’s face as he idolized the King, but he hid his feelings.

He focused his vision to look at all aspects of the demon soldiers.

There were tons of high-ranking demons with levels over 500, and who seemed to be their subordinates had considerably high levels as well.

They were certainly different from those that he faced when he first arrived in Earth, after he had cleared Act 1.


‘Definitely…they are of high levels. But why would he gather so many men…by any chance?


Vulcan stopped walking as something ominous suddenly popped up in his head.

Then he spoke to Harang in an excited voice, as if he could not overcome the tumult in his heart.


“It sure is…a huge force. I don’t know anything, but even in my eyes it looks magnificent…By the way, is there any reason for the great King Haimuro to call up such a troop? I thought that there will be no such being idiotic enough to stand up to him….”


Vulcan lowered himself as he lifted the status of Haimuro, the one that Harang served, to lead the conversation to the direction he wanted.

Harang was glad to hear such words.

He smiled in a lower voice, and spoke.



“It looks like I should give you some explanation here.”


“I will be sure to pay attention.”


“Actually, King Haimuro tried to invade the Human World 200 years ago.”




He was surprised to hear what had happened in the past, which he would have never imagined.

It was about 200 years ago that he became a god in charge of Helkium dimension.

He couldn’t keep calm, as he thought that all four of his Lower Worlds would have turned into hell if he had been a few years late.

But it was only his innermost thoughts that fluctuated, and on the surface he still remained calm.

He had to be capable of hiding his inner feelings, as he went back and forth between Demon Worlds.

He listened to Harang with the face of an innocent demon listening to interesting stories.


“King Haimuro gained great power in his hands, after he wiped out the former Demon King DeCella and absorbed his demonic powers…strong enough to open the portal to the Human World that other Demon Kings cannot even begin to try. Of course, he put all his efforts into making the portal with the goal of unifying all four Human Worlds of Helkium.”


“Is that so. But why…….”


“Bad timing. Unfortunately, a new god was assigned to Helkium Dimension when the portal was halfway finished. I believe his name was…Polkan?”


‘It’s Vulcan!’


Vulcan wasn’t happy with the fact that Harang did not even know his name properly, but he couldn’t rebut in this situation.

He continued listening to Harang quietly.


“You may not know this, but even for almighty Haimuro…the power is limited to a great extent when we enter the Human World. It would be too much to deal with that god in that position…so Haimuro couldn’t help but give up his will, and settle for being the King of Demon World.”


Harang paused to catch his breath.

Then he continued with a sly smile on his face.


“Well, until now.”


“That means…….”




Harang, who had turned the situation around, spoke in a firm tone as he stared directly into Vulcan’s face.


“Soon…..we shall invade the Human World.”


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