Harang understood everything to an extent, even including not taking orders, but he could not let it pass by without accusing him of crime.

He began to take command of the demon troop, thinking that he shall deal with the rewards and punishments later when the invasion finishes successfully to perfection.


“The first corps, advance forward!”


“Yes, sir! The first corps, advance forward!”


The demons moved quickly according to the orders of Duke Humka, who was the head of the first corps.

Harang observed the situation and smiled from ear to ear.


‘Finally…..we can have the achievement we’ve always been waiting for! We shall see King Haimuro in the position of the Great King, as we would unify not just one Human World, but every world of the Helkium Dimension!’

Harang shivered as if he had become the Great King himself.

It was because he was so deeply moved that he couldn’t even control his body.

But in the Hopoi continent, the Human World far from the Demon World, something was taking place, which was completely different from what Harang was imagining.


*       *       *

“Be careful. I can sense a great deal of demonic energy approaching us…….”




The Pope of the old-school religion of Vulcanism in the Hopoi continent murmured in a depressing tone.

But nobody answered him; including the archbishop, those praised as the first holy knights of the Holy Empire, and even Sutkina the Second who was the Pope of the new-school religion.

Everyone stood with dark complexions as they had their mouth firmly shut.

They were not the only ones.

The 20,000 elite soldiers of new-school and old-school religion was dispatched in a hurry, as they felt the great evil and the powerful demons approaching.

Normally, they were well-trained in faith that they wouldn’t be afraid of martyrdom, but now they couldn’t get their minds straight.

They held on to the mace and shield in their hands as tightly as they could, as if those were their means of salvation.

They looked more like a little lambs hoping for redemption, rather than soldiers.

But that was unavoidable.

The demonic power was too big that they could not even estimate it with their limited insight.

Those that were going to face such power were merely a few tens of thousands of human beings of the Lower World.

There was nobody who could keep calm in this overwhelmingly hopeless situation, in which there were even differences in their sizes.

Even the Pope of the old school, Yekarina von Paul III, who immediately issued a warning, had to try to calm his restless chest.….

He kept making the sign of the cross, as he repeatedly said the name of Vulcan, the god who is supposed to be looking after them.

He was a heartless god that didn’t respond to their calls from some time ago, but the Pope still believed in him.

Well, he had to.

There was about to be a catastrophe that cannot be stopped with his, and the soldiers’ power, for they were merely human beings.

Only the god was capable of fight against it.

But it seemed like his desperate cries was ignored.

The sky turned black, although it was still the daytime.

A vast amount of dark clouds gathered ominously.

The sheer force of lightning that fell from there hit the surrounding area underneath where the clouds had gathered, creating vast charred streaks on the land itself.






“Oof, mighty Vulcan! Please save us!”


They cried out the name of the god from all over the place.

But the one who answered them was not their god, but the Demon King of the Demon World.

Black smoke arose from the ground that was burnt to char, and a huge portal appeared out of its center.

One demon appeared from there, who emitted great pressure.

It was the one-horned Demon King, Haimuro, who had the black demonic power curled up onto him like a cape, and was looking at the people of the Lower World with a look of contempt.

He turned his head to look at one man with the most unpleasant energy on the spot.

It was Pope Yekarina von Paul III of the old-school religion, who dared not make eye contact with the Demon King, as he was on his knees, constantly crying out Vulcan’s name.

Haimuro pitifully looked at the man.

He opened his mouth.


“I can’t believe I let these idiots be for 200 years…… when I had the power.”


Although he appeared as cold as ice on the outside, Haimuro was containing his anger inside, boiling like lava.

He raised his hand surrounded by dark power to aim at the holy warriors, as if he was no longer interested in them.

In his swirling demonic energy that kept increasing its size, most people were on the verge losing their minds as they were shaking, vomiting, and shedding blood.

Then, another demon popped out of the black portal.

The Pope of the old-school religion, who had hoped that it would be someone that might be able to help them, closed his eyes.

He had heard something from the prophet a long time ago.


A pair of giant wings and two horns, with the torso covered in huge muscular mass.

That was Barlock, the demon with the terrible power that could never be defeated with the power of humans.

It was known that only Vulcan was capable of taking him down, and destroy him!

Since such a powerful figure had joined the forces of the one-horned demon, there was no more hope.

He gave up everything, as he dropped the holy object from his hand, which symbolized the prestige of the Pope.


‘In the end….has the god abandoned us like this……would this world collapse like this?’


The pope, who had exhausted all his strength, suddenly aged like an intensive patient who had burned out his last flame completely.

Then, in his head, a stream of voice rang out.


– You do not have enough faith in me!


It was a clear voice that made his mind flash as if loud bells were ringing.

The Pope opened his eyes as he heard the voice, then unconsciously turned to the one-horned demon who was dispersing the horrifying demonic energy.

Then, he witnessed.

There was a holy sword being pulled out of the hand of Barlock, who was the high-ranking demon he had feared so much.

And gleaming golden energy was surrounding the sword.

That sword fell to the top of the Great Demon Haimuro, who seemed to have whole world filled with demonic powers.

With a shocked expression on his face, the face of Haimuro had been cut in a diagonal line, slithering down neatly like an ice statue.

With his own pair of aged eyes, he clearly witnessed the sight.


“Almighty…… almighty Vulcan!”


Proofreader’s Notes:  Ok, due to a confusion, I may have been using “Barlock” and “Balrog” wrong.  As best as I can figure, a Barlock is the author’s word for a Balrog.  This is a fairly minor error until we got to the Demon Worlds arc, when Vulcan is disguised as a Balrog (according to the description) which the author calls Barlock.  See the reason I messed up?  Just roll with it, and don’t worry too much about it.  I’ve made sure that its consistent throughout a chapter, so hopefully you all won’t be too confused.  Thanks!


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