[Max Level Newbie: Munpia #138 (Chapter 47-3)- Ambush of the Demon King]


< 47. Ambush of the Demon King (3) >


There were an endless horde of demon troops in line.

The pressure of their excitement, and sharp energy from the weaponry they were holding was almost enough to make the surrounding atmosphere freeze.

And a man with as much as all of them combined, King Haimuro.

All the demons shouted wildly at his appearance as he was deemed to be the strongest Demon King of the Helkium Dimension of All Time.




“Almighty Haimuro!”


“Haimuro! Haimuro!”


When their enthusiastic voices soared up, the subordinate Harang could relieve his stiff face a little bit.

He kept feeling uneasy about the god of Helkium Dimension, who was doing everything unexpectedly, but a part of that uncomfortable feeling was gone with the sight of the vast legions right in front of his eyes.

Purposefully, Harang let them be for a little while, although he could have stopped the shouting.

When he had his fair share of the cheers from demon soldiers, he completely silenced the crowd by raising his hand up and began his speech.

He spoke confidently, in a way that all their fears would disappear.


As he listened to the smooth flow of a moderate-length speech, which was neither too long nor too short, Vulcan opened his mouth in surprise.

He recalled Honus, who was on the platform whenever he had something to say.

Harang’s speech was so neat and purposeful that it was incomparable to Honus’s seemingly endless, long-distance marathon-like speech, so it drew Vulcan’s admiration.


‘Yes…that’s what a speech should be like.’


Vulcan seemed like he was deeply moved by it, and nodded as if he was truly one of the demon army.

The high-ranking demons that were looking at him were alerted.


‘I heard that he’s only been born a month ago, but he sure is very loyal.’


‘Well, I cannot stand idly by. I shall be the one to have the biggest achievement in the Human World.’


Of course, Vulcan didn’t even began to care about them.

He was just distracted as he was mesmerized by Harang’s high-quality speech, but actually he was thinking of only one thing ever since the demon army was summoned: wiping out the army of the Demon King to the last demon!

To be more specific, to kill the Demon King Haimuro and Duke Harang!

Since his head was full of that thought, Vulcan didn’t have the luxury to pay attention to other demons that weren’t Harang and Haimuro.

After he responded to the speech with a big round of applause, Vulcan thought in his head.


‘It’s a relief, that they began the attacks faster than I thought…..’


For this plan, Vulcan could have waited a year, or even ten years, but he certainly felt bad to stay out of the Lower World for that long.

During that time, humans may be involved in some accidents, and he could have been severely scolded if the other gods caught him not looking after the Lower World for a long time.

Of course, in a way, having been gone from the Human World for a month would be considered quite long, but he decided not to think about it right now.

In his head, he pictured how he would flawlessly, and perfectly finish the upcoming massacre.


‘It would definitely better for me to go in from the front line……’


If he were to go in later, he wouldn’t be able to figure out how big of a damage the demon army would cause in the meantime, so Vulcan thought about getting into the Human World with the first group of soldiers, if possible.

But even then, there were some issues.

He wondered whether his identity as god would be revealed in the Human World as soon as he enters it.

He didn’t know in what way they figured out whether the god is in the Human World or not, but if they were to stop the invasion the moment he gets in…..


‘That cannot happen. Of course, I would think that they wouldn’t notice if I used my camouflage skill …….’


But that was not for certain.

Eventually, the best strategy was to have Haimuro, Harang and himself get into the Human World at the same time.

Of course, it wasn’t like the voiceless newbie could control the sequence as he wished, but there was no need to do so.


‘I shall jump in with the Demon King when he enters the portal. He seems pretty impatient, so he must go to the front of the line!’


Vulcan stared at the back of Demon King with his glazing eyes.

Haimuro was injecting the demonic power in the portal to the Human World, in his plain, functional armor.

A rapidly swirling black current soared high up in the sky, clinging around his body, creating dark clouds around him.


Then a great, powerful thunder and lightning burst out.

It struck the nearby areas of where the Demon King and the portal was located.


Thud! Crack!


It was very overwhelming, as even Vulcan, who was a god, felt a chill run down his spine.

His back was sweating, but soon he managed the increasing tension.

After all, the power and positions would be reversed once they were in the Human World.

There was only one important matter in this situation; whether the Demon King was going to stand up front, or take his time to enter later, after he sends in the troop first. That was the question.

But that problem was solved quite easily.

Before he had become a god, Vulcan was quite unlucky.

However, as if he was compensated of all the bad luck until then, Vulcan as a god was quitea lucky person.

Haimuro, who had completed the portal to the Human World, spoke to the demon troops in a growling tone.

The words were what Vulcan was awaiting for.


“For this mission, timing is the key! I shall stand on the front line! All of you, once you enter the Human World, destroy everything according to the plan, and fill the world with demonic power! Before the god arrives!


“Yes, sir!”


The Demon King nodded at the resonant response of the soldiers, then looked at Harang to speak to him.

“Harang, from this moment on, I put you in command!”




The Demon King headed for the portal, leaving the loyal Harang behind.

The portal vibrated for a moment with his great presence, but it endured his entrance, proving the effort being put into it.

Harang was pleased to observe it, then tried to start taking command as he turned to face the troops.

But there was someone that made him be taken aback.

One Barlock, heading towards the portal at the speed of light, ignoring his command.


It was the one Harang had his keen eyes on, as he was full of passion to fight, unlike the demons these days.

Harang thought there was even a potential for him to become one of the main pillars of the demon troop.


‘I guess he couldn’t suppress his raging excitement.’


Perhaps it was because he had a good image to begin with.



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