He wasn’t too thrilled at the fact that he would not be able to go to the Demon Worlds of other dimensions from now on, but he could not neglect the hundreds of millions of people in the Lower Worlds.

Vulcan thought this far, and checked how many hours he had left until he could go back to the Lower Worlds.


‘Four hours…… Phew. Once I return, I would be stuck in Asgard, looking after the Lower Worlds…….’


Vulcan was eager to return to his own world four hours later, and faithfully fulfill his duties.

But that only lasted for a moment.

Vulcan felt depressed and noticed a drop in his energy, to think that his enjoyable days would soon to be over.

He couldn’t help but feel unwell, as he thought that he would no longer be able to destroy the demon worlds without hesitation, winning against the Demon Kings of his standard, and getting up on a higher level with the experience point that he could get from fulfilling quests on the system.

As he was engrossed in such negative thoughts while lying down, Vulcan eventually began to pour out his unsatisfactory feelings toward Haimuro, the King of the Helkium Dimension.


‘Aww, all this because of that bastard…..if he had been in level D, no, even in level C, I would have had a go at him…..for someone that I could take down in one punch in the Human World…..’




Vulcan kept his head full of curses about Haimuro for a while.

Then he abruptly stood up, with the thought that suddenly popped up in his head, to make an exclamatory remark out loud.



“Ah! The Human World!”


“What is it?”


“Oh, it’s nothing.”


Vulcan replied to one of the demon soldiers who had come running in surprise due to the loud noise.

To calm his excited heart down, he slowly breathed in and out for a minute.

Vulcan was calmer than before, and with a serious look on his face, he recalled the thought that just had occurred in his head.


‘If I were to go to the Human World with the demon army, through the portal that the Demon King had created…..and if I were to fight the Demon King and the Duke once they are in the Human World…..’ *


In that case, they would be weakened by the penalty, and he could use his godly powers.

Vulcan thought this far, clapped his hand, and changed his mind about leaving the Demon World after the 24-hour period.

Vulcan sat on the giant chair prepared for him, as he tried to think with a serious look on his face.


‘They said that they were going to observe what I was up to after the portal is completed…..that they would target the time when I drop by the Human World and leave. But what if I don’t drop by the Human World but spend my time here…would they also wait?’


There was no way for him to figure out how patient Haimuro is.

But one thing was for sure.

As long as Haimuro, the Demon King of the Helkium Dimension, does not attack the Human World, it didn’t matter how long Vulcan himself was out of position.

Eventually, all Vulcan had to do was to wait however long in this exact spot until Haimuro invades the Human World.

And waiting was one of the things Vulcan was quite confident of.


‘Of course, I couldn’t be compared to those old gods that have been watching over the Lower World for more than 10,000 years……but I would be better at waiting than Haimuro, since he is just too eager to invade the Human World when I have the information.’


Vulcan seemed to be relaxed as he lied down on the spot with two hands underneath to support his head.

He had slight smile on his face.

Just like that, Vulcan spent about a week quietly in the Demon World, and he heard the news that the portal to Human World was finally completed.


All demons seemed excited, as if they were going to attack the Human World immediately, and they waited for the god of Helkium Dimension to drop by the Human World and go away as soon as possible.

Then, a day, two days, a week…..finally, a month had passed.

Although quite some time had passed, there was no sign of the god to be seen.


*       *       *




“What in the name of! To say he is a god!”




“He is supposed to be in charge of the dimension!”




“But he is doing nothing about it! Even the King of the fallen kingdom would be better at his job!”


Haimuro smashed the furniture around him.

Harang, his loyal servant, could not say anything as he saw the King’s crooked face in anger.

He was the one that insisted they invade the Human World right after the god drops by and leaves, since that was the pattern the god showed until now.

But his remarks were overshadowed by the fact that this god never visits the Lower World he is in charge of. This had made the Demon King’s army of Helkium Dimension waste a month of their precious time.


‘It looks like I shouldn’t have held him back when he was going to invade a week ago…….’


Harang had insisted that they wait a little longer to avoid the possibility of facing the god with bad timing, but as can be seen, it failed.

Even as a demon, he was so sick and tired of the god not showing up, as if he had given up the world that he was assigned to.


‘I mean, one would care more about a misbehaving dog. Why wouldn’t he drop by, when there are all sorts of incidents taking place in the Lower World?’


Harang never began to imagine that the irresponsible god was one of the closest to him.

The Demon King, Haimuro, focused his attention onto him.




If someone could be killed by being stared at, he would have been ripped apart in hundreds and thousands pieces by now, as the King had a very sharp look.

Harang didn’t dare to have eye contact, but lowered his head.

Haimuro had been staring at Harang with a disapproving look on his face, then sighed deeply.

Of course, he knew that it wasn’t Harang’s fault.

He also knew that he actually had to be easy on him about this mistake, as he was the trusted one who helped the quick-tempered man that he was, to carry out all sorts of things successfully.


But he couldn’t help himself but get extremely angry at the fact that the time to destroy one, or even two Human Worlds and fill them with demon powers was just gone.


‘No…… No way! I cannot wait any longer! I’ve already reached my limits! I have waited for more than 200 years! I can’t wait anymore!’


Haimuro made a firm decision in his mind.

Although it was a decision based on emotions, but it wasn’t entirely unreasonable.

The god had been out of contact with the Lower World for nearly 40 days now.

The Demon King and the rest of the Demon World thought that there would be little chance of the god getting back, just in time for their invasion.

Even the cautious Harang was gradually leaning towards the plan, so it was certainly too much to postpone the invasion any more.

Demon King Haimuro made a declaration.


“In two hours, we shall attack the Human World.”


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