[Max Level Newbie: Munpia #139 (Chapter 47-4)- Ambush of the Demon King]


< 47. Ambush of the Demon King (4) >


He unconsciously uttered out Vulcan’s name.

Then he held his empty hands together, as he had dropped the holy object, then began to pray in repentance.

The desperate voice of the Pope was filled with joy, but also seemed almost as if he was sobbing.

The body of Demon King Himuro was getting ice cold, with a vast amount of blood pouring out of it.

Finally, Vulcan showed up in front of the believers as he gave off holy energy from his entire body.

Everyone that had gathered kneeled at the sight of something that could be seen on a page of a Bible.

Then they began to pray along with the Pope.

It didn’t matter that Vulcan appeared before them with the appearance of a demon.

He was their King, and he had shown up himself to fight off the terrible enemy that they could not handle.

That was what was important, and other issues were secondary.


“Almighty Vulcan…….”


“Please forgive my sins…….”


“Lead this humble being to the right path…….”


‘Umm……it’s a bit hard to handle.’


Vulcan didn’t seem too excited to see about twenty-thousand believers praying to him in chorus.

It was because their unconditional admiration was burdensome.

Of course, he has had the role of prophet for the last 200 years, and before that, he had experienced this as a hero on Earth, but……


‘I knew I wouldn’t get used to this.’


The way they stare, their faces, and their expectations.

There must be a type of gods that take these as pleasure and gain energy from them, but Vulcan wasn’t one of them.

No, Vulcan in Act 2 may have had some of that tendency.

But right now, he was no more than a fight maniac who enjoyed going to the Demon World once a week, to start a battle just for his own entertainment.





“Kill all the weak humans!”


“For Almighty Demon King Haimuro!”


“For Almighty Haimuro!”


Perhaps they had realized what Vulcan was thinking.

Vulcan was making uncomfortable faces as he got praised, then from his back, a number of troops poured out.

Each one of them were strong enough to tear out a few well-trained soldiers, and the commander-in-chief was capable of easily dealing with even the highest-ranking officer in the Lower Worlds.

The people of the Lower World stiffened their faces once again, as they felt the demonic energy radiating out of them.

But on the contrary, Vulcan smiled.

He was smiling because he was sure that the other demons had yet to know that he had returned.

The demons entered the Human World shouting, then gave a puzzled look at Vulcan, who stretched out his left hand towards them.

He then said in the most reverent voice possible.


“Be gone!”






In a flash, the area around the portal of the Demon World where the demons were gathered turned into a place of fire.

The flames reached up high into the sky!

The heat was so intense that the people of the Lower World had to back away.

Then they cried out their prayers, as they witnessed the punishment given by Vulcan, and the flames of purification.

They began to worship Vulcan with the determination of a lifetime, as if their prayers were firewood to keep the flames going.

Of course, their prayers were not significant enough to increase his godly level, considering the overall level of Vulcan.

However, since Vulcan wanted to create a more impressive scene for them, he put more godly power into the flames to make them bigger.





The demons turned into ashes in a faster pace than before.

They continued to come out of the portal and give up their lives, just like the little flies that keep throwing themselves into campfires, and the people who saw them prayed even harder.


Some of the strongest demons ran through the flames to attack the traitor Vulcan, but it was of no use.

The fist of Ifrit, and the most powerful shot.

Vulcan controlled those as sensitively as he could, and he was able to defeat the high-ranking demons without doing too much damage to the Lower World.

They died as they heavily cursed Vulcan, but he was quite used to that.

He let the curse words pass by, as he put his efforts into using magic.

Hence, finally, most of the demons were killed, and only Harang remained in front of Vulcan, who had come in from the very back of the demon troop.

He had realized that the invasion had been a failure as soon as he entered the Human World through the portal, then bit his lips until it almost bled and closed his eyes.




The great soldiers of the Demon King had disappeared without leaving a trace.

And the presence of his master, Haimuro, was nowhere to be seen.

He would be a fool if he could not grasp the situation by looking at Barlock surrounded by golden holy aura, showing much greater pressure than ever before.

Harang worked his mouth as if he was about to say something.

But in the end, he couldn’t say anything.

He was flustered and angry.

An indescribably complex emotion complicated his mind.

Eventually, without saying a word, Harang pulled out the maximum magic he could in the Lower World, causing an explosion.

Then he rapidly dashed towards Vulcan.




The speed was so fast that it could not even be recognized in human eyes.

The ground that had served as a stepping stone for such speed broke with a roar.

The cracks were so big, as if it had been through an earthquake, and even reached those holy warriors who were further away.

Vulcan stiffened his face as he looked at Harang, coming towards him in an unbelievable speed.

Throughout his experience in the several Demon Worlds, he had scanned various types of demons.

Hundreds and thousands of devout, cruel, and cunning demons.

Among the terrible ones, Harang came across as a demon worthy of his recognition.

He pulled out his weapon, the lightning sword of thunder.

His sword was strengthened to the maximum limit, which the other gods had envied.


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