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[Max Level Newbie: Munpia #137 (Chapter 47-2)- Ambush of the Demon King]


< 47. Ambush of the Demon King (2) >




Vulcan couldn’t keep his mouth shut after he heard what Harang said.

Although he was disguised as a Balrog, he was actually the god that looks over the Helkium Dimension.

It was very hard for him to keep calm after hearing about the plans of the Demon World for an invasion.

But Harang didn’t think that Vulcan was making weird faces, since he thought that it was a news that anyone would be shocked to hear.

Then he spoke again.


“Haha, you seem to be very surprised.”


“… be honest, I am.”


Vulcan figured himself out, calmed down with deep breaths, and asked a question to Harang.


“I only know little…but according to what you said, wouldn’t it be very dangerous to invade the Human World…?”


“Yes. As I said, as soon as we enter the Human World, those with great powers are limited in their powers; including the Demon King Haimuro…and perhaps myself. We would only be able to go to the Human World with many sacrifices.”


“But then how…is there a plan?” *

He was so curious that he almost looked desperate.

For Vulcan, a single word from Harang was considered important.

He was a spy who had unintentionally approached the heart of the enemy and was stealing information. Then he stared at Harang’s face with a burning gaze.

And when Harang saw his eyes, Harang gave an exclamation and praised Vulcan.


“Woah….that face, you are full of passion. You have the pure look on your face, unlike the bastards who are only enthusiastic about stuffing their bellies! Haha, it looks like we have someone special before our big project!”


‘Stop babbling and give me some information!’


“Thank you, but no, my humble self couldn’t be compared to the other great demons…….”


“No, there are few demons like you these days, who are eager for a fight. That’s too bad, really…Ah, where were we?”


“I asked whether there is a plan about invading the Human World…..”


“Ah, yes. Actually, there is not much plan to it. But we are quite sure that it will be successful, because…”


Vulcan stared at Harang as he was taking some time to finish his sentence.

Harang smiled as he enjoyed the attention, then spoke, as Vulcan figured out why they were so confident of their success.


“The god is out of his position a lot.”


*       *       *

“I never thought that it would be the reason…….”


Vulcan was alone in the shelter he was assigned to.

It was a temporary tent, and not the big, fancy building he had expected, but he wasn’t really dissatisfied.

It wasn’t like he wanted for the demons, who are basically his enemies, to treat him right, and there was no need for any of it since he was not going to be around for long.


‘Well, it’s in better condition than those of other demon soldiers…..wait, no, I shouldn’t be thinking about this.’


Vulcan shook his head to stop thinking about anything miscellaneous, and thought again about what Harang just told him.


‘From about a year ago…we noticed that the god of the Helkium Dimension leaves his dimension on a regular basis to go to other worlds. He was normally gone for a day or two, but there were times he was gone for more than 10 days. Usually the gods take good care of their worlds and is never out for more than a single afternoon….but this Polkan guy didn’t seem to care, since he was going back and forth between different dimensions.’


‘That means…….’


‘Yes. When Haimuro figured it out, he immediately started a project to make a portal to the Human World…..and it will be finished quite soon. If all of us, including the King, were to invade the Human World at the same time, it would be possible to turn it into a Demon World within a day or so…..’


‘I get it. Then when would we invade the Human World…….?’


‘Once the portal is completed, immediately after the god leaves, after he drops by the Human Worlds. We figured out that he won’t come back for at least 24 hours once he leaves the Human World……haha, when he returns, he will observe with his own eyes that the Human World had turned into Demon World. Hahahaha!’


“Oh no…… I was doing something incredibly dangerous…….”


Vulcan sighed and spoke the words of regret out loud.

Until now, he had almost ignored the words of old gods.

Whenever they said ‘don’t leave the Lower World in all circumstances, and watch out for the demons!’, he responded ‘sure, I will’ and pretended to listen. But actually he had spent the past year invading other Demon Worlds, instead of looking after the Lower Worlds.

As a result, the demons of Helkium Dimension was about to try to take a Human World under their control, so he was too embarrassed to say anything.

‘Which Human World would they enter from…..the chaotic Hopoi continent? Or Romerum? Well it doesn’t really matter…..’


But the only consolation in this terrible situation was that he was able to find out the plans of invasion in advance.

With less than 15 days left until the invasion, the Helkium Dimension in a miraculous coincidence received the best luck it could have, lucky enough to think that the supreme god was looking after him.


‘And if the Demon King hadn’t appeared in front of my eyes at that moment…..I would have fled this level B+ Demon World without even thinking about going to see the Demon King, and I would have gone to another Demon World…and in the meantime the Human Worlds might have been in chaos……’


It was a stressful situation just by thinking about it.

Moreover, there was something he had not considered.

He had forgotten the fact that time passes in different pace in each dimension.

Vulcan wondered why they thought he was out for more than 10 days, when he had not spent more than 48 hours in the Demon Worlds.

After a brief thought, he managed to figure out the time ratio of each dimension, and realized that what he thought was 48 hours could have been ten times that much.


‘The dimension that I’m in charge of, it has the same time ratio as Asgard…but it’s true that there are places where time goes by much faster. Phew, if I was in one of those places when the demon army invaded, they might have taken not one, but several Human Worlds.’


Vulcan trembled in the huge muscular body of Barlock and shook his head.

It was because his face automatically frowned at the thought of the terrible situation, and he felt a chill all over him.

But when he thought about it, he grinned from ear to ear and gave a big smile.

Now that he knew all of this, he could prevent the disaster that he’s afraid of.

All those terrible situations were merely possibilities.

Now that Vulcan knew about their plan to invade, there was no need for him to worry too much.

After all, the reason why they were so confident to pursue such invasion was because he was not around frequently.

With that premise, everything could be solved if he stayed and put a little more effort into looking after the Lower Worlds.

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