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[Max Level Newbie: Munpia #140 (Chapter 48-1)- Unexpected Encounter]


< 48. Unexpected Encounter >


[Mythical Defense Armor (Set item) – The Helm of the Demon King’s armor]


[Level limitation: 1,000Lv]


Defense power +1359

Flame quality resistance +10%

Fire-related skill attack power +5%

All stats +50

* An armor that the Demon King likes to put on. Strong defense armor with fire-related merits. While the single equipment performs poorly in comparison to the mythical defense of the same class, the effect is very good when all five items of the set are collected.




A fairly outstanding option.

As a mythical item that can be used by someone above level 1,000, it had tremendous defense power.

Also, the name itself was the ‘Demon King Set’ which is an upper version of ‘Demon Duke Set’, it was obvious that Vulcan would be interested in it.


‘Well……there is still one part missing, but I would definitely collect it someday while taking down the Demon Kings.’


After all, the problem wasn’t about collecting all the items in the set.

There was another bigger problem.

Although he had collected the whole ‘Demon King Set’, there was no way for him to upgrade it.

What Vulcan had right now, the ‘Demon Duke Set’, was upgraded once by Percus, and it had better performance than the items of the Demon King series, which was the upper version.

Eventually, he would have to ask Percus to strengthen it in order to utilize the Demon King Set properly, but the concern he had was that he couldn’t reveal the source of the item.


‘Demon Duke Set was fine, since anyone could easily get it in Act 2….but if I were to abruptly show up with the item containing the demonic energy of the Demon King……….’


Anyone would surely ask where he got the item from.

Vulcan could never think of an appropriate answer to that.

It was such a lame excuse to say that he had only now brought what he had gained 100 years ago when Haimuro came in, and it was unlikely that the gods, who now knew quite a bit about the players, would believe it.


‘They would think that I took down at least 5 Demon Kings…..then the fact that I went back and forth other Demon Worlds would be revealed.’


He cringed a little.

It would rather have been better if he hadn’t known that such item existed.

Vulcan stared at the Helm of the Demon King’s armor for a short while, then threw the item inside the inventory.

Since he could not get the answer by agonizing over it, he decided to think again after collecting the complete set.


‘And my items now…it’s not bad compared to other gods’ equipment.’


Especially for the sword, it was so valuable that the other gods with thunder and lightning power, and expertise in swordsmanship would want it. So there was no need to be sullen about not getting better equipment.

He left Asgard to move to one of the Lower Worlds that he’s in charge of.

It was time to go to the Demon World, as the cool time of the demonic device was over.

It wasn’t like he could open the portal to the Demon World in Asgard, where there are a number of gods.

He went deep into the cave, where he frequently uses to go to the Demon World, then summoned the hermit.




Now a high-ranking hermit, Dokgohu was summoned with a glum look on his face.

He spoke.


– Are you trying to get me to watch over the Lower World for you, again?


Dokgohu instantly caught Vulcan’s intentions.

Vulcan tried to coax him, who didn’t seem too happy since it wasn’t a one-time thing.


“Please do me a favor. Other Lower Worlds are okay, but the Hopoi continent is being noisy again nowadays….”


– To add to my burden as a priest….by a god……….


Dokgohu shook his head.

With an awkward smile on his face, Vulcan thanked him.


“So, please do me a favor for 2~3 days. You don’t need to do anything much, but just take care of things when there is about to be bloodshed.”


– You bastard, fine.


An improbable response coming from usual Dokgohu.

But recently, he accepted Vulcan’s favors to a certain extent, since he had become a high-ranking hermit a few years ago when he was enlightened while sparring with Vulcan.

Vulcan lightly bowed to Dokgohu, then used the demonic device.




A black portal appeared in the air with a slight tremor.

Upon looking at it, Vulcan cringed a little.

Although he could not tell before, now Vulcan could roughly measure the level of Demon World by the demonic energy coming out of the portal.

Based on his judgement, the amount of demonic energy coming out from this portal was very little.


‘It looks like…… this Demon World is an F-level…….’


It was highly likely that the dimension would either not have a Demon King at all, or would be with a newbie Demon King that has just achieved over 1,000 levels.

Vulcan sighed.

But then, he straightened his face and tried to think positively.

It was better to enter an F-level Demon World, where he could at least massacre the normal demons, than to be not be able to do anything in a B-level Demon World, in which nothing could be taken care of with his abilities.


‘I would get quest experience points rewards….and sometimes it’s fun to sweep out everything.’


– What are you doing, just standing there?


“I’m going in now.”


After a moment of thought, Vulcan moved reflexively moved towards the portal after hearing the curt remarks of Dokgohu.

As usual, Vulcan shivered under the strange feeling of moving between dimensions.

He waited for the quest to pop up, looking at the grim, slightly reddish landscape peculiar to the Demon World.




[There is a quest!]


[General Quest – Destroy the Demon World of the Agameth Dimension.]


[Difficulty- F-level (Demon World standard)]


[Reward – A lot of experience points]


*Utterly destroy the Demon World of the Agameth Dimension.


“……As expected.”


Even before entering, this place seemed to have the power to be considered the weakest of all the Demon Worlds.

The fact that the name of the Demon King didn’t come up, which was always mentioned every time he entered the Demon World, disappointed Vulcan.

The standard Demon King according to the system is 1,000 levels.

Any demon with the level above that is given the title of the Demon King without fail, unless there is a more powerful demon.

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