His strength and godly power soared, and he was filled with great energy that would tear everything apart.

At this moment, Vulcan had boosted the best power he could have, and with golden, shining eyes, he chased after Harang’s new figure.

Then he pulled out the sword in the speed of light.




The body still ran forward, as if it hadn’t yet realized what had happened.

And regardless of that, a distorted face rose high up into the sky.

By the time it had disappeared by the system, and only items remained on the ground, Vulcan heard a emotionless voice.



[Quest successful!]


[General Quest – Kill Demon King Haimuro of the Helkium Dimension, and destroy the Demon World.]


[Goal achievement rate : 85.41%]


[You have acquired a lot of experience points!]


[Level Up!]




Vulcan put the sword of thunder back into the case, which didn’t have any blood on it, thanks to thunder and lightning.

He seemed rather bitter.

And the Pope and other believers of Vulcanism, who was watching everything from behind, chanted Vulcan with thunderous shouts, and the stories of what had happened spread out throughout every corners of the Hopoi Continent, and made history.



*       *       *


The story of Vulcan who successfully blocked the attack from the Demon World, or the invasion of the Demon King, had a greater impact than expected.

First of all, the status of Vulcan in the Hopoi continent, which had been the most problematic of all, has greatly increased.

He had never been seen as a trustworthy figure, as he only stood by when Vulcanism was breaking into several branches.

Then, it was spread throughout the whole world that himself had shown up to face the invasion of the terrible Demon King, and had taken the lead in defeating him.

There were definite witnesses.

After all, the two Popes and 20,000 holy warriors from both sides of the new and old Vulcanism, which are considered to have the greatest legitimacy gathered to praise Vulcan.

Eventually, after the incident, countless people in the Hopoi continent began to have a deep faith in Vulcan again, and the accidents that had occurred in many places also seemed to reduce temporarily.

Therefore, it was natural that the godly level of Vulcan increased accordingly.


[The Godly Level Increased.]


[The Godly Level Increased.]


His godly level, which was only 138, shot up to 168 in an instant, to which the many gods in Asgard envied.

“Congratulations, Vulcan. I heard that you defeated the demon in your dimension?”

“I don’t know how you managed to bring the Demon King into the Human World, but you sure did great work.”

“Hmm, I was going to say something since you were away for so long……but I guess you had your reasons, well done.”


Vulcan was stunned at what Honus said at last, but in the end, it was a good thing that he didn’t have to listen to his long speech.

And all this was more meaningful than having his godly level increased, and getting recognized from other gods.

The fact that the ‘Demon King of the Helkium Dimension’, which he had been in charge of, had died.

This alone was of immense value.


“The fact that the Demon King that I’m supposed to take care of is gone….means that there is not going to be any harm if I went away to other Demon Worlds in the future!”


Of course, just because he had killed the Demon King once, it did not mean the Human Worlds were free from getting invaded by the Demon World.

All demons in the world are naturally formed in clusters of demonic energy.

The Demon King, too, is to revive again in the future, and over time, he may one day seek other Human Worlds to take charge of.

But it would take more than a thousand years for the Demon King to become such a powerful figure, during which Vulcan was able to drop by Demon Worlds of other dimension without any worries.


‘Well….I do have things to do as a god, other than invading the Demon Worlds, but……’


Those matters were not so important.

Those trivial things could be taken care of one by one, waiting during the cool time of the demonic device.

Of course, there may be a sudden fall in the godly level that had quickly increased, but right now, Vulcan didn’t put much emphasis on his godly level.

He couldn’t use it to the full extent in the Demon Worlds anyway.

Rather, he was more used to fighting by only using magic power and swords skill, without any godly power.

Eventually Vulcan started to use the ‘Entrance to the unstable Demon World’ with a more light-hearted mind than before, and the godly level that had risen to reach about 200 began to draw a gentle downward curve again.


“Hmm. You, aren’t you a bit too negligent of the Lower World, just because the Demon King is dead?”


“Hump, you are turning into someone like Farwell……”


Some of the old gods nagged at Vulcan at times, as they saw that he was not ruling over the Lower World properly, but Vulcan didn’t care.

This was because his body level was rising at a faster rate than the rate which his godly level fell.

In 100 years, he was able to reach a high level of 1100.

This was even at a faster pace than the time he was leveling up in the ‘Source of Evil’ of Act 2.

It could be said that it was all because of the huge amount of experience points being compensated from all the quests.



Of course, his actual skills were around 1,200, so there wasn’t much change in his power, but Vulcan was quite satisfied because he was able to operate as much godly power as the increase in the stats.


‘And…… If I continue to raise my level like this, one day it’ll be over 1,200… 1,300…… even capable of reaching 1,400. That’s enough for me to face the Demon King of the A-level l!’


Vulcan looked up into the blue sky of Asgard, feeling proud.

There was still a long time left to get to the point, but it wasn’t exactly likely that there would be any stumbling block in the process.

Vulcan imagined himself having already conquered the Demon World of the A-level, and having reached over 1,500 level.

He smiled, thinking it was not long before he cleared Act 3 as well, with the recognition from the Great God.

However, Vulcan still had something to worry about.




Vulcan got up from the grass he was lying on, looked around, and sneaked into an empty room.

He opened the inventory to pull out some items.

Then he picked one up, and slowly read the explanations of the item that had appeared in front of his eyes.


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